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F1 Visa Approved for MS Bioinformatics – Spring 2013 -IUPUI

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  • place : Hyderabad
  • date : November 5
  • time :11am
  • status : Approved.
  • University – MS Bioinformatics, IUPUI

Funding : 2000$ scholarship and  350$ Graduate assistanship.

To start with my profile, I have 70% in my under graduation n Scored 305 in GRE. I was refused Visa once for fall 2012 for UMKC Bioinformatics. I felt very much dejected after my visa refusal and I had to share my sad experience with everyone which made me feel more worse.

Bioinformatics Visa experience

I reached US consulate by 9.30am in Begumpet.

Waited outside and I had chat with few F1 student visa applicants and surprisingly most of them turned out to be rejected.

I was in by 10.45 and underwent bunch of formalities. I was given token no: E100. I had to wait nearly 1-1.30 hrs. I saw most of them are getting rejected especially students and I was nervous. I was allocated counter no: 11. Once H1B visa was approved infront of me.

VO was sum middle-aged American guy. He was talking to pretty girl(american) before interviewing me. He was smiling at me and wished.
Me: good morning
VO: Good morning. How are you doing man?
Me: Fine sir, What about you?

VO: Good. Pass me your documents. He scanned my docs n he read my first visa experience on screen and I was very much apprehensive vo: Which university are you heading for?
Me: Indiana Purdue university Indianapolis

VO: when did you graduate.
me: 2012 sir.

vo: which course you are heading for?
me: Masters in Bioinformatics.

vo: What will you do with Masters degree in bioinformatics?
me : Sir, can I request you a couple of minutes to elaborate my answer( with smile)
vo: 0hh sure (with smile)
me:  Bioinformatics is at very novice stage in India. Many research opportunities are currently arising. To compete neck to neck with my competitors, I need a good doctoral degree from international reputed university. So, what I want from my MS is 1. University should have good reputation for bioinformatics. 2. it should have course work stressing on programming and bioinformatics tool development. I had taken good number of genomic courses in my undergraduate. 3. university should indulge master students in research and moreover it should offer degree with thesis.

So, I choose IUPU for my goal is 1. its pretty much reputed for bioinformatic. Indianapolis has gre bio-medical research facilities. 2. it has course wok in machine learning and NGS, pretty good domains of bioinformatics. 3. university has offered me scholarship and graduate assistanship.


vo: He looked. What research will you do as an GA?
me: I will be assisting professors research

vo: what is your academics?
me: 70.2%

vo: backlogs me: yes. cleared at first attempt

vo: whats your GRE?
me:305 out of 340 sir vo: split up

me: Verbal-150, quans- 155, awa-3

vo: TOEFL?
me: 94 out of 120 sir

VO: Which universities did you apply?
me: Univ of deleware, UMKS, UNCC, NDSU

vo: admits
me: said

vO: who is sponsporing you ( alas, iam done with acads, now i felt that i may get visa)
me: My family
vo; what does your family do
me: my father works in education dept of Andhra Pradesh

vo: what is his annual income?
me: 11.5 lakhs per annum

vo: do you have any loan?
me: I had sanctioned loan of 10 lakhs from sbh

Vo: congratulations. I’m accepting your case. took my passport n i20

Came out of consulate, I saw many of F1 guys got rejected that today. Most of them are from lower ranked consultancy colleges.

Three factors that helped me to get visa

  1. My God helped me
  2. VO was kind and patient to listen my stuff
  3. I stressed on GAship.

I would suggest everyone to answer with smile.

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