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F1 Visa Experience Mumbai: Good and Bad Luck

F1 Visa Mumbai Consulate Interview Experience.

I graduated in Pharmacy in Sept 2010 and gave my GRE and TOEFL in Jan. GRE 1090 (q 750, v 340) and toefl 84.

I applied to 7 universities (4 for MS in pharmaceutical sciences and 3 for MS in biotechnology). By may end, i got 6 rejections from university with no acceptance. So i prepared hard for my MPharm entrance and LUCKILY got M Pharm (ceutics) on merit in top university in Mumbai.I paid my fees on 29th June and then got last admit from university of houston on 30th may.(Good Luck)

I thought hard and finaly decided to cancel m pharm admission and try for houston (As Texas being cheap than other us universities). I had USA visa interview on 18th July.

This was how it went: My F1 visa Interview Experience.

F1 Visa Mumbai Interview

VO: y usa?
Me: to pursue masters in biotechnology

VO: which universities u applied?
Me: university of houston clear lake (uhcl)
Northeastern uni
St johns uni
western uni of health science
university of montana
rhode island uni .

VO: y uhcl?
ME: i choose to study in uhcl as its one of the best biotechnology universities of the world. It has excellent curriculum and core and elective subjects to choose from. I wanted to pursue Molecular biotechnology as it has (than i didn’t make i contact with him) subject like immunology, enzymonoly and genomes which interest me.
(he still waited for me to reply further)
(i continued…). University of houston also has some good labs and interesting ongoing projects like (gave examples)
(He started collecting all documents, i thought i made it, but at end he asked)

VO: who is ur sponsor?
ME: My father is my sponsor (waited for 1 second) along with my mother and uncle.

VO: well, due to some reasons, we can’t grant u visa. the reason is stated in this (the letter having 214b rejection). afterwards u have a look at it.
(i collected the documents)

VO: have a nice day

Well, I didn’t know afterwards what i said or how i reacted but i think i just smiled and went outside the cubile. BAD LUCK

I am again planning to give. Please comment and help me what improvements should I make.

Reason for Rejection

I think reason for your F1 Visa rejection can be found within your with your answers to questions.

  • If Your Visa is Rejected Don’t blame Visa Officer


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  1. You caused the visa refusal yourself,when VO ask,why usa?you dont nid only to mention ur discipline,but the quality,unique information about usa on your course,u nid to explain.
    Wish u best of luck.

  2. geez,really sorry to hear that buddy. Im guessing the main reason was the financial side.the visa officer might have noted your hesitation when he asked about your sponsors. Perhaps a little more confidence would have done the trick. I suggest you give it another shot! all the best.

    1. Agreed….!

      Apart from that the reply what i gave when VO asked me was

      y USA?
      I have prefrred US because it way ahead in terms of technology. and the programs offered there more flexible and research oriented.

      My visa was approved.

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