F1 Visa Interview Experiences

If Visa Officer is Tiger, You Must Roar Like A Lion To Get The F1 Visa

Following F1 Visa Experience for Bachelors Degree was shared by Neplai.

I have to highlight this visa interview experience. Neplai has done an amazing job of crafting visa interview experience. His way of describing how to prepare for the visa is just amazing.

For those with backlogs, following interview is must read.  If you just follow the tips in this F1 Visa experience from Nepal, you can get your visa approved.

First a quick tip to get a visa for all the stressed minds: (Good SAT and Academic scores & eye contact with your Visa Officer)

1) If you have just completed your PCL +2

Remember the most important thing to decide your visa is cheaper I-20 (i.e full scholarship)

(In 2nd or lower tier school SAT score is the most prior reason to decide your scholarship, so prepare for your SAT well and score higher)

2) After you receive your I-20.

If you got a good scholarship then your chances are high, but visa is still not guarantee.

And if you scored low in SAT or you have poor academics or got less scholarship, still it’s not that you won’t get a visa.

Because here i am a living example, I got a visa today even though I had 2 backlogs and no good scholarships. (But just remember your chances is low-you need to do good in interview)

So to get a visa after you get your I-20, is by convincing your counselor on 3 things.

  1. You have enough income.
  2. You will return back to your home country.
  3. You are a genuine student. (For backlogs – tell the counselor how he can trust you can study, when you are a failure student.


Tell him something like : I was good until my +2 , but during my +2 i could not balance between my education and ECA.

And I am paying for this as you are asking me this question right now.

But however now I have made a strong amends that I will work hard and achieve my goal in life which is _____ and I also have promised my parents that I will study onwards and i can never break their promise so I will surely study.

And while you clarify all the questions asked by VO.

Just do not take your eyes off his eyes. And be bold and loud. (Sound Confident).

You will get a visa with no doubts.


Never forget.

So, this was how my interview went.

VO : Hello ! How are you?
Me: Namaste Sir, I am doing good how are you.

VO: I am fine. So, you seem to be an average student, I doubt you can study in USA as US education is quite tough.
Me: No, U.S education is not tough as compared to NEPAL.

VO: What? How can you say that have you been to US? (In a sarcasm voice)
Me: (Still in bold voice- looking at his eyes) I have checked my syllabus of ECU-Computer Science program and every subject that i need to study is related to computer i.e Computer Programming, DataBase Design and Algorithm, System Architecture and i am darn good at computers, while in Nepal even in Computer Engineering we need to study physics and chemistry and these are subjects i am not much interested in.

[I looked him in his eyes and told boldly about all this, I showed him that i have done enough research about education system and i know content of my syllabus, so he was convinced that i am genuine student though i had bad grades]

VO: So East Central University?
Me: Yes Sir, this is one that best suits me.

VO: What are other universities you applied to?
Me: I told Arkansas Tech University, Russel ville, South Eastern Louisiana, Louisiana, Mississippi University for Women, Mississippi, and the one that i chose i.e ECU.

VO: How many admits did you got ?
Me: I was accepted and awarded scholarship by all four of them.

VO: Why ECU among others?
Me: During my research on universities, I found that computer labs at ECU have linux operating system and as i have been using linux operating system since class 9 it will be really easy for me to work in that environment.

(He did not understood linux operating system so interrupted me on hearing linux)
(But i said the word clearly again and continued my speech didn’t bothered to clarify)

[In this answer he saw that i had researched about the universities as i even told him what is there in computer lab, Before going to interview have a better for this college over others)

VO: So your father works at XXX bank?
Me: Yes, he is a senior manager at XXX bank and is a retired Asst. Director of ZZZ bank where he worked for 28 years.

VO: Your mother own a XXXX company?
Me: Yes actually its our family business in the name of my mother.

VO: What does this company does ?
Me: We send people abroad to Dubai and UAE.

VO: ohhh Manpower?
Me: Yes Sir. and besides this we also have income from house rent, land lease and interest of our money in fixed deposits.

VO: So, your father own two houses?
Me: Yes Sir. One is here in Kathmandu and other in our village.

VO: Who stays in other house? (this is a tricky question)
Me: We have given for a poor family of our village to stay, who also take care of our agriculture.

(he started typing fast in his keyboard – remember if VO types for a long period then you got a visa)

VO: (while he was typing) So what will you do after four years?
Me: E-commerce is still in a developing phase in our country, so while this is still developing i want to be the one to develop it after i return to Nepal with my bachelor’s degree.

[Here i proved my reason why i will return back to NEPAL. Have a good reason for why and what will you do after you return]

VO: What you mean by e-commerce?
Me: E-shopping, E-banking just like amzon or ebay.com

VO: Well you gave a reaallly good interview. I give you a visa. Pay your 200 $ fees on window 11, which is the last door on your right. And i will call you again.
Me: Thank you sir, It was pleasure talking to you.

[ I got a visa all because of my confidence and a bold talk with him ]

[Don’t let him get to your fear, If he is Tiger, You are Lion ] [roar like a tiger do not let your voice down and don’t panic and nervous ] NO NEVER –

Just maintain your confidence and eye contact you won’t be rejected.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll be going for mine in a week’s time and I know it will go through as well. U hope to be sharing the good news with you guys. Thanks.

  2. By the way what is your academic grades i really want to know?
    Because mine is really LOW.
    Thanks you.

  3. I will be goin for my interview dis wk,ve bin rejected once,cus i believe the consular was in a bad mood,dis time dat am going,it nt abt the questns dat ones answer dat determines ur visa,u cn get the questn rite and stil be deny visa,one jst ve to pray for favor and mercy frm God.also pray against bad consular nd unnecessary questns. .I PRAY GOD GRANT US ALL THE VISA. Amen!

  4. i completely agree with this post…i think i also come in the same catagory of student getting the student visa…

  5. Sorry to say but i tried twice for F1 visa..i got rejection…pls everbody dont totally dependent upon F1. be have back up like job in your country bcz there is nothing fixed about ur visa…However one can not deny that if u r more confident and roar like a tiger the chances of getting F1 will increase but it doesnt give any guarantee. it depends upon the mood of visa officer…even u might not come across one case that i know could never been discussed on this blog..and that is here:
    one of my friend was appeared for F1 in chennai and interview was run for 1.5 HOURS. u cant believe this even i was also shocked equally. total 3 visa officers have taken his interview like they have whole day to spend upon this person only..and finally rejected..
    i dont want to dishearten u my dear friends but dont spend ur whole day to get F1. try ur best to get succeed. but still one can not deny that THERE IS NO FORMULA TO GET F1 VISA, THE FORMULA IN WHICH U CAN KEEP VALUES UNKNOWNS AND FIND THE VALUE OF LAST UNKNOWN AND THAT IS NOTHING BUT F1. Sorry if i heart somebody..thank you.

    1. Well, I have a different perspective to look at your friends case. Ask this question Why did interviewer (3 of them) spent 1.5 hours on him, They surely had a lot more interviewee waiting on the line to be interviewed but they did not wanted to take any decision in rush. They just took time to make sure they choose the right candidate, i agree he might have also been the best candidate but he did not got the visa because he could not clarify his points and convince counselor even in 1.5 hrs. Its possible that one counselor might have a bad day, but its a pretty impossible for all three of them to have a bad day and come down to same decision.

  6. Hi,
    please I need you guys help. I will be going for my visa interview in a month time and I just want to know my chances of getting visa since I am been admitted for( ELS) English language center at university of south Alabama.

  7. I want to ask this girl a question. Is she going to pursue Bachelors in Science in US ?
    – Vignesh

  8. awesum post!.. i am having my interview tomorrow. This was a morale booster.. i will share mine tomorrow and hopefully a successful one 😉

      1. thank you all! i got my visa yesterday!! it was an awesome experience. I have posted it.. hopefully hsb approves it and you will get to see my experience 🙂

  9. nice work you have done to prepare for the interview. Things will become easy if you have prepared well. Well done.

  10. Great topic…Roar Like a lion…thats what you have to do almost every where. Be confident..

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