Following is the list of F1 Visa Interview experiences posted by several Happy Schools Blog fans after attending interviews at various Consulates across India and other countries.

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This page will be updated frequently when new student visa stamping experience is published.

F1 Visa Basics

Before you read the F1 Visa interview, here are few links that will educate you about F1 Visa rules and regulations

Spring 2013 – F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview Experience – Fall 2012


F1 Visa Interview Experience – Approved

Student Visa Spring – 2012

Student Visa USA – Fall 2011






Student Visa for USA  Experience – Spring 2011 and Before




USA Student F1 Visa Experience – Denied

Fall 2011 – F1 Experience

Spring 2011 and Before


F1 Visa interview experience – 221(g)