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FSU for MS Computational Science for Fall 2012 – F1 Visa Experience

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Hi everyone..My name is Kushal Venkatesh, am from INDIA. I have been admitted for FSU for MS Computational Science for fall 2012 and I just got my VISA sanctioned on 24th May 2012.

Got my passport on 30th, I waited to get my passport in hand before I post this…( as I had read in HSB that though a student got OK from VO his case became 221g after that.. I was scared of this).

Kansas State University – J1 Visa Interview Approved in 30 Seconds

I had prepared all the relevant documents for the VI. I had prepared for so many questions and so many documents but she just asked me few basic questions and said that I was sanctioned the VISA….I really could not believe myself that I got it so quickly…hardly a minute..

My interview went about like this…

  1. She asked me as to what I was doing currently and I replied saying I am presently unemployed.
  2. She asked me which university did I graduate and I told her I graduated from Visvesvaraya Technological University.
  3. She asked me what was my undergraduate Gpa and I told her 3.54/4.
  4. She asked me my GRE and TOEFL score reports and I handed it over to her.
  5. She asked me Florida State University.. Right? .. by seeing the I20 which I had already handed over to her and I said yes…then ….(while she was typing something)… I told her that based on my performance in my under graduation, my professor recommended me to apply for this subject in US.

She said my VISA was sanctioned and it will reach me within a week time.

Please note that I was dressed up professionally, was confident and was smiling while answering to the VO.
I can say God was with me today and luck was by my side. Please do your home work well by preparing all the relevant documents and be ready to answer any question and definitely luck will be with you.

Dear readers, NO need to go to any agent for mock interviews.

If at all you need relevant answers just put up your mock interview with the answers you feel right on “HSB” SURELY U will get good responses. prepare in front of for family or friends you will surely succeed.

I profusely thank HSB for my success.

Thank you,

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  1. hello,
    please help me,
    I did my bachelors in physiotherapy 2009, i got admission in tuskegee university with graduate teaching assistantship for august 2012.I have 2 yrs of experience in physiotherapy.
    , i was not granted visa 2 times under section 214b.2nd time VO told me not have major change in my application .I want to ask what type of major change they want.what should i do for 3rd time.I loose my confidence very much.I am planning to apply to H1B visa.Is this ok to apply.please guide me.

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