f1 visa for high school interview experience
F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview for Attending High School in USA (& 5 Lessons Learned)

I found F1 Visa for High School interview experience while digging the archives for unpublished articles, experiences shared by readers.

I didn’t realize, I missed this F1 Visa interview for High School. This student’s interview and lessons learned is going to take you for a ride for several reasons, which I have discussed at the end of this article.

F1 Visa for High School

I had an interview at the consulate in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I had already applied to a high school named Oneida Baptist Institute in the state of Kentucky.

My dad had previously been married to an American citizen, and she had filed an immigrant petition for me. Unfortunately, they were divorced, and afterwards she simply canceled my immigrant case.

When I filed the F1 Visa non-immigrant visa application DS-160 on the Internet, I stated that no one had ever filed an immigrant petition on my behalf. When the day of the appointment finally arrived, I went to the embassy.

Here is the F1 Visa for High School interview I had:

Vo: “Can you speak English, or do you need an Interpreter?”
Me: “I am good to go with English.”

Vo: “Are you sure?”
Me: “Yes.”

Vo: “Who is xyz?” (The woman who had filed the immigrant petition)
(I was very scared upon hearing the question, due to the reasons I stated above, but my facial expression was still smiley and straight.)
Me: “I told the truth.” ( I thought she would ask me why I lied on the DS-160, but instead she continued.)

Vo: “Is your father in the U.S.?”
Me: “No.”

Vo: “Why this school?”
Me: “Because in addition to the education, they also teach to serve in the Minaret of god, and share the testimonials from the alumni.”

Vo: “Is your dad paying for the school?”
Me: “Sure.”

Vo: “What does your father do?”
Me: “He is the owner of a mechanical workshop.”

Vo: “Show me some proof.”
I handed her his license registration.

Vo: “Hand me that document, please.” (She meant the bank statement)
I gave it to her, along with the prepaid school year receipt.

Vo: “Are there any transcripts?”
Me: I showed her my grade 9 and 10 scores.

Vo: “What do you want to be in the future?”
Me:”A neurologist.”

Vo: “Do you think you will go to medical school in the U.S.?”

Vo: “Where do you want to work?”
Me: “Here in my country.”

Vo:  “I am issuing you a visa that will take 5-7 days to be ready to pick up at the courier.”

The only way to win the F1 Visa interview is:

  1. To be confident
  2. Give straight answers
  3. Don’t get mad at the VO
  4. Don’t elaborate unless needed
  5. Don’t hand over lots of documents unless asked

They will consider your story to be true if you don’t hand over your document at once. If you did that, it would implicate that you were lying.

Finally, smile and try not to show that you are eager to go to the United States.

I wish you the best of luck.

Following F1 Student Visa Interview experience was shared by Kabinad M.

Why Kabinad Got His F1 Visa for High School?

The level of maturity in his answers and understanding of the F1 Visa Interview process is outstanding.

Just re-read the tips he gave after the interview experience. He could be shivering within, but keeping a smile on the face and performing under such pressure shows, he’s got a bright future ahead.

I wish every student walking to the interview window to attend the student visa would have such composure.

“Don’t elaborate unless needed.”

Above words speak volumes about the degree of preparation and effort invested to get ready for the interview. Not to stress that he’s going to attend High School (11th Grade) in America.

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