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Students Visa for USA – Bachelors Degree

I (Diksha) took my visa interview yesterday, May 9, 2011 and I got it! =)

I was really nervous when I was on my way. But as soon as I reached there. I got busy with the procedure, security check and other things and I wasn’t nervous anymore. Infact, I did not get time to get nervous!

Eye contact is a must.

Now, that I experienced it! I can say it’s about how confidently you answer there. Trust me, I realized that it’s just a matter of 2 or 3 minutes. If you can control your nerves during these 2-3 minutes, you can do wonders!

I really want to Thank HSB for their help! I honestly, did not visit any other site. I found all that I needed here!

Thanks a lot. I keep saying it every now and then, but you are really helping a lot of people out there. Great work! Keep it up!

Student visa for USA Interview

VO was a nice lady.

Me: Hi, Good Morning *with a smile*
VO: Good Morning. Takes my passport, I-20, DS-160 confirmation, Sevis Fee receipt.

VO: So, you are applying to Clemson University?
Me: Yes, Ma’m

VO: Why Clemson?
Me: My present college i.e Ansal Institute of Technology has collaboration with Clemson University.

VO: Sorry, Your present college again?
Me: *repeats* Ansal Institute of Technology.

VO: Oh! Ansals.
VO: Have you been to US before?
Me: No, never.

VO: Which course are you taking up?
Me: Computer Engineering.

VO: Why Computer Engineering?
Me: Because I was always fascinated with Computers and I really wanted to know how this machine works.

VO: …..but why CE? Do you plan to do something in computers in the future?
Me: Yes, I plan to do MS.

VO: Did you take SAT?
Me: No, I didn’t. I took TOEFL and I scored 99 in that.

VO: Is your father alive?
Me: No.

VO: What is your mother?
Me: Teacher.

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: *said*

VO: Types something on the computer….”Ok! Your visa has been approved!”
She said, something about “………………..5 days”

Me: Thank You! =)
Me: 5 days?
VO: Yes!

I was so happy, I did not bother to ask her to repeat what she said. I just heard 5 days! However, I realized I shouldn’t have done that cause’ after an hour or so I was so tensed regarding what she said.

I thought she said, You’ll have to come back in 5days, but I am assuming that she said, you’ll get it back (passport and other things) in 5days.
I called the embassy to confirm. They said, you don’t have to come.

That’s about me, but unfortunately, my friend who took the interview on the same day couldn’t make it. I hope she gets it the next time.

She’s shattered. Her grades were good!
VO just asked her 1 question:

Why Clemson University?

She replied, because its a prestigious university and it is collaborated with AIT.

To this the VO replied, Sorry! I don’t believe you. I can’t give you the visa.

I am shocked! I wonder, if it is all about Luck? I dont know, but it’s sad.  We all are praying for her. **GOD BLESS**

Student Visa for USA Experience

Thanks to Diksha for sharing her student visa interview experience. I believe you are the first person to share Under Graduate Student Visa to USA experience. This post is added to growing list of student visa for usa interview experience shared by others.

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  1. i am doing ielts at niit ladwa which under distt.kurukstra and comes haryana. i want to really go to usa. so plz tell me so tell me how many bands required for usa

  2. seriously, u freaked me out at the end ! 1 messed up question and that’s it ! DAMN ! I’M FREAKING SCARED ! MAN ! SO NERVOUS !

  3. Hello Can you please help me.I want to apply for bachelor in computer science but my toefl score is low 61 percent.But I am aceppted in university because this was enough score.If they would ask me about THE TOEFL SCORE CAN I SAY THAT I GOT 90 .THANK YOU

  4. hello guys, what if i have been granted financial aid from my school, would i be granted visa?

  5. why should the university admit me?
    wht do u expect from the university?
    what will u do once you complete ur degree?
    how will university contribute in achieving your goals?

  6. Hi! My interview date is scheduled on 30th november,2011 at 9 am! and i have very less time. Being so confused and helpless! Could anyone give me tips for a successful visa interview for me?? I’ve got I20 from University of Findlay for Chemistry, General and i’ve got scholarship even though i haven’t done SAT. Please can anyone help me?? i’m in need of it!!

    1. hey dude! all the best. but I’m surprised. hoe do you get the scholarship without SAT? Is it possible?

    2. hey dude! all the best. but I’m surprised. how do you get the scholarship without SAT? Is it possible?

  7. hi friends
    i have applied four time but i didn’t get so any anybody will help me plzzz
    last time i applied same university that the vo of hyderabad told me to change the university
    i have change the university but i want to no that what the question will asked after changeing the university
    so plz guide me as soon as possible also this univrsity dosen’t requird gre or tofel but university approved me letter to show vo so pl z give me reply as soon as possible i have taken the date on 9 dec 2011

  8. Hello, I just received my I-20 to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and on my I-20 it says Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I sent an email informing them of the “error” and asked for a new I-20 but I was told that while the school calls my program Electrical and Computer Engineering, there are other programs at other universities similarly called Electrical and ABC Engineering. So the SEVIS system created a generic name- using Electronics in place of Computer- just to encompass more programs.
    Please I need help in filling out my DS-160,
    1). should I put my actual course name for the school or the SEVIS generated name?
    2). I do not know any one personally in the USA, what should I put in as my contact person with the school address?
    3). My actual course duration is 4 yrs and it states 5 yrs on my I-20. What should I put in my DS-160? 4 or 5 yrs?
    I am 16 and have a scholarship given to me by an organisation to study in the US. Will my age be a problem at the interview? Please can I get some helpful tips?

  9. Hi everyone,a friend of mine who has got a bachelor degree(his grades were low:2.85 out of 4) wants to get another bachelor degree in usa.is it proper he tells them at the embassy,or will it not ruin his chances?

  10. I have my I -20 from Dakota state university,my SAT 1 -1650,Toefl-79, my interview is first week of August but i have some questions that need good tips..

    1- I have been denied once 2009, what if the VO ask about what have been doing since 2 years ago and why the Gap..please what should i say?

    2- i heard that there are some complains about Dakota state university.. is that true

    3- i want to study computer science,what if he has why USA and why the university

    please give me good tips to practise..



  11. I have i-20 from NYIT. 12th 54%, SAT 1500, IElTS 6.5(gave it wen i was in +1) 1,00,000$ +funds . I’m cool confident in tense situation,fluent enough in english and can lie well . What are chances for my visa?? my interview is on 8th june.

    1. Hii Gill i am going to apply visa for the same university NYIT.
      What questions VO asked you about the unversity.

      1. Interview sucked !!!
        V0:which university??
        VO:How many colleges u applied for??
        VO:On a complete review of your application i can’t issue u a visa right now 🙁
        MY friend’s inter view was today for NYIT also:
        V0:which university??
        VO:How many colleges u applied for??
        VO: y Nyit?
        VO: Y not drexel university(other admit)
        VO:12th,SAT score
        VO:sponser,what he do???
        VO:when u completed high school
        VO: ok ur visa is approver !!!!

  12. and yes, I truly believe..”Eye contact and confidence is a must”
    Whatever you prepare is fine..but if you cannot say it there with confidence then you are ruining your chances.
    So, Stay Confident. It’s a matter of few minutes.. few precious minutes of your life. If you can get over your nerves for that time, you might do wonders! 🙂

  13. You are welcome HSB!
    Thanks for sharing my post.
    I am just giving back what I learnt from your (our) website.

    Thanks a lot!

  14. Cool B-) I am taking up bachelors too 😀 I got admits from Prairie View A&M, Lamar University, University Of Dayton and Finally, I am waiting from TAMU for spring semester 😀
    Congrats. I would be happy if I get your profile link to facebook 🙂

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