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F1 and F2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers – Fall 2013

f1 f2 visa interview questionsThis is my second time applying for student visa. The first time I went to the US for a Masters for two years and came back promptly after finishing my course. Ever since I have been working. However I know want to purse a PhD in for which I have a fellowship in a top ranked school in the USA.

In addition I do have ample travel history to other countries mostly for tourism. This time I applied with my wife (we got married four years ago) who also have good tourist history to many countries including the US before getting married.

Hence we reached the embassy around 6:15am, got into the shuttle for the diplomatic enclave and reached the embassy around 7:30am. Here amid a lot of security we gave our bio metrics and were allotted a ticket number. We took our waiting room seats and waited for our turn. While there are windows all around the waiting area still you cannot specifically listen in on any conversations.

However I noticed that most student visas seemed to be approved. Eventually after waiting for about two hours our turn came and we approached the window. The VO throughout our interview just spoke to us while looking straight at me and didn’t type anything the whole time.

F1 and F2 Visa Interview Questions

VO: Good morning (young nice mannered fellow)
ME: Said
then he asked my wife who told hers aswell

VO: how long you have been married
ME: told

VO: where are you going and for what
ME: Told that I am going for a Phd at XXX university

VO: what about your finances
ME: I am fully covered and our savings will be used for support of my wife

VO: what about your living
ME: I am in touch with on campus housing

VO: tell me about your research in masters
ME: todl (although he seemed knowledgeable since he started questioning what I did in it and what was the result. And how i proved the hypothesis i was working on, all technical stuff. In addition all throughout we talked with eyes locked with each other. And ofcourse i knew my research inside and out so i aced it).

VO: what will you work on in ur PHD
ME: told that it would be the same (he seemed happy)

VO: give me a minute (this is the first time he turned back to his computer and typed for wat seemed like an eternity but in reality was about 30 secs long).

VO: Ok both of your visas are approved you can expect a call in a weeks time.

we both thanked him and stepped away and out. Then we went and had a very lavish English breakfast at a local restaurant.

All in all the interview took about 3 mins. My visa was stamped the same day and delivered the next.

While my wife’s was put on administrative processing but was also issued 3 days later (less than a weeks time after the interview). We thanked out lord for his kindness.

I will say the following as advise:

  1. Be very well prepared. I took print outs of everything and made a file for it. Although we weren’t asked for even one document it helps to keep them there.
  2. Know what ever you have filled in your DS160 form, even if someone else fills it for you. You should know what’s in it.
  3. Dress like a student, don’t over do it or under do it. I wore a clean shirt and trousers with proper shoes and my wife wore a decent shalwar suit with ok amount of makeup. You shouldn’t look like a beggar nor like a king. Be yourself but be formal.
  4. Be patient and try not to be overly giggly or overly extrovert. Please await your turn and know that it will come. Be respective of them in order to receive respect. Don’t get annoyed or worked up about anything.   Lastly be confident. I believe that if you have done your research, made your papers, are not lying about anything, have clear goals, then the confidence shall come through on its own.

I think that waiting for about 2 hours really calmed my nerves and I think i was able to give a more composed interview in comparison to if I were interviewed right away. But that’s just me. I am a shy person by nature.  Anyways good luck to you all people.

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  1. Hello sir, please I want to apply for F1 and f2 visas for myself and my daughter as I have received 1-20. But am confused because my husband wants to apply for B1 visa and he wants us to go for the interview together. Kindly advise me

  2. Hi,
    My case is quite complicated.I married on February3, 2016. I had started my processing for F1 on January 2016 and mentioned my status as unmarried. After marriage, my husband started his processing in F1. he got his I20 on Feb 11 and I got my on Feb 23. As my processing had begun before, to maintain consistency I wrote unmarried on DS 160. My husband started wrote married on DS 160 as he had not mentioned about the martial status before. My husband’s visa was accepted and he went USA on 19 April 2016 but mine was rejected twice. Now my husband is under CPT and I am planning to apply for F2. Will there be any problem? Will the VO ask me about my previous apply? What type of questions am I likely to be asked? What is the chance of my visa being apporved? What can I do to be with him as we had spend only around 2 months together after marriage and I want to be with him?

    Please answer my query. I am in great trouble.

  3. My fiancĂ© is on f1.I am planning to apply for f2 immediately after our marriage. His employer had applied for his h1 but it didn’t get picked up. He has only 8 months left in his opt including extension. He has a respectable job. What are the chances of f2 being accepted and what criteria should we keep in mind?

  4. HI,
    i am snigdha,i am geeting married in coming march 2014 and my husband is at CHICAGO(U.S.A).so i am planning to go there on F2 Visa and my husband is on OPT and his OPT Expires on july 2014.so,i am feeling bit tensed regarding the Interview.so,please answer few of my below questions and help me and let me know theconvincing
    way of answering to the VO .please help me.
    1.Your spouse’s OPT is expiring soon, cant you wait for few more months? (If OPT expiring)
    2.Why are you leaving your current job? (If you are working)
    3. Are you going to study in the US?
    4. What will you do in your spare time in the US?
    5.How would you fund your stay in the US?

  5. Hi, I am currently on F2 visa. I was just wondering how your wife was able to deal with life while waiting for you to finish since F2 cannot work or study. I mean what are the things she do, I am really starting to get bored now.

  6. Hello sir,
    SIR I completed my bechlor of computer application degree from (IGNOU) which is a distance letaning college..i complete my bechlor with 56 percentage.and I want to study masters in usa.but us universities requirment is 12 plus 4 with regular..but I did not study in regular college and also 12 plus thee..and my GRE score is 295 and IELTS score is 6 band.and I want to apply in spring 2014..so plzz sir suggest me which us state university admision me with this profile..without prerequisites I will take direct admission in masters..i m so confused sir hope u rply soon..

  7. hi raghu,this is deva actually i hav small confirmation about,recently i hav completed my graduate, i hav one arrer which i need to take that exam in november 2013,but i am planning to go for a this spring, is it possible to go, and wen i should start the process and i hav taken gre exam 289 i got,yet to take ielts exam..can u plzz suggest me a solution….
    thanku u

  8. hie ragh i need help wit my visa interview. i got admitted at a community cllege .is it ok to say i choose cmmnty cllege because of low tuition?

  9. I need your advice I have been grant an admission to a college in usa and not yet get my F1-20 till date. Meanwhile the school will resume august 26. Will I be able to meet up the resumption date. Since I still need to go for interview. Thanks

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