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F1 Visa Interview – Parents are Divorced – University of Southern California

In today’s F1 Visa Interview experience, you will come across a question that you don’t expect during US Visa interview.

I hope my experience will help everyone.

  • Date: December
  • Location: Mumbai Consulate.
  • Result: Approved

My F1 Visa Experience

Me:Hi,How are you doing madam?
VO:No response.VO: Where are you going?
Me:I’m going to University of Southern California.

VO:What’s your GRE score?

VO:Who is paying for you?
(I didn’t hear the word “paying” properly hence I asked her to repeat her question by saying pardon)
Me: My mother is my sponsor.

VO:What does she do?
Me:She is a doctor in Govt Hospital.

VO:Be specific.
Me:She is a Gynaecologist

VO:What’s her annual income?
Me: Answered

VO:What is you father?
Me:He is a doctor and private practitioner.

VO:What’s his annual income?

VO:Why your father is not sponsoring you?
Me: I was not prepared for this answer, I took 2-3 seconds and answered. They had a chat with them and eventually they decided that my mother will be sponsoring me.

VO: Were they divorced?
Me: I was not expecting this question from this rude lady VO): I said NO.

VO Explains me: At the time of fees payment your parents should pay your fees mutually.

VO: I’m not checking your documents.
VO Warned me:Don’t work there during your course of study, it’s illegal.

VO:Do you want to get deported? (Wierd Question)
Me:No madam.

She didn’t utter a word whether my VISA has been approved or not and just returned the Xerox of I-20. And I left her cabin. That’s it.

It was not rude for the Visa Officer to ask if parents are divorced.

If either mom or dad is going to be your sponsor, there should be a reason.

If you are telling them that you Mom is the sponsor and they would want to know why is your dad not sponsoring.

  • Is he out of a job or not having an income?
  • Are they still married?

Those are expected questions. Plus, you told them that your parents had a discussion and decided on mom is going to be a sponsor.

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  1. The VO must have asked about the divorce because first of all it is a very very common thing in US an all, secondly, the expenditure required for education in US is so high that generally people say that their parents are sponsoring, in case both mother and father are working and its a very rare answer that my mother only is sponsoring, so basically before you say that u were not expecting this question, i would say that the VO was not expecting the preceeding answer to her question from you, so chill.

  2. But I didn't get the point about "Don’t work there during your course of study,it’s illegal." Is it ILLEGAL! What was the point she was making there. We can work a maximum of 20hours per week… She was rude pal… really.

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