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F1 Visa Refused Under 214b – Less than 2 Minuts Interview

> Following post was shared by Luther.

After finishing the formalities, my token number was displayed to go to counter number 24.

The VO was a male and he was quite young .

He approved a family visa for a couple and a kid , and then another student went ahead of me, could not hear what his decision was , finally it was my turn.

VO : how you doing sir?
Me : I am doing fine sir, thank you, how about u?

VO : just fine , pass the documents
Me: passed

VO: so , why you going to US?
Me: For MS in Computer science

VO : which university ? ( he peeped into my I20 and read it)
Me : University of Texas at Arlington

VO : ok , how many universities you applied for?
Me : University of Connecticut , Delaware, IIT chicago and UT Arlington.

VO : OK , can I see your score reports?
ME : sure , passed it to him ( I got 299 in GRE and 96 in TOEFL)

VO : what is your Undergrad GPA
Me : I told I secured 70%

VO : OK , why university of Texas Arlington ?
Me: Sir , for the past two years I have been working in Telecom domain on Network management system. At UT Arlington, there is a dedicated lab for research on security management which falls under network management system , I have had a mail conversation with a professor called Mathew Wright (who heads the lab) and he told me that I can work on his projects with my current experience , so I choose UTA.

While I started saying this he suddenly looked at me , typed something for a while and told ” Sorry I cannot issue your visa at this point of time ” and issued me a white form

I was zapped for few seconds , i didn’t know what to do , I asked him can I know the reason for rejection? He told me to read the form. and he called the next candidate.

In the form he placed a tick mark on two places which says:


  • You do not qualify for a student visa under US immigration law ..bla bla. you do not meet the criteria
  • That you intend to return to India following the completion of your studies “

I in fact had a letter of sabbatical leave from my organization that my leave will be approved for two years, I did not get a chance to tell him all this as he called the next candidate immediately.

I had taken all the property documents to show the family and India ties and I also had print of the email communication with the professor.

What are my chances if I reapply within the next 1 or 2 weeks? I can show the VO my documents and try to convince.



I think you should try again for F1 Visa.


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  1. My visa is rejected twice for University of Texas at Dallas (MSEE) for Fall 2012 at Kolkata consulate. My GRE -299, TOEFL-88, GPA-8.3/10(no backlogs), NIT, 2+yrs of experience.

    In my first VI, I didn’t quite explained my research interests properly. And VO wrongly misunderstood my research interests as some sociology . Later become nervous and blundered.

    In second interview(same consulate), a young male VO took my VI, after learning that this was my second attempt..he started thinking, read before VO comments and left out of cabin..and started discussing with previous VO who was sitting next cabin…then came back with coffee..asked very few formal questions like which all universities u got admits(UTD & RIT) and which all not got admits(Ohio state, TAMU, ISU, ASU) and how did u choose this university ? etc. Then straight away said sorry I can’t approve your visa. I don’t think you are credible student. I explained. But he told apply next time with some profile change.

    So, I am thinking of deferring my admission to spring 2013 and apply again at different consulate preferably Chennai. I am also thinking to apply more universities for Spring 2013 and try to change my university.

    What are your views about my previous VI and what should I do in future? I badly need help as any how I have to join any university this spring and I have already left my job.

  2. Congrats Luther.Waiting for a long time to hear about this.Its a huge burden off your shoulders.After purchasing the ticket make sure to register for pickup from airport and temporary accommodation at Fine Art Society of India website.We will meet soon.Have a great time…Cheers!!!

  3. plz guys help me out …. let me noe wat was my mistake and let me noe if i should try again ?
    or shld i apply for spring?

  4. hey guys its the same which happened with me i had my interview on 16th july 2012 @chennai
    1st attempt
    gre 1050,toefl 86, acads 9.05 no backlogs

    VO: good morning mam how u doing?
    me: morning sir am doing gud how u doing ?
    VO: wats ur acads?
    me : 9.05 cgpa
    VO: any backlogs ?
    me :no
    Vo: do u ve ur gre score card? plz pass it on ?
    me :yes and i passed it on
    VO:so tell me how u came to no abt Southern ILLInois university Edwardsville?
    me: I came to noe abt the university through internet and apart from that my hod mrs rajalkshmi suggested me this university as a great research is going on in the advanced cmputer science technologies like AI and cloud computing which are exactly my fields of interest
    vo: while i was telling this he had an eye contact and i was also pretty confident enough but he was like sorry mam i cannot assure u visa at this point of time please apply again

    1. Do you really know how good your profile is with this CGPA. You have chances to even crack Cornell and CMU with this CG but if you improve your GRE score to like 1250+ (I am not sure about new pattern, so putting score in old pattern).

      See Visa officer sees you have good GPA with no backlogs and then why you did not tried for good University? They classify this situation in two cases:

      1. You have some relative there, even if you say NO, and your intention is to settle.
      2. Your aim is not to study but get some illegal job, etc.

      So my suggestion, in systematic steps:

      1. Retake GRE.
      2. Apply at good places, i am ECE guy so. Would recommend to look into NCSU, USC (Simple and reputed), Cornell, CMU, Virginia Tech (Loads of funding, its my school so i can tell), UF.

      I am not saying this just for your Visa. Even if you get Visa, in long term you will suffer. With this profile, you can do good if you go to good place but would be doomed in wrong place, and will suffer after education.

      So use your intellect, not con seller (Consultants, they are crappy!! I would have never came to VT if i had taken their help).

      All the best!

      1. thanks a lot ya… i still have a doubt ?? if i get a visa in the second attempt can i switch to some nice college after getting into this university… i had no deadlines left so in the last minute i had to apply to such kind of colleges….

  5. Hello,

    I need your urgent assistance. I will be going for my F1 Visa interview on 23rd July. Below is my profile and question:

    My academics:

    Matriculating university: The University of Texas at Dallas
    Course: BS Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Formal School: Sunyani Polytechnic, Ghana
    Course: HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Year of graduation: 2010
    CGPA: 3.28/5 ( Second class upper division)
    TOEFL Score: 79/120
    Work experience: Have been working as a teacher in a private school for the past two years
    Total cost per year ( including tuition, living expenses and health insurance) : $38,475
    Bank statement: I have a good statement from a company who is my sponsor .

    Aside this, I have an invitation letter signed from my sponsor who is in Dallas to cater for room and board and also will be my legal guardian. How will this invitation letter contribute for me getting the F1 visa?

    Is it also necessary for me to get I – 134 form from my sponsor in Dallas?

    If I am asked by the VO why I applied to only school, what will be the ideal answer?

    In my country, HND is not equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. If the VO ask me, “why I applied for a BS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and not Master’s since I already hold an HND in EEE, what will be the ideal answer?

    What are my chances of getting the F1 visa?

    Please advise

    Thank you

  6. University of Texas Ar is a risky university for Visa in few ebassies like delhi and mumbai…

    There had been visa rejection from Univ like CMU, Columbia and NCSU. It is on you to prove how genuine you are…

    Seems to me your GRE score is less and you had not even applied to any good place…70% UG…Why didn’t you tried for NCSU, UMass or Stony brook etc…..They were all moderate choices….

    This makes you look like a potential immigrant.. Also, why this Univ should be precise. Details only if officer asks to explain. Just simple answer, I had worked in telecomm industry with this interest and UT Ar courses suite my requirement.

    1. Well the universities I applied to were not top ones in all the fields , but definitely good in computer science (for my profile)
      The author of this blog studied in UT Arlington .Considering all the posts the author has shared on the benefits of US education , UT Arlington has to be good 🙂

      I shouldn’t have given lengthy explanation for the question why this uni?
      I will try to give a better one next time .

      1. Hmmm..Might be. But i don’t reckon applying in schools like NCSU, Iowa State Univ, University of Southern California (Safe for you, easy to get and highly reputed).

        You applied in all safe schools, which you were bound to get. Times are tough buddy, that time is gone when you took admission in any University, and Visa was assured.

        Visa officer also reject your Visa if they think you are not trying for good schools, you are insisting that you have good profile and keen interest but your efforts does not concur with it. In such a case, if you are only going to these schools, then your Visa is totally on luck.

        I have known people going to Cornell going without financial docs, in complete casual with US flags on it getting Visa approved and people going with full financial docs in colleges like California state Univ getting their Visa rejected.

        You can try again, and by best wishes that you get Visa. But i was just making one point.

        1. @Pacific :

          yes , I got your point.
          Now that I cannot change my schools immediately , let me try my luck one more time . hope I crack it!!

        2. @ pacific, I need ur help. i ave interview on 26 july. Can u tell me ur view if am been asked why dis university. The uni is University of nothern iowa. I need ur response soon. thx

  7. UTA is a good university and ur profile also looks good.
    TRY AGAIN!!! You will definitely crack it next time.
    Bye the way, at which center you applied for the visa interview???

  8. Luther,you should definitely try again.Your profile is good and also there is nothing wrong in your interview.I am also a Fall 2012 applicant and I faced the same problem like u for uta.A junior officer had rejected my visa application and I was told to reapply again.I reapplied after 11 days for a second visa interview and a senior officer took my visa interview.Finally, I am granted a F1 visa.
    Incase you are asked for what changes have been made then mention to the officer that you have proof to show ur ties in India and mention to them about property docs,sabbatical leave docs to strengthen ur cause.

    All the best!!!

    Btw which consulate had you applied for?

      1. Thats a coincidence.All the best.You will get it this time.Try recalling the words that were mentioned by the visa officer when he decided to reject ur visa.It would help you to be focussed and well prepared for the next interview.Also if you get the 12:00 or 12:30 slot then it will be the best slot.All the best!!!

        1. Thanks chinmoy ,
          Before rejecting he asked why UTA and later he told that he cannot issue the visa, he did not say anything else. will be well prepared next time 🙂
          btw why do you feel that 12:00 or 12:30 slot will be the best slot?

          1. Luther,my slot was at 12:30 and reached at 11:55.Around 12:05 we were hurried to enter into the consulate.After security check my token number flashed on the screen immediately for doc and fingerprinting formalities.Had to wait 5 mins for fingerprinting.Then entered the interview bldg and within 15 mins my number flashed on the screen.4 ppl in front of me and their interviews got over within 4 mins and my interview lasted for 40 secs(mayb bcoz its the second time).I came out by 12:25.Around 80% ppl at that time got their visa approved.Well,I am not saying that people for that slot get more visas then regular time but I felt that interviews were quicker and scrutiny was less(depending on circumstances and mayb the comments entered by the officer in the system during the previous interview)

          2. Chinmoy , for the second time, does a senior officail conduct the interview always? and i have read in many places that during the second round of interview mainly 2 questions are asked ,
            1. Whats your undergrad percentage and any backlogs?

            This is just my observation , not sure if it is true!!

          3. Luther,yes this exactly happened to me.he asked my acads and backlogs only and since I had good acads and no backlogs,he granted me visa.Generally another VO of the same level of experience should not be assigned as it might appear derogatory and contradictory to the previous VO if ur visa gets approved.So either the same VO can take ur interview(which is rare) and overrule his decision or a senior can overrule the decision which will not affect professionalism).In my case the earlier VO said while rejecting “You can reapply again.I will not be taking your interview again.It will be taken by a senior counsel…..”.As by rule the VO will reject visa even if there is 1% doubt about you being an immigrant even though the rest 99% would reflect ur excellent academics,good GRE,TOEFL,projects,workex and strong finances/property(common observation for sjsu/uta applicants as they admit huge number of applicants).I feel in your case also you would be assigned a senior official but I can’t guarantee that.It should not be a problem this time as ppl have got their visas approved with GRE scores of 279,280 and as Fall is beginning soon and mostly ppl with rejects will be applying ur chances will be high amongst them.Apply for interview slot at the earliest.

          4. Hello, Pls help me out. if i am been asked why dis university. Can i say dis. I see the university as a goal driven institution, I find there courses interesting especially MIS which is a two diff course right here in Nigera, Management is diff course and Information system is anoda. and also the cost of the sch fit ma dad budget. Pls get back to me i need your help..

          5. @mike : Research more about your university and find out what it has to offer to you which other universities does not offer.
            Why This University ? is a critical question , give a crisp,precise and confident answer.

            All the best!!

          6. @luther, thx for getting back to me i really appreciate. if you are been ask why dis university? what will u say, please i need ur view pls help me out

          7. Mike,
            For “why this university?” your answer should be based on the fact that whatever the university provides is unique and best and is not available in other universities in america.so include the following points:

            1) coursework – give the name of 3 courses that your university provides (refer graduate catalog) and tell the visa officer that u need to do these courses and university provides rigorous and practical exposure in them

            2) faculty and professors – give the name of 2 professors who have international reputation and recognition.

            3) fees – most economical university and affordable tution fees for MIS course.

            If the next question is why not do the same course in Nigeria?

            1) MIS is a unique course with a blend of management and technology course and such course is currently not available in Nigeria.

            2) coursework in US is practical oriented and will help me to learn a lot.

            3) US degree will provide me with lots of opportunities in Nigeria.

            Hope this answers your question.

          8. @Chinmoy. thx for the ans. can u help me. i ave been rejected twice and am going for my third interview next week. can you pls sugguest questions i might face with ans pls. and also am going with a diff sch this time buh the same course MIS. Thx i”ll realli appreciate ur response soon.

          9. Thanks Chinmoy ,
            I have 70 % in my BE without any backlogs , hope even I am asked the same questions 🙂

          10. You have strong academic credentials and I am sure your acads will b the first question in your second interview.Once the visa officer realizes that you have no backlogs then he/she will have no other option but to grant you a visa.Also show that you r not desperate to get a US visa and you will b a successful candidate in ur education in best universities around the world.don’t take it hard.be cool and things will work in your favour.ATB!!!

          11. @ Chinmoy : My visa got approved in the second attempt . thanks a lot for your help , shall meet you in Arlington 🙂

          12. @HSB : Thank you so much 🙂 .
            I have shared my second visa interview experience in a different post.

          13. hi,
            pls help me put with my queries.
            i am in my final year of eng in electronics and communication.
            i hav a avg perc of 80%..(upto my 3 year)..
            planning to apply for graduate program(MS) in electronics and electricals .i hav a gre score of 310 and a tofel score of 105.
            *since i vl be enrolling into MS as soon as i complete my eng .
            i lack any work exp and research .
            vl dis affect my chances of gettin into good universities???
            if yes then shud i apply for ms after i do some research or work for a year or so???
            pls helpppp.

          14. @ Chinmoy Pls help me out. if i am been asked why dis university. Can i say dis. I see the university as a goal driven institution, I find there courses interesting especially MIS which is a two diff course right here in Nigera, Management is diff course and Information system is anoda. and also the cost of the sch fit ma dad budget. Pls get back to me i need your help..

          15. @ mike you r welcome.I understand that u r preparing for ur third attempt.If you can give the script of your first two interviews then we at HSB will b in a better position to understand your situation and provide suggestions.there are some factors for rejection of visa which unfortunately will be rarely disclosed by the visa officer.one factor can be academic capacity for masters(if you bachelors degree scores are less/Toefl/Gre scores are not good),second ur financial condition is not strong,third in case if any of ur relatives are working/settled in US,fourth if the university you have selected is not popular/accredited and if Visa Officer is hearing it for the first time,fifth even if you r excellent academically but don’t know what is ur goal/plans after education/how and why the degree is important/why the same degree cannot be done in ur home country which will b cheaper? So these r the main keypoints based on which visas are being rejected even if one has a genuine intention of pursuing education.So if your visa is being rejected for the above five cases then with some planning and preparation you will be able to give a strong interview and be ascertained of a visa.Try to find the reason why ur visa was getting rejected and you will b fully ready for ur upcoming interview.

          16. @ Chinmoy, thx for writing back. my toefl score is 93, is it dah low?. my first interview i dont think i know why the VO rejected me. but the 2nd the VO after asking questions nd ave given her ans. she nw ask what is the diff between my first interview nd the 2nd one nw. i said nothing. she ask again, as anything change in u? i really dnt understand the question so i said yes and she said what. i said ave been preparing for today. I notice she was not satisfy with the ans. so i said ave been attending classes and went to toefl class. so she check my toefl and said u ave sit for this toefl b4 ur 1st interview nd i said yes. so she type nd said sorry i wont be issuing u the visa. Now in my 3rd if am been ask again what has change in me. can i tell the VO i went to computer training to study the course IT which is will give me alot of advantage over dere since am going to the US to study MIS? I will really appreciate ur response. can u aslo give me ur Facebook name pls, so we can continue talking frm dere. thx

          17. Mike,
            93 in Toefl is a good score and surely that would not have been the reason for ur visa being rejected in the first visa interview.I agree with u that it becomes difficult to know the reason behind the first visa rejection even when you know that you are academically consistent and an achiever.Your second interview went contradictory as you mentioned that you were preparing for Toefl and did not produce new Toefl scores and Officer assumed that u were misleading.This officer would have written in the computer system that you lied to him/her.When you appear for the third interview the officer will scrutinize you more.will definitely ask for changes in ur profile.If you have work experience then the officer might ask for experience letter/identification card.If you mention that you were enhancing your knowledge in latest technology by doing computer related courses then the officer will expect some form of certificate/diploma to prove whatever you are telling is the truth.In short the officer will focus on physical or solid evidence/proof.So would suggest to take caution and weigh ur options wisely.
            Well,you can find me in Facebook with the same name I have provided here.Luther is in my friends list too.Other than that won’t b able to disclose my details here due to confidentiality issues.

    1. Hi Chinmoy…Thanks for your input.. I was rejected under 214(b) as well and I appear for a second round interview in a week. I am prepared to show strong evidences that should help me establish strong ties with my home country. But when do I present thse documents in the interview, given that it is just 3 minutes? Do I pass it with my I-20 and passport? What do you think?


  9. Surprising man. UT Arlington isnt a bad uni……its not piece of shit rubbish uni of kansas or some stupid useless uni these loser Indian IT guys go to for MS in comp sci only to get away from India. And you were actually nice to the VO and quite professional about it unlike the losers who go begging like dogs. Its actually a pretty decent uni. I hope you get it on your next attempt.

    1. Hey oversmart guy,
      do you know anything about University of Kansas, its history and its reputation? Think before name calling or some day you may be mentioned as ‘rubbish’ by some one.

  10. am sorry to hear about your visa refusal but i would like to give you some advice.
    I read your interview and i think what killed your interview was the fact that you ssaid that the professor said that you could “WORK” on his projects……….

    1. yes , I realized that .
      I shouldn’t have mentioned the word “WORK”
      instead should have told that I want to study courses under him .

    2. Hi, Pls help me out. if i am been asked why dis university. Can i say dis. I see the university as a goal driven institution, I find there courses interesting especially MIS which is a two diff course right here in Nigera, Management is diff course and Information system is anoda. and also the cost of the sch fit ma dad budget. Pls get back to me i need your help..

  11. Your statement,”I can work on his projects with my current experience” might sound that you are more willing to work than study. Never the less try again.
    Best Wishes

  12. Try again bro…hope u will get the visa next time nd try to convince the vo that you are a bona fide student..best of luck.

  13. I think you better apply again as soon as possible coz next before the VO starts of his questions just request him/her to hear you out about your 2 year leave. but be polite and do not argue. But at last its your decision and this is just a suggestion.

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