f1 visa interview experience after 214b rejection
F1 Visa Interview Experiences

How to Get F1 Visa After 214(B) Rejection? Interview Experience – Mumbai Consulate

This interview (and show) is for going to mesmerize you. I recorded the feedback from one my student who joined F1 Visa Coaching after her visa was rejected for Spring 2017 semester.

She was going to study M.S. In Mechanical Engineering. But, the visa officer did not agree with her answers in the first F1 Visa Interview attempt and denied her visa under 214 (b) in U.S. Consulate in Mumbai for Spring 2017 semester.

Then, the following happened with Farah:

  • Attended Free F1 Visa Webinar (75 minutes long)
  • Joins F1 Visa Workshop
  • Upgraded to F1 Visa Coaching
  • Attended F1 Interview (same VO as first time)

Her second F-1 Visa interview was about 15 minutes and she convinced the visa officer to approve her Student F1 Visa. She’s on her way to the U.S.A. (IUPUI for Masters in Mechanical Engineering).  In this show, you can learn about her F1 Visa Interview experience in Mumbai U.S. Consulate for spring 2017 semester.

Listen to the Show:

Show Notes:

Want to attend the Free F1 Visa Webinar (Training)?

List of available courses at Happy Schools for F1 Visa Prep

  • F1 Visa Starter Pack (41 Mistakes That Can lead to Rejection)
  • F1 Visa Rejection Review
  • F1 Visa Workshop
  • F1 Visa Coaching



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  1. For all those aspiring F1 students of India..

    1. Keep in mind, USA is not the only option out there…several countries, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Australia etc. offer equally good opportunities to study.

    2. The US F1 visa process is simple…they want to admit a total set no. of students in their universities each year….the visa officer’s jobs are to pick the best of the best…once they have found the set no. of students, they will issue 214(b) to the rest. Think about it, most IITians are welcomed with open arms on F1…they rarely get a 214(b)…does that explain it?

    3. Most F1 rejections are based on 214(b)….214(b) is a presumption of guilt of intended immigration, not your acceptance of guilt of intended immigration. It is a problem with USA’s system, not with you, in most cases. 214(b) is essentially a harmless rejection..and there is nothing to feel bad about it.

    4. If you do get a F1, next up, there are already more than 5 lac+ students from India currently waiting in line for US Green Cards after graduation…the US, however only has an annual quota of 10,000 green cards for students from each country, regardless of the size of the country. Is this fair to Indians & Chinese? NO,,,US very well knows this, but they do not want to fix it, because they know, they will keep getting the best and brightest out of India and China, regardless of how they get treated.

    5. The current green card wait times for students from India is approaching 75 years!!!! All the IITians getting their F1s are next going to be put through this..

    Pursue your dreams and energies elsewhere….you are putting a lot at stake by pursuing the US F1 route…..and being subjected to the cruel whims and fancies of US Visa Officers…and green card system.

    You deserve to be treated better…always make a plan B and plan C, if you still wish to pursue the F1 route…

  2. Hi ragh

    Greetings of the day!

    My visa application was rejected yesterday. I was very confident and no fear at all. But I think I applied a bad methodology. In a presumption of keeping the answer to the point and short I failed to provide minimum information. Now I am in real need of your help.

    Looking forward for your reply.

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