F1 Visa Interview Experiences

After F1 Visa Inteview, I Met This Lovely Girl. Dream Came True.

Following F1 Visa Interview Experience was shared by Bibek Kumar Yadav exclusively to Happy Schools Blog Readers by Bibek.

  • Name: Bibek Kumar Yadav
  • Consulate: Kathmandu,Nepal
  • Date: 23rd Jun 2014
  • Time: 9:00 AM
  • Counter: 8
  • Course: BS In Computer Science
  • Visa: Approved in 1st attempt
  • University : Northwestern Oklahoma State University,Alva,Oklahoma

It was sunny day and I was little bit nervous what to say in the interview.

f1 visa interview fall 2014  kathmandu

At 7:30 I entered in the Embassy and stood up in the line.

Behind me one girl was standing and behind the girl one boy was standing.

While standing on the line  I started talking to the girl and after few minutes we became friends and started talking about our university and started to predict about our interview.

She was very friendly. While standing on the line I often said her don’t worry we both will definitely get our visa and she used to laugh and said hope so.

After that we both cleared our security check and walked through the garden and entered into the building where interview was taken.

I got my token number and sat down at the front.

To my left there was a cash counter, Counter no 11. Soon after few minutes my token number C46 was flashed and I went to counter number 1.

There a boy aged 28 was sitting behind the glass and he asked my passport, form, I-20 and my File.

I gave him all and after that rudely he gave my I-20 and asked me to write my name and date.

I had signed my I-20 at home but I forget to write my name and date.

He said please go and wait for your turn.

I returned back to my front seat and sat there and waited for my number.

While waiting there was a lady sitting right to me and asking me are you going on a student visa . I replied yes. She began to tell me she was going on her daughter graduation ceremony.

Soon my token number flashed and I went to counter no 2 .

There was an American Lady (aged 35), I gave my finger print and went back to my seat.

While waiting for my turned my eyes left and right to look for the girl whom I talked before. But i couldn’t find  her.

After few minutes my token number was flashed again and It was counter no 8 . There was an American guy (aged 26).

My visa interview follows:

VO: Hello? How are you?
ME : I am fine thank you sir.
VO: looked at my eyes and asked Why do you choose this university?
ME: I said my answer.

I have my own brother in US and I was little bit worried about this question. I prayed to god that VO shouldn’t ask me about this question. And guess It won’t happen what you want to happened.

VO: Does your sister live in US?
ME: I was shocked ….what she is asking ….I replied NO sir.
VO: Then saying my brother name…..who is he?
ME: He is my brother.
VO: Do you know which school did your brother went?
ME: I said.

After this question there was no communication between VO and I.

VO looked at my I-20 and began to write something on computer. For 20 seconds he didn’t ask me anything.

After that:

VO: How can you father afford both of your expenses?
ME: I said my brother is graduating this august and also working as a research assistant with his professor and return back to Nepal after his research.
VO: How many universities have you applied?
ME: I said name of all the three universities which i have applied.
VO: Again he asked among all the three universities why you have chosen this university?
ME: I was confused and I don’t know what to say. I thought for liked 5 sec and said the answer. I cannot repeat the same answer which I Had told before.

After that ,

VO: looked at me and said I have approved your visa, please go to cash counter and pay $200 on the cash counter.
ME: Sure sir.

I was shocked and smiling and don’t know what to say.

I was lost somewhere else and cant believe that my dream came true.

I was unable to count the money and gave it to the person behind the glass.

After paying the money I came back to my sit and sat there.

Their I saw the girl whom I met early . She was sitting left to me and waiting for her turn. Once again I said her don’t worry you will definitely get your visa. Best Of luck.

After few seconds VO called my name and asked me to come to counter no 8.

I went there and he gave me customer receipt of payment and gave me White card and said me come on 25 june after 3 pm to receive your passport. I said thank you sir and have a nice day and came out of the building.

I saw my dad and mom waiting outside the Embassy and I came to them and hugged them.

At that time drop of tear came out of my mom and my eyes. Also my dad was clearing his tear hiding from me and my mom.

Soon I saw the girl whom I met early in the morning , she was also granted her visa but she forgot to take money and came outside to collect money from her parents.

I talked with her and we gave congratulation to both of us. I asked her number and contact address and I went home with my parents .

I just want to say:

All the students who will appear on their interview Please don’t be nervous and give answer confidently looking on the VO eyes. You will definitely get your visa. All the very Best.

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  1. I thought the last part would flash my eye seeing that “We got married, now we are in love or something….blah blahhhh!!! ” 😀

  2. Great man!! You did it. Good to have your experience on this wall. Though the blog should stop giving such indecent titles to the posts for just a few more visitors.

      1. I am sorry to say but your smugness isnt funny anymore. Yo do a great job organizing info for prospective students, but you spoil it all by silly comments.

        1. Avinash – Welcome to world of New Media. Have you heard about Huffington Post. It was a blog and sold for over 20 million. Since, then several sites have come – BusinessInsider, Upworthy. Check Viral Nova. I’m in the business of Internet and content Marketing.

          Think about this title ”

          “After F1 Visa Interview, I Met This Lovely Girl. Dream Came True.”

          Got visa approved – My dream came true.
          He just happened to meet a girl. Combining both is powerful headline.

          1. +1
            Avinash: what’s the big deal with the title being attractive or appealing, people talk about their personal life and girls all the time.

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