F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Granted: Admission from One University & Lied to Visa Officer as 8 Universities

Hello guys. I got my VISA issued yesterday (22 June) at Delhi consulate. I really want to thank HSB for full support during my whole visa process, as I got all my queries cleared by reading various posts here.

Also the visa interview experiences given here are really helpful for anyone who is preparing for F1 VISA interview. Anyway, now I continue with my Student F1 Visa Interview experience (Over 75 experiences posted)

At US Consulate

My turn was at 9:30 am but they let me in at 9 am itself. After following all the normal procedures, finally my turn came at counter no 12, where the VO was a tall, bald american.

When I went to him for my VI, he checked my docs (passport, I20, SEVIS receipt and HDFC receipt) and told me to go to counter no 19 instead ( a bit wierd!).

Anyway, VO at counter no 19 was an Indian guy (another surprise for me), who was taking interviews in hindi. I got a bit confused, considering that I had chosen my language on interview as english. But when my turn came, he took my interview in english!!

USA Student Visa Interview

Me: Good morning sir. How are you doing?
VO: Good morning. I am fine. How are you?

Me: I am fine too sir. Thanks. (I pass the docs)
VO: So, you are going for University of Minnesota?
Me: Yes, sir.

VO: How many universities did you apply to?
Me: (A bit startled, as I expected the classic next question ‘why UMN’) I applied to 8 universities, Purdue, TAMU, OSU…(VO interrupts me here)

VO: How many admits did you get?
Me:(This was what I was afraid of) At present I have got only one admit. Result of 2 of my universities is still pending.

VO: (Gives me a wierd look) Only one? What was your GRE score?
Me: 1430

VO: (This time he looked a bit startled 😛 ) Ok. What are you doing right now?
Me: Presently, I am in the final semester of my undergraduation.

VO: Which university?
Me: XXXX University

VO: Ok. Who is going to sponsor you?
Me: My parents and my grandparents are going to sponsor me, and I also have an educational loan sanctioned.

VO: Ok. Your VISA is granted. It will reach you via courier within 5 days.
Me: Thanks a lot sir!!

And that’s it. No documents asked (I had prepared elaborate financial docs), no theory questions asked (‘why this univ?’, ‘what will you do after graduation?’ etc). I guess I was a bit lucky too, as the VO on counter no 12 was rejecting many applications. Thank you again, HSB. keep on doing the good work!

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  1. Hello !

    first congrats!

    same case is with me. applied and acceptance in one university.
    should i try your method or u have any suggestion for me


  2. i really need a university in United States who gives funds or scholarships to students because i want to go to school on spring semester.

  3. “lucky”? not really. u scored high on the point “Bona Fide student”. that was ur key. usa needs talented people. good luck with ur endeavour. my visa is pending with 221 (g). wish me luck!

    1. when did you get 221g. I got on june 13th still it is showing undergoing processing and no response date.

    2. All the best!! Don’t worry though, 99.9% of times 221 (g) people get visa, so you start packing your bags for US!!! 🙂

    1. No, not in any nit or iit!! But I am in top 5 of my branch of my undergrad univ (which is one of the reputed tech univ of north india). Maybe this worked in my favour…

  4. Same Indian looking guy Interviewed me,but at counter no 20,same procedure as that of yours and he also granted me Visa

      1. please share your profile bro..!! i have a similar score as of you,and i want to get through UMTC….so,plz help me

        1. My profile is as follows:
          GRE: 1430 (790 + 640)
          TOEFL: 109 (30+28+23+23)
          Undergrad GPA: 9.15/10 (4th in my branch)
          Projects: Minor projects related to power system (this is the part that let me down actually, as I was not aware about its importance else I could have made efforts 🙁 )
          As far as I have seen, UMTC gives credit to your undergrad GPA along with your scores. But if you have a well reputed undergrad univ like IITs or some NITs, then it helps a lot too. I have seen people getting selected for UMTC from IITs with scores as low as 1200 too, though they have good GPAs.
          All the best. If you want to ask anything else, feel free to do so.

          1. According to your profile, you have a fair chance. Since you have a quant score that is a bit lower than their average (for UMTC its 770), so you can cover it with some undergrad projects or work experience if you have any.

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