Got F1 Visa by Applying to Just One University

Following F1 Visa Hyderabad 2011 Experience is shared by Shobana (via comments)

Note – She applied to just one university and received admission and got Student visa.

I had F-1 visa interview on 3rd august 2011 at 8 am Hyderabad. US Consulate.
I reached the  Hyderabad consulate  by 7am

F1 Visa Hyderabad

My F1 Visa at Hyderabd interview went on like this

me- good morning sir
vo-he did not reply and was busy in typing something
me- again said good morning sir

vo – he looked at me seriously and said talk in this
me- saw a mike box fixed there and moved in frount of it

vo – asked me my passport,I20 and sevis looked at them and said so why xxx university?
me-i meet dean of that university in india

vo- stooped me and said i dont want all that why you have selected this university
me- this course i selected is pharmacy administration-regulatory affairs is in 20 collegs in usa and this collg not only explains about drugs but also medical devises and also biological products

vo – so you know what are all other colleges who has this course
me- yes sir,long island mississipi and some other

vo-whats your gre
me- said

vo -passed out year
me – aug 2010

vo-what is your percentage
me i had passed out with distinction 70%

vo-what have you done for 1 year
me-i have taken up training on XXX for practical experience

vo-how many schools you have applied
me-only one sir

vo -ohh only one i am surprised why only one
me- i was assured a seat in this collg when i meet mrXXX

vo- how many siblings
me -i have one elder sister

vo- what is she doing
me- she got married sir and working as lecture

vo-why usa?
me-firstly for indepth knowledge ,secondly for academic excellence and graduates form usa are recognised all over india

vo- future plans
me- as this course is elementary in stage in india there will be requirement of graduates from this field so i may join an educational institution

vo- whats your father?
me- said

vo-how is he sponsoring you
me- removing my documents from file

vo- no need you can tell me
me- i was telling liquid funds xxxxxx
bank loan ,pf,lic etc

vo- he stopped me i told you have got your visa you can go noe
me-thank you so much sir , is there any thing to follow sir

vo- no you can go

This whole F1 Visa Interview procedure took for only 1 min and i am so surprised that i did not remove any document from my file.