F1 Visa Interview – Masters – Education is Sponsored by My Company

My visa interview was March 28th. My appointment was 7:30 AM.

Typically, for F1 students, the sponsor’s are parents, relatives, spouse, brothers, sisters and bank loan.

Sometimes, you could see the government sponsoring the students from Middle-Eastern countries.

But, this interview is different.

F1 visa applicant is sponsored by his company.

Could you imagine TCS or Infy sponsoring your degree in the US?

F1 Visa – Sponsored by Company

Me: Good morning Sir
VO: Good morning.

VO: Your passport.
Me: I gave him my passport and my I-20

VO : Why this school?
Me: Because they have a small size class where I will receive personal attention from the lectures. I will also have the opportunity to learn about church leadership skills.

VO: Where is your school?
ME: Utah

VO: How long will you study in usa?
Me: 2 years. He then calls someone and shows my I-20 that I am going for 2 years and the guy said that it’s good. I got more confidence and they talked for few more minutes.

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
ME: A company

VO: A company?
ME: Yes a company

VO: Let me see any document of the company
Me: Gave my appointment letter, an approved letter of study, and a sponsorship letter.Ii was about to give the company’s registration and bank statement and said no hold on.

VO: How long have you been working with the N.G.O?
ME: 3 years.

VO: What are your duties in the company?
Me: I check the computer systems, design a database and check the network connectivity for the N.G.O

VO: What are you going to study? I.T ? and said Yes

VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes

VO: Your visa has been approved.
ME: Thank you sir with a smile.

VO: You are welcome with a smile.

Above experience was shared by John and as expected, visa officer was surprised when he heard that his company is sponsoring this studies.