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F1 Visa Interview at Hyderabad – My Family Worth is XXX Crores. (WOW)

Visa officer asks, “How Much did you say, your family is worth?”

Uday Responds “With smile sorry sir my total family worth is xxx crores”.
Amazing F1 Visa interview Experience to read and learn from. Uday has narrated his F1 Visa experience with upto minute updates.

You got to appreciate his efforts, time taken to write the detailed  F1 Visa Interview experience, his preparation, confidence and how he handled the questions from Visa Officer.


Hi Folks

My name is Uday, I’m  going to narrate my visa experience here it may help for some people.

F1 Visa Interview Hyderabad 2012

My visa interview on 16th December 2011 (my luckiest day forever in my life)

Outside Hyderabad Consulate

Me and my friend went to the visa office before 9.30 am in the morning and my visa interview at 10.15am i felt very nervous at that mean time i am roaming and searching for the people who are coming from the visa interview.

Ii want to ask the people how the visa interview is going on , how the visa rating is today but i feel nervous and shy to ask them.

I can see the people face who are coming from the visa interview all of them are dull face no face was glowing so that i can understand that they are not got the visa.

In between i am talking with my friends.

Before Entering into Consulate

The time is about 9.45am in the morning the cops are calling the persons who is having the interview most of the people are came in a line and showing there visa appointment letters to the cops.

I follow the line up to the usa embassy there are some security persons said that take your appointment letter and passport to show them the time is 10.00am i showed up and went inside.

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Inside Hyderabad Consulate

There is a man asking the papers and Staples it to the passport then he said to move forward where the security is going on they scanned every thing and said to go inside.

I went to the counter there is a man inside he ask my sevis fee receipt.

F1 Visa Approved at Hyderabad after 221(g)

I showed him up and then he asked me when did you took your pic i said him one month ago then he said something i could not get any thing i don’t know where to go i just moved some distance and again came back then again i moved some distance there i can see the people follow on a line i juts went behind them and stand behind them.

There is two counters i went to the counter number 10.

On the other side there was interview going on in the counter number 9 i can clearly seen them there is a person inside the bullet proof glass he is looking lean,whitish.

He is VO asking the questions to the family members after completion of all the questions he took there passport and said happy journey to them.

HO! here my turn came up and i went to the counter they took my finger prints then they said wait in the waiting room.The time was 10.10am i think so.

Sorry for wasted your time i am directly going to my interview.

5 Minutes Before the Interview

The time was 12.00 am my number E93 came and counter number is 9.

I went there and standing in the line before me one family is there and the VO asked some questions and at last he said good day.

In the mean time of the VO calling my legs are shivering and i feared like any thing but any way i my self said that be confident and got courage waiting for his calling.

So, F1 Visa Interview BeginsI forget to tell that i wore black pant and light blue shirt, neatly shaved.

They called me


So, F1 Visa Interview Begins

I forget to tell that i wore black pant and light blue shirt, neatly shaved.

They called me


ME:Hi sir good morning .How are you.
VO :Hi good morning .I am good ….
VO: can i see your passport
ME:sure sir ( i gave him)…i feel little bit nervous

ME: Sir i have a request to you sir
VO : yeah tel me

ME:Sir i have problem with my clip lip palate sir even if i had those problem i can communicate very well sir and i gave my Dr certificates
VO : He saw the papers….and he asked me….How many time you undergone with surgeries
ME:4 times sir and i said him about the years which i was undergone with surgeries

VO : Whats your major in your undergraduate ?
ME : Computer Science sir

VO : where you did your UNDERGRADUATE?
ME : i graduate in the year of 2010 from the xxx coll affiliated to anna university chennai and i got good academic percentage of yy% sir.

VO: in which year you passed out?
ME:in the year of 2010 sir

VO : in which year?
ME: 2010 sir

VO: 2007
ME:no sir (loudly) 2010 sir

VO:sounds good
VO:how many backlocks you have?
ME: nine(9) back locks with repetitions sir

VO : nine (9) back locks
ME: yes sir

VO :y these many back locks ?
ME: i already prepared for this and explained everything (confidently)

VO :can i see your academics
ME:sure sir ( i gave him)

VO :you have back locks in the first year also?
ME : i explained it.Here i said about how i planned and clear my back locks and also said about my project marks

VO : what is your undergraduate project and can u explain me?
ME: i forget about my project which i have prepared but any way i explain(mean time he is typing some thing )

VO: if you have back locks like this in usa they will kick of you
ME: sorry sir i have learnt a lesson from this and i wont repeat this again(mean time he is typing something all the time)

VO: where you are going in usa?
ME:XXX university xxx state sir

VO:what is your gre and tofel score?
ME:gre 970 and i does’t have tofel score sir i have ielts sir

VO: why you does’t have toefl what is the reason to write ielts ?
ME:i explained it.

VO: your gre score is low but some what k

VO:what is yourfather?
ME:i said my father is a former and my mother is a home maker

VO : what is your financial strength?
ME : my total worth is xxx crores sir(vo stopped me)

VO : is it your total worth ?
ME : with smile sorry sir my total family worth is xxx crores and fixed asserts are xxx lakhs ,my father annual income is xxx lakhs per annum ,my mother income is xxx lakh per annum,bank balance is xxx lakhs and my bak loan is xxx lakhs per annum sir.
(he is typing something on computer)

VO: how your father getting this much income?
ME: he was doing xxx business sir he is getting some money from that and also we have getting money from rentals sir.

VO : what your father will do in that business?
ME : Explained

VO: Could you please give me your financial documents
ME :gave him(VO typing something on computer)
VO: k

VO :How can you prove that you can survive in usa can you explain me?
ME: (see i did not prepare for this thing i dont know what to do)
Some thing i said him about what my strengths are and bla bla bla…….(he is typing something on comp i think he is not much listened my words)

VO : k
VO: why only this university ?

ME: explained what i was prepared before .(cofidently with smiling face)

VO :he took my passport and search all the papers in it
ME: full tension (praying all the gods)



Lessons Learned

I was so much happy there is no boundaries for me i was shivering on one side and i was confused, is it real or dream after that i came out side my friend came and ask what happen i jumped like anything said that i got visa.

Friends if you don’t mind i want to tell you one thing even if i had 9 back logs with repetition,I got visa so be prepared well and you must be confident at that time of interview.

If you don’t mind i want to tell you one thing even if i had 9 back locks with repetition i got visa so be prepared well and you must be confident at that time of interview.


  • What do you think about this F1 Visa interview at Hyderabad?
  • What lessons did you learn from the experience?

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  1. I would say, buddy got the visa, because of sympathy. I won’t say for sure but it’s a possibility. Since he had mentioned he was operated 4 times and backed it with doctors certificate. He bought his visa right there. So it was very appropriate when officer said TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY., have a nice time in USA buddy.

    Good luck for your future and may Almighty help him and all others succeed. As adviced by many people here it would do you good if you take any coaching/classes to improve your English.

  2. Yes, he did not hesitate. And he had a millionaire’s funds. but are those the only qualities VOs look for? I have been a follower of HSB for last 5-6 months and I have found people with ZERO Backlog and Wonderful English and Good Presentation Skills getting rejected. Some people say…its mostly about LUCK getting F1 approved. I thought they are kind of cynic or writing out of frustration. But after reading this post, I think they might be correct. I have nothing to say against the lucky guy. He tried his best and succeeded. But his case simply makes the YARDSTICK confusing.

    1. My sincere advise to all. Please don’t consider this post as an example if you want to succeed. It sure is an interesting post but it doesn’t help in anyway. It is only misleading people into thinking that money can buy you a visa. Even if it were true, do you really want to succeed in life thinking that you got something not because you deserved it but you had the power to get it? So, just do your job, give your best, leave no leaves unturned and hope for the best. Coming to the US is not the end of the world like most people think. It is just another country!

      Good luck to all!

    2. Truly pathetic English ! I dont know the reason – but even most of the highly educated people from certain parts of our country speak ,” I doesnt…..” They doesnt….” There is ten counters……” etc. Everything is singular for them.
      In the current case, the lucky applicant generated adequate sympathy by being ‘truthful about his surgeries” about a disorder which he cant even spell correctly. It is Cleft Lip and Palate.
      Americans seem to be real suckers…….

      Lesson learnt from this mail ….. be truthful about the facts which generate sympathy and u must have loads of money to show that u wont stick around US after education.

  3. 9 backlogs + Poor English + Poor GRE score + Only 1 University + No TOEFL… Vs …lots of confidence and money !!!
    …Interesting post !!

  4. My sincere advice & suggestion for you, Before leaving to US my advice is join in any English Coaching classes for sure, other wise you are going to struggle like any thing in US with Very Poor Communication skills, written poor in academics & etc. Students who got rejected their VISA & have fire in them to pursue MS in USA will definitely curse themselves by just seeing your academics & presentation skills.

    Look’s like you are a very below average student . You are definitely going to struggle in near future for sure while completing MS & after completing MS & in OPT also.

    But try to join and improve all your skills they are at underground level, you cannot survive with those as competition is very high. Remember my words One fine day you will definitely recollect these advices & suggestions given to you by all your well wishers.

  5. Every one blaming his english.Think other way, he may studyed in regional language(ex: telugu, tamil or kannada….).

    1. I know many people who have studied with their mother tongue as first language and still hold a good command on English; at least the minimum grammar required to frame a sentence.

  6. Your English is screwed up man… Please try to improve your written English, otherwise you will suffer big time while doing your masters!!!! This is not to insult you.. It’s just a sincere advise…

  7. Lucky guy with a lot of confidence!
    One sentence that really caught my attention—“They took my fingerprints”. I will be applying for my visa soon and the trouble is I do not have any fingerprints owing to severe eczema. Will a medical certificate in this matter suffice?

    1. It was a confident interview and in the end concluding well. I am also appearing for F1 Visa after a few weaks. The problem is that I have speech problem. Actually I am a stammerer and cannot communicate fluently. Though I try to overcome that but some times I have difficulties at few sounds especially when having a formal meeting/conversation. Do i need to take a medical certificate for this? Can this deficiency compromise chances of success for Visa? Please guide me regarding afore mentioned queries. Those will be highly favorable for me.

  8. It seems he did not get the visa but bought it. I hardly see any positive attributes. Poor in english as can be seen with sentence formation, not good academics, I can’t say about the confidence by reading the sentences.

  9. I agree with Small. I am surprised that this person even got his visa with such poor control on the language! Oh well…

    Honestly, I didn’t find anything extraordinary in his answers that got him his gateway to the US or I am missing something!

    Nevertheless, good luck!

    1. It took me a while to fix the long never ending sentences. If it was published “as-is” you would had tough time reading single sentence.

      1. I don’t know what to say. I feel bad for those who really deserve to come here but can’t afford or get visa rejections for no valid reasons. I was really speechless when I read this post. If I were in the US consulate, the least I would expect from a candidate is to be able to communicate in what is known as the first language of the US; apart from other characteristics, of course! I, personally, would have rejected this guy visa!

        I would be very much interested to know how he copes with the rigorous course work here.

  10. Guys:

    I see the potential money that he could be bringing in to the US.

    Western countries have always been welcoming high net worth individuals from outside …

    Stats prove it.

    Based on what he has typed his English is in the doldrums … and poor performance at school … not justifiable.

    Confidence is good and key but not in this case.

  11. The key to this interview was confidence and the way he presented himself .He did not hesitate anywhere to speak his mind out.He managed to be between overly talkative to reserved.Nice post !

    1. Very good observation – He did not hesitate anywhere to speak his mind out.

      If you have noticed, there is someone in Facebook page who is saying exactly the opposite.

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