F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Rejected Because of High TOEFL and Low GRE Verbal Score

I would like to share my experience of f1 visa.

  • gre-1100 toel-102 aggri-69

My interview started at 9 am and it went on like this…

F1 Visa Rejection – High TOEFL Score

me:hi sir gud mrng
vo:gud mrng

vo:what is specal about your univ
me:i told him about my univ

vo:what is your ug percentage
me:told him

vo:any back logs
me:2 backlogs sir that too in my 2 year 1 sem

vo:asked my gre n tofel scores
me:told him 1100 and 102

vo:how could you get 102 in tofel where your verbal in gre is just 300
me:told him that i prepared well for tofel but he was not convinced

vo:i think ur tofel exam is not written by u
me:i did not agree with him

vo:asked me to wait for some time
i waited for 2 hours, then i was called to another counter
a lady was there n asked me u know why u r here

me:told that i am genuine student
vo:asked me what questions i got in all sections in tofel
me:i just remember few questions and told her

vo:please tell the truth and we will leave u with rejection r u will be permenantly rejected
me:i was stubborn and told i am genuine mam
the discussion went on some time and at last she asked me to go to my counter
i went there

vo:dnt ever lie in a us embassy…your visa has been rejected and told some thing

PLEASE HELP ME.  Can I get visa if I apply again? Can I go to Chennai embassy for 2nd time. My first one was in Hyderabad.

Above experience is posted (without editing). They should have had strong reason to believe that TOEFL was not written by you. Last statement

dnt ever lie in a us embassy…your visa has been rejected and told some thing

shows they you lied and TOEFL was taken by someone else. I cannot argue if the student is right or VO is right. But, this is the first experience here in HSB, where someone got F1 Rejection because of high TOEFL Score.  ( List of F1 Visa Interview Experiences)

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  1. Hello,
    i have scored 880( q:620 v:260) in GRE and 7.5 in IELTS. i know that gre is low but i just made a try to apply for njit in master in computer science(coz there was no specific requirement regarding a gre score). i got the i20. Then i got confidence that though my GRE scores are low i would get an i20. thinking so i applied for other 2 universities (university of new haven and texas A&M U kingsville). i applied for a visa with njit i20. the vo asked me why did i choose this university. i answered like this: ” the course work that i have choosed is pretty good in this university.” the vo stopped me n told: ” let me 1st tell you this is not a university its an institute”
    but to my knowledge when we type njit in google search we are informed that it is a public research university, so how could that vo argue with me that its an institute and not a university?
    but some how that topic was over n then the vo asked my % i told its 75% without backlogs.
    then he asked me why are your gre scores very less. i told: “yes sir i do accept that the score are very low but sir i didnt want to waste my time and….. i was about to tell that the college has no objection regarding my low score and i have got the i20 so i didnt have a reason to take the gre again…., but the vo interruppted and told if you dont want to waste ur time he simply told u dont have a visa.

    here i accept that i should have not told : ” i didnt want to waste my time ” but instead i should have told i didnt have the reason to take the exam again after receiving an admit.

    but now i want to go again for the visa interview for the same university. can anyone please tell me is it correct to go again(with same scores) with a correct explanation.
    will my high ielts score make impact on my gre scores? will the vo get an impression that my ielts are not true.
    i tell you that my ielts are true and in the case of gre i had a very bad time during the exam and it had its impact.

  2. I can’t understand how people get good toefl score having low GRE verbal..

    I have 560 in verbal and I attended toefl 3 times but I could not touch triple figure where as I can see many people having very low gre verbal score can get above 100 in toefl………

    I can’t do well in all sections in one sitting……………….

  3. Hello ,
    Sir please suggest me about giving GRE again or not because i got 920 score and in IELTS 7 bands.Does this difference can make a bad impact in getting visa????

    please sir reply me am in big dilemma!!!

  4. Hi,
    My name is Suresh. I got I-20 from one university in the US for MS in civil engineering. I am planning to visa interview date at end of this month. My GRE score is 1010 (270 in verbal + 740 in quant). My B. Tech % is 73. My toefl score is 92. I am really worried about my GRE score. Will they reject my F1 visa based on this low score?

  5. i got gre score 1280(800+480) and toefl 89 is it a gud score nd will there be any problem for visa

  6. hie, my visa get rejected in january at mumbai consultae, and the reason they had given that, i was not able to demonstrate future abilities in USA, after that i have defered my admission for fall and now am applying for visa again, my GRE score is low its 770, and i have taken Toefl, bt that score is also low, so i have writen IELTS, and on that i have apllied to universites, and I got I 20,
    can you please suggest me which consulate should I take now, and is there any issue with my scores.

  7. Hello!

    Well I scored 1400 in gre (660-v and 740-q) but a dismal 100 in toefl . ( I was too cocky after my gre score, dint study at all for toefl and screwed it up.) In comparison to my verbal score toefl score is pretty less. Is this going to be an issue for me , during the interview?
    I got accepted from Northeastern University, boston for MS in pharmacology. Its a good university for my course and stands pretty high in rankings as per US news , but lately I have heard quite anumber of Visa rejections for students who had applied here. Is that true ? does NEU have a bad reputation according to Visa Officers?? I am going for my interview pretty soon so please help me out with this…..

  8. Hi All,

    I have applied for my MA in Communication Studies to unis in the US. I have been admitted into Arizona State Uni. The course did not require me to give GRE . My TOEFL score is 112 IBT. Can anyone tell me what my chances are of getting a F1 visa please….


  9. Hi to all,
    I am one of reader of this blog since decided to pursue my MS,now its my turn!!!

    I am in big trouble now, I got I20 from National university(GRE score not required) ,But my GRE score -276 and took IELTS -6(overall).I am a may 2011 passedout(69.38%,# Backlogs),since then i searched for JOb but I couldn’t stick into any(JOB),these way 3 months passed from june to september,then i decided to do MS in US and gave GRE(urgently without prep more than 10 days) and applied 5 Universities for spring,most of universities which applied by defermented my appl to fall because of late recieving of my scores,so I chose that univ among others .Now, My visa interview is on 3rd JANUARY-2012,

    Now my question is,
    1,Will they asked about my gap during june to sept?then wat shud i say? please help me out to get rid of this question
    2.In my I20 states that “NO GRE REQD”,will it make any pblm in my interview?
    3.I took ielts instead of toefl(there is no available dates to appear at my time,will it be the question?
    4. General FAQ- why ur GRE score is low(plz help me for tz too)
    I am really afraid because of this dillemmas,please help me out dudes,
    please reply all dudes and HSB.

  10. Dude, i have a GRE score of (700 Q ,480V ,awa 2.5) and TOEFL(104) does this makes an issue at during my Visa,kindly suggest asap…

  11. Hi,
    I scored 95 in my tofel. Can some one tell me how can i defend this qustion of having low score in gre,shd i keep my gre score in my visa interview actually i got my i20 through nly toefl score,plzzzz do help meee wth dis quesn. as my visa date is getting soooner…. Help me…… Is GRE score card manditry?????

  12. My engg agg is 51 and had many backlogs  and i want to pursue MS and will give Gre in nov 2011.

    What are the possibilities of my visa to be rejected.

    1. it is nothing but waste of money as most of our students got rejected for just 2 backlocks dont listen consultency words they want money dude

  13. I have rejected for F1 visa yesterday at Hyd embassy.the reason is no GRE and NO Toefl.Can i apply for next time with GRE and Toefl for another university?

    Please help me on this.

    1. see people dont thik about your fake or cancelled toefl scores after you get vissa but if you are attending vissa interview first time see the range of scores required toefl 83-89—gre1000-1050
      toefl90-95—-gre1050–1150,toefl95+——-gre-1200+ other wise vissa officers dont think that you have taken your exam for get your consultancy words its true———–

  14. hiii
    i hav a a low score gre of 860 ( verbal 300& quant 550) and my toefl score is 90..wil there be any problem at the consulate

  15. Hey pls help me out..
    I’m gonna take up my TOEFL..My split up is v-400,q-730
    What should be my TOEFL range and is it necessary that i have to take my TOEFL at Prometric centers??
    Waiting for your response!!

    1. There will be no range for any exam, you just do your best. Anywhere in the world, if you want to continue your education, TOEFL or IELTS is must, though some Universities consider only GRE. I recommend you to write TOEFL or IELTS. But write TOEFL only in Prometric centers or else choose IELTS, which is another alternative. Even IELTS is also accepted in many parts of the world including US and has the same syllabus as TOEFL. By seeing the ratio of your Quants and Verbal score, anyone can easily tell that, you have some problem in English. In my view, IELTS is comparatively easier than TOEFL. So do give your IELTS and go undoubtedly for your Visa Appointment.

  16. hiiiii
    i have a very low gre score its 910(320 verbal,590 quants)
    toefl 91
    are my scores reasonable i m afraid that my gre score may lead to rejection of visa
    pls help me out………

  17. Oh my god! at last I have some one to share this. I have same experience with this at chennai consulate. My Gre score is 1120[730+390+3.0] and my Toefl score is 99. I was asked about my score twice like why is ur score high. I replied I’m good at english and I performed in the exam very well. I was not asked any question comparing with my Gre score. But this feels really humiliating since i did no wrong and I know some people who did these things and were already in us. I applied for second time on Aug1 and if i was rejected second time I will never go to US because due to simple humiliation.

    1. Hey dont wory, just be confident and u will get your visa approved. Btw i want to know you applied to which universities and for which course??

    2. Hey dont give up… Most people do better in toefl than in gre verbal. We speak english in classes from kindergarten. So, our classroom english is good resulting in high toefl score. However, gre verbal is more difficult and made up of compex words and concepts. Explain this to them….

  18. oo too contrast between ur GRE and TOEFL scoree soo better u drop this time or it may lead to suspicion on ur profile

  19. hi, my gre score is 840(590Q and 250V) and my b.tech aggregate is 58% toefl score is 100
    does it effect in rejecting visa….?

    1. Surely Ur Visa can get rejected.Better write IELTS in place of TOEFL and apply it for Visa.The chances are high.

  20. My GRE score is : Q:700, V: 430 and AW:3.0. I have taken the TOEFL and its results are yet to be out. Is this a good GRE score? or will I have trouble at the consulate.

    1. only low verbal Gerbal Score and high TOEFL score creates suspicion, not overall low GRE score and High TOEFL score. You should not have any problem from GRE score perspective

  21. I don’t know how exactly you have disagreed with the VO. But the possible answer to the VO’s question on how you got higher TOEFL score than GRE verbal is the emphasis on vocabulary. You could’ve said that you are not that good on advanced vocabulary that GRE expects. Since TOEFL, unlike GRE puts more emphasis on reading, writing and speaking, which is whats important for graduate studies. Thats why you were able to score more for TOEFL.

    Anyways, you can try again, but since your record on their database is going to show that you lied, be prepared with a really good explanation on why you were rejected last time. Taking the tests again and scoring a similar score may help you with your defense.

  22. I scored 890 (Quant-550 ; Verbal:340) in GRE… and TOEFL 110….My CGPA is 9.1….I got i-20….will there be any problem with these scores during visa interview ??…i m so worried..please help me out..!

  23. it is wrong to say there is a lot of fraud going in hyderabad. certainly they are some rogues who get bad name to all. the prometric center conduct the exam with integrity. there are some others who are indulging in unethical practices. they can be easily found out and blacklisted. in the instant case ,benefit if doubt should have given to the student as he was asked by vo about the questions asked in the exam and he could answer them. his other profile also looks o.k. to be fair the vo could have examined his marks in 10th, 12th and b.tech 1st year english marks. there could be no surprise in a student who studied in english medium scools getting 102 in toefl while he got only 92 in gre. don’t correlate

    1. The problem with the work-study programs is that it will be extremely difficult for you to convince VOs that you are not a potential immigrant.

  24. ppl who are thinking to make write der TOEFL exam by some other agent PLZZ drop dat idea(especially AP ppl as it very common in hyderabad ). Consulate ppl are very strict at da toefl score now plzz go through thiss

    I applied for VISA at Chennai consulate last week, but i got my VISA got rejected. I have taken the TOEFL exam by paying to some agent. The consulate people came to know this and rejected my VISA. They have taken my I20 and TOEFL score card. And they also taken a statement from me that i indulged in this,
    1. Is this incident will have any consequences on my future application to US either for F1 or H1 VISA’s . If i retake TOEFL on my own nd apply for spring 2012, r der any chances.
    2.And US nd Canada consulates are in any way related and canada consulate in any way able to know abt this incident with my passport number ?
    Actually I had a good GRE score of 1210 with admission in to Arizona State University with an aggregate of 74% and no backlogs but my hard luck is they came to know abt this. Even a 85-90 will suffice for the VISA they dnt expect high toefl score soo plzz do go through for back doorr

    Thank You

  25. i suggest u retake toefl again. This time try to get close to your earlier score, this will prove u took the first exam. Also, take the exam in a centre known for not allowing impersonation. For your next imterview stand your grounds and talk them into understanding that GRE and TOEFL though both test use of english but its done in different ways. Gre verbal is easy as is basically vocabulary(analogy, antonym and even sentence completion). Your ability to learn words will determine your score.

  26. Dude

    I will suggest you one thing. Call ETS and drop a mail regarding your interview. Tell them to make genuine center/prometeric center for GRE and TOEFL exam. Because so may people are facing the same problem in HYD.

    Tell them about your visa interview, and mention that you got rejection because of TOEFL score.

      1. @ SAM: I think this is the best way to let the ETS know about the actual situation. This is the worst thing, that because of getting awesome TOEFL score rejected in Visa interview.

  27. Dude this is so scary! I dint know Visa interviews can be so scary.

    I have had backs in engineering, would that really effect my Visa application even after scoring really well in GRE and TOFEL and work experience of 1yr?

    Please tell me. I’m kinda scared now.

      1. nO ONE CAN HELP YOU OUT. Prepare a solid answer for this question “Why your CGPA/percenage is low?”

        Don’t worry all will be fine. Be confident in visa interview. : ): ) 🙂

        1. I know that. I have to study well.

          But if I get good GRE and TOFEL scores and with some work experience will I get through a above average university with the second class in engineering?

  28. my gre score is very low its 650,n toefl is 74 but i got i20 n acadmics ar 61% without backlog, wat if vo will ask y dis much low score wat should i answer can any one plzz help me….

    1. I will suggest to give GRE again 650 is so below than average. If you will go with this score VO will think that you just want to go there no matter what it takes.

        1. how can i defend this qustion of having low score in gre,shd i keep my gre score in my visa interview actually i got my i20 through nly toefl score,plzzzz do help meee wth dis quesn. as my visa date is getting soooner…..

          1. my visa got rejectd by tellinng my univ. doesnt require gre score.

            can i get a visa with a low score of gre 650 n tofl 76.

  29. I score 1220((740Q+ 480V), AWA: 3.0) ,TOEFL ( 107)………….are my scores reasonable……….. will this be a problem in VISA…..i m worrying………………………………

    1. Dude You have good gre and TOEFL score.

      Don’t worry give your best in visa interview.
      All the best!!! 🙂 🙂

  30. I was rejected for F1 visa. I was told that the way i told about the reason for choosing the university and my future plans seemed to be memorized and rehearsed and so i was considered not a genuine student. so what should i do to overcome this rejection reason so that i can get visa the next time i apply. please help me out.

    1. you should give a pause before answering of any question. And while answering try to maintain eye contact. I practised infront of mirror. You can easily figure it out in mirror if you speaking by heart.

  31. @HSB

    hi i hav an interview on july27th 2011 at hyd
    my b.tech % is 73
    with 4 backlogs
    no gre
    got admitted for 4 universities
    can u plz tell me wat kind of ques would i face from vo

    1. my gre score is low and tofel is not yet written. Basically i am from cse and want to pursue ms in branch of computer science. can you tell me your selected colleges

  32. It was most likely because of your perfect Quant score that they they decided he was not genuine. A genuine student with with a prefect Quant score won’t score 300 in Verbal with 200 being the minimum, unless he is really weak in English and such a student cannot get above average in TOEFL. I know many guys concentrate only on Quant to improve their GRE score, completely forgetting Verbal. However, in your case it certainly seems you were not genuine as all your scores fall at diff extremes of the possible score range.

  33. @HSB im the person who posted the above post of high toefl scores….
    can i have a hope of getting visa after 2 years of experience….
    if not am i eligible for other visas like h1b and so on….
    will i face problems on OTHER TYPES of visas because of this…..

  34. @HSB im the person who posted the above post of high toefl scores..
    can i have a hope of getting visa after 2 years of experience…
    if not am i eligible for other visas like h1b and so on…
    will i face problems on OTHER TYPES of visas because of this

  35. it would be better if you give TOEFL once again & do try to get good score. Try not to fool the USA embassy.

    Please do not encourage students to give TOEFL through other person. Dont know these people will survive in USA without knowing the basics of English…

  36. @HSB
    can i have a hope of getting visa after 2 years of experience…
    if not am i eligible for other visas like h1b and so on…
    will i face problems on other types of visas because of this

  37. @HSB
    can i have a hope of getting visa after 2 years of experience…
    if not am i eligible for other visas like h1b and so on…
    will i have to face problems on other types of visas because of this…

  38. if ur local to hyd den try visa in hyd it slf
    bcoz chennai consulate is damn strict n m one of the victim of those
    n u lied dat ur tofel score so my suggstn is nt to go for chennai they will keep an exam of 1hr if dont perform well den ul b permently rejectd ie red stam for US.
    so jus think abt dat n make sure that u apply in hyd
    nw days hyd aslo had becum vry worst so u btr try for anoyher contry its my suggstn
    and more its up to u jus tc dude………..

      1. They have to sign the university papers of financial support. But this really decreases the chances of getting your visa, because the VO will ask who’s your sponsor. Then when you tell them, they’ll definitely think why a non-relative is sponsoring you. What does he/she have to gain from sponsoring you? This is not my words, it was said at a visa seminar held by Education USA here. So think about that, and if you have a valid reason why that person has sponsored you, VO will believe it, otherwise you’re playing with your luck…

  39. its not regarding ur toefl score r gre.. it is that they dont want to give to visa so they made it has n excuse .. a person bfr me got his visa.. with GRE 890 and toefl 106.
    i was shocked to hear wen he told his scores n VO din tel him ny thing. all you need to b is confident..

  40. first of all that’s very sad considering u have taken TOEFL on ur OWN…I guess u went to hyd consulate….bcoz that’s whr they r cross checking verbal n TOEFL in many cases…the reason is most ppl in hyd r coming with TOEFL scores written by others…one way to overcome this is take TOEFL in approved centers like pro-metric…try to balance ur TOEFL score with verbal…ur TOEFL writing score should be in sync with AWA(imagine getting 28 in writing and 2 in AWA…it looks real bad)…speak fluently and confidently in VI.

  41. This is absolutely shocking. I have an aggregate of 56% with 19 backlogs with a GRE score of 1040 and a TOEFL score of 97. I don’t think there’s much difference between 97 and 102 TOEFL scores and I took GRE and TOEFL with only 6 days apart. I know I am genuine and if I am genuine, this guy is 100% genuine.

    But dude, if you can maintain 69% and 800 in Quant, why didn’t you care enough and achieved only 300 in Verbal?

  42. what i sense is that the VO officer doesn’t feel like given you the visa, just use the TOFEL as an excuse, when next u wanna apply got put every things in prayer and God will make a way

  43. this is ridiculous!!!!! very ridiculous!!! just based on that comparison they dont hav strong enough base to argue that u cheated on toefl!!!! vocabulary and language communication skills r totally two differen things. thick headed mba holding dumb visa officers. dunno what they r talking abt. ridiculous!!!!!!

    1. Watch your language. You know only one side of the story by reading the experience posted above. VO have the data and they should know which test centers are involved in fraud activities.

      1. could be HSB, but i also got 109 in toefl. i am soon going to giv gre and my practice tests also indicate low verbal scores. vocabs and english communication skills r totally different skills. they dont go with each other proportionally.

      2. But then they should send out a notification or advisory for potential students to avoid such fraudulent test centers, rather than keeping quiet and just harbouring suspicion.


    1. Boss >>> Can you confirm your GRE Score again??>>>Only with 540 in GRE, will be a suicide if you go for the VISA.

  45. My scores also same has what he got and VO asked me “why your GRE verbal score is low” but he didn’t mention anything about my TOEFL like why it is high compared your GRE verbal score. I told that i didn’t prepare well at that time, i prepared well for the TOEFL n i got good score. I got my VISA

  46. In Hyderabad there r many tofel examination centers where u have to pay 28,000 to 35,000 rupees to get a score of ur choice. i know this fact and most of the students cumin frm Hyderabad know this fact.
    I know some people in Hyderabad who are running such examination centers and i myself has acted as a mediator between my frnds and the examination center guys, but till date none of my frnds got caught because they all scored marks between 80-90 with their GRE scores ranging between 900-1100 which is enough for getting into a better university. Some ambitious people ask for more marks and the center gives them without hesitation becoz those centers have nothing to lose..!
    In the past few weeks due to some strict rules which were passed some of those fake examination centers were closed down and the remaining examination centers are now charging 45,000-55,000 to screw the students life…!
    its like paying ticket to get into the hell

  47. I agree that TOEFL is very easy when compared to GRE verbal. But this is a problem in hyderabad consulate as impersonation is common in the TOEFL centers there. In fact, I heard of someone who got into a similar problem. After questioning him for an hour, they asked him if he had the habit of reading books, his favorite book and favorite character in that book. He had to write an essay about that character. After all this, his VISA was rejected.

  48. this is completely insane!
    i mean our photograph will be present on the scorecard….can they not judge by that?

  49. So me with GRE 1330 (600 Verbal), and TOEFL 113 will be an issue? TOEFL is easy as hell compared to GRE verbal so I don’t get it why compare the two scores. All of my friends took TOEFL with no preparation and have scored over 100, so I really don’t get why compare the two. One doesn’t needs to be a big word bank for TOEFL unlike GRE, good grammar and decent pronunciation can easily lead to scores over 100 in TOEFL.

  50. Hey dude,
    You shoud have told them 30 marks for speaking which is not tested in gre,30 for listening,again not tested in gre.Accordingly you should have only less score in reading,that too reading is quite easy comparitively to GRE.

  51. TOEFL is very easy compared to GRE.Someone who has grown up watching english movies,reading english newspapers can definitely get a high score in TOEFL.But GRE requires serious preparation as it involves a good command over vocabulary,developing strategies for RC,etc.I don’t understand why someone would find any correlation between these two exams.It’s true that lot of fraud happens in TOEFL,but rejecting visa application doesn’t make sense.

  52. TOEFL test centre must have taken photo before exam
    u could have easily proved if u were genuine
    how can that be a big issue

  53. They way your reply .It shows your Engish level is poor . I am sure you pay i got tofel marks . Do not do these kind of job . You know getting above 90 in TOFEL how hard?
    I got 80 . and I got my visa . I have been studying English from age 3 .Even I feel hard TOFEL ,you people simply pay and get score . Only hydrabad like this .Please do not do like this here after .It is good lesson for you

    1. dude, no offence but.. TOEFL is damn easy. Though, after reading your comment I see why you had a hard time scoring over 80, my cousin in seventh grade has a better command over English grammar then you do. So, quit making blind accusations.

      1. Dude , I read ( on orkut) one case of TOEFL of one person given by the another person and he was from hyderabad. Mostly these type cases takes place in hyd only ( please don’t take it as offense).

        They see all of the things. If you are having backlogs and verbal just 300 what will they expect from you. They will think you will not get more than 90 in TOEFL. Moreover the way you speak infront of VO he’she will come to know what is your level?

        1. but during toefl they take snaps of the examinee…how can things be forged? and well I got 420 in verbal, but 107 in toefl…so wots so bad about that? Toefl is damn easy…while GRE is abstract english and luck combined!!!

        2. No offense at all..I got 270 in gre verbal and 92 in toefl… I took the test from kerala.. It happens..We have to write all this stupid exams and still can’t make it??? It’s ridiculous..

      2. true Umank even i felt that Jon’s command over the English language is really bad and he will surely feel biased based on his shortcomings

    2. dude, no offence but.. TOEFL is damn easy. Though, after reading your comment I see why you had a hard time scoring over 80, my cousin in seventh grade has a better command over English grammar than you do. So, quit making blind accusations.

  54. This is of a very rare cases that I had ever read in HSB.. bad luck. I would suggest you to take your toefl examination once again even if u r genuine and just try to score in between 85 and 95. Gud luck

  55. I studyed
    my 1st std. to 10th std. in
    kannada medium and then my ‘puc’ and ‘B.E’ in english medium, is it required to take toefl for MS.

    1. Some universities like UNL doesn’t require TOEFL from Indian applicants who hold a B.E/B.Tech degree. Do check with the university that you’re applying to.

      In any case having the score is a plus at the visa interview or otherwise, be prepared to answer why you haven’t taken the TOEFL.

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