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F1 Visa Rejected for Bachelors in Business Administration

Yesterday I had my visa interview and I got rejected ( for BBA)

Reason given 214 (b) but let me tell you this can’t be true because believe it or not I do not have a single family member living in USA or even anywhere outside my home country.

Plus, We have a family business that earns 4.5 million per annum and I also have proper documents to proof it along with the bank-statement. The VO didn’t even look at those documents she just took out my I-20, Fee Recipt, admission letter and asked me few questions.
Here is my student F1 interview experience

Me: Hi mam How are you doing?
VO: So how long have you been working and for whom?

Me: I have been working for 3 years along with my brother who runs our family business of construction materials.

VO: what is your highest degree?
Me: Intermediate (She didn’t look at my transcripts though I have good grades)

VO: what Year did you graduate from High School?
Me: 2007

VO: what made you continue your education now?
Me: We are looking to expand our business and being an intermediate I find myself limited in my skills and knowledge so I decided once I pursue my BBA I will have better skills and knowledge to look after it with my brother

VO: (Again with a twisted question I believe) What were you doing from 2007 to 2009?
Me: Mam in 2007 I completed my intermediate then I have been working since 2008 till now.

VO: (Signs the letter and says) Sorry you are not eligible to travel to USA right now.
Me: THank You Mam.

The letter stated I am denied under section 214 (B). But my all family members are here in my home country and I have a big business going on here then why this reason? She didn’t even look at those letters from my brother?

Should I reapply? I am not sure because nothing has changed in my case..but I think I wasn’t given a fair chance and I can say in 2nd interview that The reason said I do not have social and economic ties, but i think I wasn’t given fair chance to proof it because all my family members are here in pakistan and we also have a family business running here for more than 20 years…
Please comment HSB and other followers please…

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  1. I don’t know if anyone still reads these but I really need some help.

    My interview is next monday, and i come from a poor family. We don’t have much money, and the school i’m going to isn’ even well known. However my dad did get a job as of like 2 or 3 months ago and gets paid fairly well, but we still don’t have the needed moeny to pay for tuition in a bank. Can I just use a letter from my dad’s employer to say he will get paid a said amount?

    And i’m having a very had time showing i don’t have an intent to live in the USA because i’m only 17, yet i lived in the USA for 15 years. ( i was on a tourist visa, but i’m a dependent so i don’t get in trouble for it). Can someone please tell me there’s SOME chance i’ll pass? I have no idea what else to do.

  2. Hi, i like to know my chances when i go back to the VO. The 1st time i went, i was nervous that i said i applied to 2 school which i didn’t. I later check the school up on net and notice they don’t offer my course. Pls get back to me. Its an F1 visa

  3. Well, all the fuss about going to the US.. why not consider studying in Australia, New Zealand, UK or Canada? It would be much easier for you to apply from there on to American Universities. All that the Americans are worried about is the background for security reasons – it may sound stupid to you but the US Federal Govt has become very strict. Their suspicion is raised further by your dropping out after inter and having sufficient funds at the same time!! You can do BBA in NZ or Australia and apply for MBA in US Universities – it would be very simple that way. Persistently going to the US Consul will cause more harm to your chances of going abroad – the VO might ask point blank why only the US? and you would be in a mess trying to answer that question.

  4. please as a transfer student from nigeria to Usa University , will they indicate it on my 1-20 to show the V-O i have been in the university , here in nigeria and also please i have been denied for an assoiiate degree 3 times the last time the VO told why dont i aplly to a university .. what can i do please coz i left high school since 2003 and i no they wiill emphasize on that been a long time what i can do please , i need good advisory

    thank u people

  5. Hi…!
    My visa rejected twice , i had booked one emergency and regular slots I want to attend the visa for 3rd time “can i apply”, if i can? how many days i should give gap for next interview? and can i take appointment by keeping attended visa interview once because i feel emergency and regular dates are different . Help me my college starts at 15-8-2011.

  6. hi brother.I am doing my Bachelors on Electronics in The USA.It is clearly known Y u r rejected.I also applied for Bachelors degree to The USA and first time I rejected because I just said I will use my OPT after my Education.If we are applying for F-1 visa our intention should be studies but not on work.Better convert your answers into education mode.The consulate should trust your going to US to get good education. Don’t say what you will do after your studies.I hope you will do better next time.

    1. Hello,
      did you apply again? did you get acceptance brother? Brother I said I will be able to get higher authoritative position in my family business only…in my home country…

  7. my F1 visa was rejected 13 July in Dhaka. The Cause was 214b. My Academics results were all first class and IELTS 6.5. VO did not see any of my documents. He asked few question about the University where I was intend to go and then he gave a paper…………I did not understand the selection procedure of 214b. How can they be sure about this 214b.my intension was clear and come back to BD.I have one brother(works in kuwait) and one sister(both married and Older than me) My father have a successful business in Dhaka. I am a Leather Technologist and I applied for MBA. How can the VO say that I will noy come back to Bangladesh?????????????Bullshit American System……

      1. I applied for Lincoln University. They didn’t give me any solid reason for rejection. Its 214b. How can I proceed again???

  8. Well, a gap of 2 years after intermediate isn’t exactly one expects from anybody who has desire do what ever (SOP). A person drops out of studies for two years and suddenly decides that US is the place to pursue BBA is immediately a suspect – trying to sneak into the US for residence and a business of 4-5 million isn’t a guarantee that you will come back. Try to do some course which is relevant to your business along with working with your brother and apply again with proper SOP.

  9. U would have just go striaght to the point.that u have been working for ur family company 2 earn good money for ur school.the reason why she don’t give u the visa becouse u are bitting around the bush.next time go straight to the point.

  10. Usually, people work after completing their Bachelor’s degree, not straight out of high school, at least in these parts of the world. What university are you suppose to go to?

  11. plus any one recommend any change or alteration in my answers??? please guys i have to reapply soon… πŸ™ thanks..

    1. Your answer to what were you doing between 2007-2009 was suspect; you could have said that your brother could not cope up with the increasing pressure and you had to jump in sacrificing studies. At the same time you should have been doing some kind of course relevant to your business. The VO can’t be taken for a ride (and they are impartial) by some story or facts or emotion. Prepare yourself again; join some distance learning program at least and apply again with a proper SOP. History shows them that those who do bachelor’s in US never ever come back quite simply because they have to stay there for 3-4 years for Bachelor’s and then they apply immediately for Master’s. After 5 years they apply for resident status….. You have to do a lot of thinking before applying again. It won’t be easy to justify 2 year break in studies.

      1. Hello mate. First of all thank you so much for responding. “your brother could not cope up with the increasing pressure and you had to jump in sacrificing studies” I loved this part and makes sense and trust me this is exactly the reason that I started working but she never asked this but asked why did you decide to study now? As far as the relevant course is concerned, I did a 2 year bachelors in commerce program meanwhile working with my brother but I did not show it because my result was not announced. But, today my mark sheet has arrived into the institute and i can get it. Should I tell them that I have completed that program meanwhile working with my brother and I am showing it now because my result is just announced?
        what answers should I change…? and anything more you would recommended?

      2. Good. You sure know how to mess up things. Now just tell me what prevented you from mentioning that your result or mark sheet was awaited? Now prepare a proper file and keep in mind that VO’s job is ensure that those moving to US for studies should return back after their studies. Do some computer course of one year duration and appear for interview – if you jump in quickly you risk the chance of having your passport stamped – entry banned for 10 years. In your application show your studies and the highest degree in parallel with work experience. Prepare a good SOP. Best of Luck.

        1. Hello,
          Actually, many people I consulted told me that if I show my bachelors result in waiting, they would ask why didn’t I apply for transfer admission as the transfer admission is a really hectic task. So, that’s why I avoided it. Should I present my mark sheet of this degree now and tell them that the result just announced?
          Plus, if they ask why did I hide..should I say that I didn’t hide its just that I didn’t complete the course so I thought I am qualified as intermediate only. I am going to reapply in this month and if I get a rejection again, then I will complete my masters here and then apply after 2 years.

    2. When you are asked – how come you decided to study now – just reply that you are financially stable now compared to two years ago.

      1. brother how can I say that? First, it is not true. Second, my family is making 4.5 Million/ Annum so how can’t I be able to afford the studies 2 3 years ago? Shouldn’t I say that with a Business degree, I can bring new ideas into the business and take it to the next step and gain better skills and knowledge to make my business perform better.

  12. Sorry for that,
    u are denied simply bcus u didnt explain ur achievement after completing ur bachelor degree frm 2007 till now.
    U can reaply,and improve ur preparation.

    1. brother achievements as in? and I haven’t completed my bachelors yet..I am going to do bachelors in USA…I have completed my intermediate only…and if u mean I did not tell my achievements after intermediate from 2007 till now? then I told her..that I have been working in my family business with my brother.. I was so much prepared πŸ™ i had each and every question prepared… πŸ™ what are my chances for 2nd time? I am so heart broken and nervous because ihve heard that one rejection follows another rejection….
      If I reapply…what change should I tell the VO? or should I simply say that “Sir, I wasn’t given a proper chance to proof my social and economic ties..which was the reason for my rejection. as for social ties..my whole family is here in my country..and as for economic ties we have a strong business running since ages..” please comment..

    1. why is that? we are looking to expand our business locally ofcourse..not internationally that may have given any indication of potential immigrant….

      1. ya u should never use this term ” business , profit ” etc instead say i want to pursue this course as i want to learn more ( always prefer saying academic or research base reason to pursue higher education ).

          1. You should tell them that with a Business degree, you can bring new ideas into the business and take it to the next step.

          2. oh that’s a nice answer…I will surely add this..but do you think I should say those words again that being intermediate i am not able to take higher authority in my family business and once I gain knowledge and skill with BBA I will be able to work as the higher authoritative as well..?
            what about the other part..do you think the other answers are well?? please reply πŸ™

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