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F1 Visa Issued at Kathmandu Consulate – Thanks to the US law

I had interview date on 15th June 2011. I was applying for Masters Degree (Geography) at University of Wyoming. I had full graduate assistantship so do not have much problem with the financial part (in fact not a single question was asked about financial part).

I had scheduled appointment for 9 AM. But by the time I give interview, it was like 12 PM. VO was lady who might be in between 24-28 years of age. She had been rejecting most of the applications (Student and Tourist). In fact only around 10 visa were issued that day from more than 200 applicants.

Student Visa USA – Nepal

My interview went like this way:

VO: Hi
Me: Hello Ma’am, Uff…Finally its my turn… I was here at 9 AM, and I have been waiting, waiting and waiting..and now finally I am in front of you…

VO: Sorry, out procedure is hectic, so that you have to suffer.
Me: No problem ma’am, I am here now.

VO: OK, so you are going for Masters degree in Geography at Univ of Wyoming.
Me: Yes

VO: What is your highest level of education?
Me: It’s Bachelors Degree in Environment Management. Its BS.

VO: You have completed your bachelors degree in August 2009. So, what you have been doing since then?
Me: Well, actually my certificate was issued on Feb 2010. And from June 2010, I have been working on an Educational consultancy as an abroad education counselor.

VO: OK. Does this match with your degree?
Me: No, not at all. I was in search of job after my degree, I found that, so I did it. Working is better for me rather than staying idle.

VO: What’s you long term plan? What do you want to do after your degree?
Me: I want to work in international arena in the organisations like UN, World Bank, etc on environment, human and social sector.

VO: What kind of work?
Me: I want to work on policy and planning.

VO: What kind of policy and plan?
Me: Well, not sure actually, Its way long but I know that I will work on environment.

VO: OK. How many universities did you applied?
Me: Total Seven departments of six universities.

VO: Was all for Geography?
Me: No, one was for Atmospheric Science, 2 were for Geology.

VO: Tell me the name of schools you have applied to
Me: U Wyo, U South Florida, U Alabama, U Alabama Huntsville, U North Dakota, Bowling Green State Univ.

VO: How many admits?
Me: Two of them rejected (ie: U Alabama Huntsville and U Wyo Geology Dept), one is still pending. So in total 4 accepted me and 2 gave me full funding in the form of assistantship.

VO: Funding from where?
Me: Bowling Green State Univ.

VO: So why did you choose this one?
Me: Due to the degree here. Another was Geology.

VO: OK. So are you married?
Me: No, but I do have my girlfriend. I might marry her after 1-2 years

VO: One or two days? (with surprised expression on her face)
Me: Not days, I said years.

VO: Oh years!! (Smiling)
Me: 🙂

VO: OK. You qualify for US visa.If you have $200 right now, pay it in the counter number 11 and come on Friday at 11 AM to collect you passport.
Me: Yes I do have it now. And thank you ma’am.

VO: No need to thank me. I am just following the US law.
Me: Oh! Thanks to the US law then 🙂

VO: (Laughter) yes, Thank US law 🙂
Me: Bye !!

Thanks to Deepan (long time HSB fan) for sharing the experience.

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  1. bro.. congratulation for successful interview!!!!!!!!

    friends, I am applying for Professional Pilot Program on F-1 visa. so please tell me that!!!!!

    -Interview for college/university course and Pilot training course will be same or different?
    if different then * what are the different and what types of question they may ask?

    please help me friends!!!!!

  2. If you get a graduate assistantship, is there any need to show who is sponsoring your studies , i mean financial documents ?

  3. its nice to learn from your sharing and I heartly congrats you and wish you have wonderful days ahead..those days we have spent and shared is prestigious and now you are going so who is gona help us to find right ccollege and universities,………….

    1. Its a fee to issue a visa. After you have been issued a visa, you have to pay another $200 for visa stamp and processing!.

  4. Congrats and thanks for sharing!!! You where it went all good……from the very beginning. Coz you weren’t happy to wait and wait for so long and just told her right away. What does it mean for the VO then, “You don’t give a……for your visa to be approved or not and denial is not end of world, your intention was to get a quality education”. Period! She calmed herself and try to learn how honest you were. Then she approved it.

    I took my lesson too.

    1. Right…. Visa approval or denial is not a big deal….and denial is not the end of the world…Admission in the Proper university and with funding (if possible) is a better option than visa issuance…If you are capable, you will get visa…So focus on quality work, background preparation and lots of information….so that you will not fumble in front of visa officer…be clear and true to yourself….Positive attitude is must…. and Thanks for understanding me!! 🙂 good luck with you plans ahead….

  5. what are the easy procedure of the poorest international students.which are not bear the fees.and many difficult in visa proses.

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