F1 Visa Stamping Denied – Illinois Institute of Technology

This blog post is second visa interview attempt by Puneet. Read his 1st F1 Visa Stamping Experience before reading this article.

Second  F1 Visa appointment

Me: Hello sir, How r u..
VO: Fine, Where are you going?
Me: Illinois Institute of Technology

VO: Why IIT?
Me: The courses required for MS in mechanical Engineering are very much related to what have i done in my undergrads, there are subjects like thermodynamics, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, mechanics of materials that i’ve already studied, so definitely it will be a plus point and also its faculty is very good and student to faculty ratio is 10:1 that is highly favorable.

VO: Are you working somewhere?
Me: Yes, I’m working in Vimtech infrastructure pvt ltd as a technical supervisor.

VO: What is your percentage?
Me: Sir we have a grading system in our university and different weightage is assigned to each grade and weighted mean is calculated that is called as CPI ie cumulative percentage index and i’ve a cpi 6.3/10.

VO: That is a quite low.
Me: No sir, there is a formula given at the back of marksheet which calculates my %age as 64.2

VO: Show me your marksheets.
Me: Sure

VO: Do u have any backlogs?
Me: No, Sir
VO: You have a lot of C grades.(He returned my documents back and said)
VO: You need to prove that u r a credible student.

GRE: 1330( Q770;V560) TOEFL 96 University: Illinois Institute Of Technology

There’s one more thing that I need to tell you that I have got around 16 backlogs in my undergrads, but i’ve cleared them all and they are not reflected in my marksheets but the year mentioned in my marksheets is of when i clear all papers of a particular semester.

Can it be a problem?

What should I do now?

Should i reapply for a US VISA as my joining date as per my I20 is 23 August. Kindly suggest me something.

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