F1 Visa Interview Experiences

A Parents’ Take on F1 Visa Interview at Chennai for Fall 2013

f1 visa interview chennai 2013My son Vikas who is working with CISCO got I20 for his MS studies from The University of Southern California, popularly known as USC which is one of the world’s leading research universities in Los Angele’s, USA.

Getting I 20 itself is not only the criteria for entry into US. You have to face VISA interview which is most unpredictable.

Now a days the rejection rate of Student VISA is very high . So my son was little bit nervous. We went to Chennai to procure F-1 student VISA from Consulate General of the United States.

VISA procurement is a two day affair. First day they will do Fingerprinting and Biometrics Process. Second day the crucial VISA personal Interview.

We reached consulate which is near Gemini Flyover at 6.30 am since he opted the 1st slot which was at 7.30am. By that time itself – around 300 students were in the Q.He entered inside US consulate at 7.30 am. All parents waited outside anxiously.

Here is the first hand information about my Son’s interview for the benefit of future aspirants who wants to pursue their studies in US.

F1 Visa Interview on May 23 rd 2013:

Following documents is a must to carry while attending interview :

Valid Passport, VISA Appointment Letter, Application confirmation page (with bar code),Visa application fee (MVR fee) Receipt , SEVIS fee Proof, I20-Letter of admission from the University.

Better to carry All Educational Qualification Certificates in Originals , TOEFL & GRE test Scores ,CA statement for Financial supporting and Bank Loan approval Letter.

As soon as I enterd inside , one person checked my Valid Passport, VISA Appointment Letter, Application confirmation page (with bar code),Visa application fee (MVR fee) Receipt, SEVIS fee Proof, I20-Letter of admission from the University.

After verification he was sending students to different counters for interview. I was sent to counter number ten where already few students were standing. An American lady who was around the age of 25 was taking interview .She was asking so many questions to my earlier applicants. On the spot she used to tell the results whether SELECTED or REJECTED. I was little bit nervous .

When my turn came – I sat in front of her with a Big Smile:

US Lady Intrvwr( Seeing my face ) : Good morning .
Me: very good morning mam .

US Lady Intrvwr: What’s your plan after completing MS ?
Me : Come back to india and work for the same company which now I am working.

US Lady Intrvwr:Which company you are working now..?

US Lady Intrvwr: From how many years you are working there ?
Me : Two years…

US Lady Intrvwr: Any assurance given by your company for taking back..
me : My manager has given assurance..

US Lady Intrvwr: Who is going to Sponsor for your studies ?
me : I got the loan from the Bank and also my parents are sponsoring..

US Lady Intrvwr: What is your family income ?
Me : It is around…….lakhs

US Lady Intrvwr:( she hold my passport and started typing something on computer )
I was getting tense , heart beat was increased, I was so much scared by the thought that in a few second my future is going to be decided.

US Lady Intrvwr:I am approving your VISA, enjoy your stay in US. All the Best
Me ( With lots of relief ) :Thank you Mam..Thank you sooo much

My interview was over within one minute. I got my VISA approved.

I went to another counter and paid Rs 300 and submitted a form to receive my PASSPORT to be delivered to my residence.

My Version for VISA Success

  • Select universities that have solid reputations.
  • Be confident while answering and be Frank in all aspects.
  • Maintain the smile on your face throughout.
  • Never ever tell that you are going to settle in US after your studies !

I was happy to see my son coming out around 10 am – with smiling face. CONGRATS VIKAS .. All the Best in your higher studies.

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  1. Congrats Vikas! It is but natural to be nervous at this decisive phase but I thinking staying confident and crisp in your communication with the Visa officer helps a lot. They seek originals of all documents and certificates, so before you reach the interview, make a checklist of key documents and ensure that they are all handy. All they are looking for is a honest student who intends to study in the US and has reasonable amount of funds to support the same, and also I guess, the intent to return to India upon completion.

  2. My guess is it was not his Cisco (or your Siemens). It is surely Vikas’ truthfulness and confidence.

    1. Yeah, dats always there, what i meant was that the visa off got doubly confirmed that he deserves it… 🙂

  3. I think the Cisco thing worked magic. I hope my Siemens background would prove to be same next year!! 🙂 Congrats Vikas.

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