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F1 Visa Interview : I Was Shocked

f1 visa interview fall 2013Guest Post : U.S F1 Visa interview experience by Rohit Pujar.

I had my OFC on Sunday,12th at 4.30 pm and my F1 Visa Interview on Monday,7.30 am. 3 of us were traveling together, for same university.

We traveled through train, reached Chennai at 7.30 morning and went to Crystal residency, which is just next to the consulate. If you cross the subway,you’ll be standing in the visa queue.


One of my friend had his OFC at 2.30, but two of us had at 4.30. However,we all went at same time and reached the OFC center at 2. Surprisingly we all were allowed inside at 2 only and by 2.10 we were done with OFC,it was very smooth. They just take your photograph and your fingerprints.

Came back to room,watched IPL match, and later went through some VI experiences and discussed some possible questions, and recollected all the process that’s been going on!

Slept at around 12 , and woke up at 5.30, got ready by 6.15 and walked to Saravana Bhavan to have breakfast. It started pouring in Chennai (yes,it did) and we felt like it was Snowing at Chennai 😛

Went to the consulate only to discover a big queue!! :O

Went through initial checks and were allowed inside. Some token number was sticked to our passport and when the token flashes in the LCD, you need to go to the counter as displayed.

Fingerprints were taken and I was directed to the Visa lounge!!!

Took quiet some energy to open the metal door 😛 ,entered inside, and again lot many people were standing. There were many counters,and I was able to see the interviews going.

Almost all were being granted visa except from the lady at counter no 22. She was too strict and asking too many questions! 2 of them got rejected. I was just praying that I should get any of the counters except counter no 22!
As they say,no one can deny the inevitable,and there it was, my no. flashed, and it was counter no 22!!!

I just decided to be cool,and that everything is going to be alrite. She was strict,but didn’t deny visa’s to everyone,except to those who put efforts to get rejected, were being rejected! (answering unnecessarily,not being to the point, etc etc)

F1 Visa Interview Fall 2013 – UTD

And then came my turn, this is how my visa interview went.

Me : Good Morning Mam, How are you doing?

VO : Fine, Please pass me your documents (What’s wrong with this lady,she didn’t wish back :O)

Me : Passed the documents

VO : So why this university?

Me : It has a interesting research oriented Master’s program and a very flexible coursework. I’m excited I will be able to take courses such as Database architecture and
Data Mining, which happens to be in tune with my academic interests. Also it has a specialized.. (interuppted me)

VO : So you’re interested in course work?

Me : Yes mam

VO : So who is funding your education?

Me : My father mam

VO : What does he do?

Me : Told

VO : What is his annual income?

ME : His annual income is XXX lakhs.

VO : Do you have any other savings?

Me : yes mam, we have XXX laks in SB and XXX laks in FD, Moreover I’m secured with a bank loan worth 30 lakhs

VO : (Surprised) Which bank?

Me : State bank of India

VO : When did you complete your under-graduation?

Me : June 2012

VO : What was your undergraduate percentage?

Me : (I didn’t hear this properly and assumed she asked my UG major) Computer science mam

VO : Please answer to the point. I asked you your UG percentage,it should be in numbers

Me : (I was shocked) Sorry mam,and I had a CGPA of 7.26.

VO : Congratulations, I’m approving your visa, have a happy stay at the United States.

Me : Thanked her, and she smiled!

Came outside lounge, pushed the metal door a couple of times, and something started beeping! :O

Security came and scolded me saying ‘Can’t you see exit is over there’ 😀
I went to the wrong door out of happiness!! 🙂

Some pointers :

  1. Just be cool and confident.
  2. Do not assume questions if you don’t hear properly, you can always have the question repeated to you.
  3. Be prepared with the answers,but don’t sound rehearsed. Pause a little after a question is asked by the VO.

Hope for the best,be prepared for the worst.

This is my F1 Visa Interview Fall 2013 for UTD. All the best 🙂


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