update ds160 form after submission

Mistakes in DS-160 Visa Application Form. How to Make Changes in DS-160?

Applicants applying for the US visa are required to submit the DS-160 online application form. For first time applicants, it may take over two hours to complete and submit the information.

It’s possible you may not have all the required information with you at the time of filling the form. And it’s possible for applicants to enter incorrect information or totally missed some details.

If the DS-160 form has mistakes or requires correction, would it be possible to update the information once DS160 form is submitted and visa appointment is scheduled? That’s what the following US visa applicant wants to know.

I wanted to ask that if I filled out the DS-160 form wrongly and fill out a new one before getting scheduled for an interview will the previous application code and its information still be known to the VO.

Will he compare the changes in both the DS160 forms or does the previous application code becomes useless if the new one is submitted along with the fees? Also does the VO know anything other than the info we have mentioned?

Also, I would like to say that I have forgotten what I wrote in the intended length of stay, although surely I did not write the I-20 one now what should I do?

Visa application process varies with U.S. Embassy and U.S. consulates around the world. But, before Visa interview appointment can be scheduled, DS-160 should be completed and submitted online.

Here’s the general overview of the process:

  • Fill online non-immigration visa application form DS-160
  • Submit the form and get DS-160 confirmation with a barcode
  • Schedule Visa interview appointment at the Consulate of your choice
  • Attend the visa interview
  • Consular Officers would have access to the form you submitted.

Changes in DS-160 Form

I have to assume that Consulates will have access to every DS-160 form you have submitted in the past. During the visa interview, Consular Officers have asked applicants why they have submitted multiple DS160 applications.

But, the question is would the Visa offer refer to the previous form?

Yes, they could verify what’s the difference between two forms and why did you change the information.

Some changes are trivial and others are significant. In either case, please make sure you have the accurate information in the DS-160. 

Here’s another question:

Please my DS-160 form was wrongly filled where I was ask “Is your father in US” The print out showed YES. Same to my mother. I thought I filled NO. Please what can I do to correct this submitted application? I have already schedule my interview date. Please help me urgently. I don’t want to loose the conference scholarship opportunity I have been praying for all these years. Thank you sir for your prompt response.

Comparing the impact of the mistakes between “Intended Lenght of the Stay” and “Is your Father and Mother in the US”, the second one would have a major effect on the outcome of the interview.

How to Change or Update DS-160 Form

If there are corrections to be made to DS-160, please do it before the interview.

There are instances when a student submitted DS-160, booked visa interview then realized the mistake in DS-160.

I have read experience where VO officer asked the candidate to correct the DS-160 during the interview when paper-based application form was used.

With online DS-160 form, you would have to resubmit the DS-160 form. There’s no way to correct the data once the DS-160 is submitted.

Biometrics and Interview Scheduled

What to do, if the biometrics and interview were scheduled using the confirmation number from DS-160 and you are going to submit the new DS-160 form?

At the time of biometrics, let the staff know about the new DS-160. And you can let the VO know at the time of your visa interview.

How to Fill DS-160 Form to Avoid Mistakes

  • Refer to this Step by Step DS-160 Guide
  • Save a copy of the form as you complete one page
  • Download the encrypted form as you make progress
  • Don’t submit the data without verifying the information
  • If an agent is completing the form, you should sit next to them while they enter the data
  • You are responsible for the accuracy of the information in DS-160
  • If you make mistakes, then you have to resubmit the form.

Also, download the pdf copy of the submitted form and recheck the values and entries. Save the pdf file for future reference. It will be easy to submit some details for your next interview if you have this copy.