F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Rejected Twice – Pace University and University of Findaly for MBA

First, read the F1 Visa Interview experience for MBA at Pace University.

Then read the second F1 Visa interview experience for MBA at the University of Findlay.

This student’s F1 student visa is rejected twice.

After you have read the interview, can you guess why the Visa was rejected in both attempts?

And read my interview analysis as well at the end.

MBA at Pace University – F1 Visa Rejection

Hi guys, I got rejected for F1 today at Mumbai Consulate for MBA at Pace University.

The F1 Visa Interview lasted for little over 30 seconds.

Me: Good Afternoon
VO: How are you doing sir?

Me: Very good.

VO: What course are you going for? (I was nervous and I couldn’t hear the questions)
Me: I will gain tremendous exposure in the U.S. and also it is the best place for pursuing. (VO interrupted my answer)

VO: What course have applied for?
Me: Masters of Business administration

VO: Which universities have you applied to?
Me: Pace University, Saginaw Valley State university, Johnson and Wales, Alfred University, University of Findlay, and University of New Haven

Vo: Where did you get the admits from?
Me: Saginaw Valley State University, Alfred, Findlay and Johnson Wales..

Vo: Oh, so are you working?
Me: Yes, I am working.

Vo: What are your future plans?
me: After completing my MBA, I will come to India and work for a good MNC.

Vo: So will you be joining the same organisation after coming back ?
Me: Yes, I will inform my supervisor so that after coming back I’ll get a better designation.

Vo: Sorry, you have been denied for a Non-Immigrant Visa under section 214(b)

Please feel free to comment. I’m looking for reasons for F1 Visa rejection for MBA at Pace University.

And the same student went for F1 Visa Interview for the second time and changed the University to Findaly.

F1 Visa Rejected for MBA

Here’s is another F1 Visa Interview. This student applied for Pace University, but the interview was for MBA at Findlay University

I went for my VI for the second time on 14 June at Mumbai Consulate. As per my previous experience, I was more confident and focused, but what followed was only 214(b) rejection.

Me: Good Morning Sir,
VO: Give me the pink slip,

VO: What course are you going for?
Me: I am going for my Master’s in Business Administration

VO: Which university?
Me: University of Findlay

VO: Why have you selected this university
Me: The prime reason is it gives me 4 major concentrations and 5 minor concentrations also it is among the old universities in US, established in 1882.

VO: Which universities did you apply?
Me: University of Findlay, Johnson and Wales, Alfred University, Pace University, Saginaw valley State university, University of New Haven

VO: Why didn’t you go for Saginaw Valley State University?
Me: Both the universities are equally good, but the course offered by UF is in line with my areas of interest.

VO: Have you applied earlier?
Me: Yes, I have appeared on 3rd june, infact I was shocked to hear my refusal
(VO repeating and typing…”infact you were shocked to hear my refusal”)

VO: Where does your father work?
Me: He is a central government employee, working with Indian Railways.

VO: What is his annual income?
Me: 6 lakhs per annum (VO: looking into my eyes..repeating”6 lakhs pa”)

VO: Sorry, sir as there is no any change in your application, you do not qualify for the F1 Visa

Me: It’s Ok. Thank You.

I have no clue to what went wrong.

It is the University or Finance?

I wish I could have elaborated on the finance part.

What would happen if I appear for the F1 Visa interview third time and change the to Saginaw Valley State University?

F1 Visa  Interview for MBA – Analysis

There is an important clue in the first student visa interview for MBA.

VO: What course are you going for? (I was nervous and I couldn’t hear the questions)
Me: I will gain tremendous exposure in the U.S. and also it is the best place for pursuing. (VO interrupted my answer)

The keywords are Nervous and Interrupted.

It’s natural for anyone to be nervous at the F1 Visa interview. But, that can’t carry over into your interview window.

The moment you walk and stand in front of the Visa Officer, you should be at your best.

You can be nervous, but performance matters.

Nervousness shouldn’t impact your performance and answers. 

And, the quality of answers (looks like a memorized, standard) is something VO has been hearing all day long. Nothing unique or of value in there.

So, he could have interrupted.

I think the visa went downhill right from there. Wouldn’t agree?

Second F1 Interview Analysis

You probably did not know why your F1 Visa was rejected in the first attempt.

How could you get the visa second time, if you did not know the reasons for rejection in the first attempt?

And VO was right in rejecting you with this answer.

VO: Sorry, sir as there is no any change in your application, you do not qualify for the F1 Visa

Please, don’t attend the F1 Visa interview if you don’t know why your F1 Visa was rejected in your previous attempts.

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  1. I guess he rejected you because he thought your answers were too undeterminisitc and lacked confidence for Eg:
    First U said u will come back and join the MNC in India, then later you said you will join the same company and will inform your supervisor…. I feel these answers were the factors in decision…

      1. hey Kashyap,

        Sorry I am too late to reply as I did not receive alerts on mail, but did u get the visa second time…

  2. Hello,
    Well that is little sad to know.

    Well am an young aspirant for further studies at USA.
    What I feel is the VO was expecting the stronger answer of you returning back after the education at USA. In fact he wanted some proof of returning back before the visa is approved. You must be good at convincing that you have no intentions of residing over there after the education as you have strong ties at your mother land. Adding more information next time about parents, relatives, some bank account details, residence proofs etc can patch up this problem easily.

    Hope my suggestion’s would work little.
    Good luck next time..

  3. Hey sorry for your reject, but definitely you would have given a better answer when he asked you about your future plans.(“returning to the same organisation” blew up your VI)

    Check the mock visa interviews in HSB. you will get an idea how to frame an answer for that question. This time prepare well and be confident. Getting the Visa stamped is easy…. you can do it…… Good Luck.

  4. What was the reason? o.O Its such a strange and the shortest interview I guess! I guess you lacked confidence…

  5. I could not find any clue what visa officer would have thought about you. As you said you were nervous but then you were answering what he was asking, I do not think he has rejected just because you were answering whatever you have remembered but he had doubt that he will be potential immigrant.

    Non-Immigrant Visa under section 214(b) means…..

  6. well for one, you could tell the truth.. who in their right mind would claim they will join the same organization and expect the VO to believe him?

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