F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview Experience, Islamabad, Pakistan

I got my visa interview on 5th may at 9 o’clock. I reached Diplomatic shuttle service area at 8:10 and in the US Embassy, Islamabad at 8:35. But after the initial process my interview starts at about 11:45 or 12:00. There i was asked the following questions.

I said Hi at start but my voice just stuck due to confusion and fear. But i prayed a lot to Allah to help me and the visa officer starts like this. (i am sharing exact complete F1 Visa interview experience with you)

F1 Visa Interview – Pakistan

VO: Hi, How are you
Me: Fine

Vo: Whats your B.A. in
Me: Mam My B.S. was in Mathematics

VO: So where did you completed your bachelors
Me: From COMSATS institute of information technology Islamabad :

VO: Where you have applied in USA
Me: University of Arkansas

VO: Why this university
Me: It is a public research university which offers the degree in my intended field XXX (i was speaking very very fast and i have no control over what i was saying)

Vo: XXX what?
Me: said again

Vo: So have you ever traveled abroad.
Me: No mam i never traveled abroad.

Vo: which university you applied other than this one.
Me: i said XXX. (I applied in only two universities and told so)

Vo: What?
Me: I said XXX university which…. ()

without listening the complete answer she turned to the VO in the next window who was also female and talked to her and then returned

Vo: were you accepted.
Me: No mam i got rejected in XXX. Actually i got a very low undergrad GPA.

VO: Oh, whats that?
Me: i got 2.68 GPA with 71.07 Percentage but got very good 750/800 quantitative GRE score that results in my admission (exact words said)

then she again turned the mic off or something and talked to her other fellow.

then she returned and asked me

Vo: whats you father do?
Me: he is working as XXX in XXX from the past 25 years i said.

Vo: so who i sponsoring your education.
Me i said my father is sponsoring me.

Vo: Ok. so how much is he financing.
Me. said so

she went back to other VO the one she was talking before, talked to her and then turned back to me and said.

Vo: so where did you said your father works?
Me: said again XXX university.

Vo then she said something and i asked her, sorry mam i really cannot hear what you said and she replied

Vo: you are not selected.
i totally have no words to say and then she smiled and said i am just kidding. then she said something again in a very very low voice and i heard the only last part that you can get you passport in 4 to 6 weeks from American express bank. they will call you when its there. Then she put a band on my passport and my application documents and just put them in the basket.

Me: i said thank you very much and she just smiled and moved her head… i just went out from there after that….

I was not given any slip nor was the VO having any slip. She was continuously typing on the computer faced opposite to me.

I was told that usually students get visa in 4 weeks to 8 months, depending on the security clearance and i received mine after 10 days. Also i need to request my Pakistani fellows to share their experience as i couldn’t find any single post about US embassies experience of students in Pakistan anywhere on the web.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope more students will post their experience.

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  1. Hi.
    First of all congrts for ur visa.
    Tell me bro if vo asked a questions. then u can easily undrstand the qustns wht is he/she exctly said??

  2. Ahh…
    Good conversation from all of you guys…
    And I m felling more confident after reading this block…
    I m going to appear for interview in next week..
    All of you guys plz wish me best of luck and pray for me…

    I will get you guys back…

  3. hey how are yoo i got my visa on 11may 2016 my intetview

    vo good morning
    me goodmorining
    vo where are you going
    me told
    vo ho did you find this uni
    me i was reseaching on internet
    vo ok ok ok stopped me
    vo age
    me 21 and than said no sory 20
    vo qualification
    me matric and intermediate in ics
    vo what ic ics
    me computer sceinces
    vo who is sponsring you
    me my father
    vo bank statement
    me gave her and she return me back without looking at it
    vo your visa has been approved you can collect your passport in 5 days and gave me a green slip
    me thank you smiled
    vo also smiled

  4. I was not even asked more then few question when i was visiting US for the first time on a US state sponsered scholarship. But now I am back to Pakistan and applying for another F1 visa on self finance. I think this post gonna help me too. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Aslam O Alikum,
        Thanks for the informative post, I really need some help I am from karachi & will be applying for F1 I am interested in Arkansas state university but I am really confused in all this that how many Pakistani students are there & F1 visa acceptance

  5. Dear Ahsan,
    Really its big achivement from your side and especially you share interview here A to Z here its really helping for us in future..
    Thanks and wish u best of luck..

  6. hi i had a visa interview on 19th of may and i was given a white slip from visa officer. so what does it means?

  7. Hello Guyz
    i have my interview on 27th of May 2011 and i have been rejected on 28dec2010 because i was confused ,nervous and i didn’t had my credit transfer evaluation forum..but this tym i am well prepared and have my all documents..so plz pray for me 🙂
    My uncle(dads friend) in US is sponsoring me not father.
    whats the dress code for good F1 interview ?

    1. Well US Education Foundation Islamabad helped alot for interview and for dress code i was told to wear casual jeans and dress shirt and it worked. it was a hot day so no tie…

      Besides that i again request guys from Pakistan to write their experiences like other people here on this site and elsewhere also (where ever possible)….

      1. Aoa Ahsan congratulation bro for your visa .can i have your email id because i want to mail you some questions which i am preparing for my interview on 2th of May and i have no one to help i don’t how to start . Please help me thank you 🙂

    2. please change your sponsor form u.s to pakistan otherwise u have high chances of rejection i was also rejected under 214 b on 4th may my sponsor was from us.i am reapplying in june too my semester starts from 22 august pray for me too

  8. Dear Ahsan, aoa
    First, many congratulations to you for the visa.The VO officer might have said deliberately in a low voice at first that you have been selected(which you could not get) …………………..Nonetheless hats off to you for floating successfully through the visa interview

    Secondly, it is my first time to see any Pakistani’s interview’s experience so reading and knowing abt its fruitful end has given me real pleasure.Wishing you all the best with your studies at US.


  9. Great Guy!! It’s really impressive and very excited when VO said u are not selected. Furthermore, I would be grateful, if anyone could share the information or good tips for Bachelor degree. Because I haven’t seen anyone have an interview with undergraduated yet. please help me !! next month I’ll have an interview.

  10. Beleive me, my heart stops pumping. it was like someone squeezed it while me standing there, i was speech less and just wanted to cry alot but thanks God

  11. “Vo: you are not selected.
    i totally have no words to say and then she smiled and said i am just kidding”

    OmG…my heart will stop if VO’s play such kind of jokes with me

      1. Hi,

        Dear Shahid,

        Great congratulations for ur visa and wish u good luck. I would suggest u that do not be in hurry because sometimes it takes more than 06 week. but now u will get ur visa. As i have this experience last year.

        wish u good luck

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