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I Lied During Student Visa Interview – F1 Visa Denial

Q&A – I lied during previous student F1 Visa interview. Not sure if the main reasons for F1 visa denial was because of lying.

Planning to attend the interview for the third time for Fall 2012.

You can read 100’s of previous F1 Visa interview experience in the above link.

F1 Visa Interview and Lies

I have attended twice for the F1 Visa interview, that was on july 2010.

I have 2 years of work experience in software.

Now I’m planning for the third time for August intake.

On first interview the visa officer asked me about the graduation percentage. I have given correct answer on that interview.

But on the 2nd interview I increased my percentage and said wrong.

Friends please suggest me the answers what answer should i give if visa officer asks me same question for third time.

You are asking what answer should you give for academic percentage during third F1 visa interview.

  • In first place who asked you to lie and increase your academic percentage?
  • Did you care to ask anyone before deciding to increase your percentage?
  • Did you think about the consequence if you were caught lying?
  • You could have done a huge favor to yourself, if you had asked “I’m planning to lie during my visa interview, should I lie?”

Recently in US Consulate in Hyderabad, they have introduced H1B Beneficiary attestation document. In that you will see an important sentence

I understand that any false, knowingly incorrect, or misleading statements made to a consular or immigration official may result in a permanent ineligibility for a visa to the United States of America.

If you lie and get caught, you are likely to get permanent ineligibility for a visa to the United States of America, if it’s for H1B or F1 or any other visa.

If you are planning to lie, then go ahead and do that. But, get ready to face the end result – permanent ineligibility for a visa to the United States of America.

From US Consulate Website: F1 Visa Denials Reasons

U.S. consular officers are only allowed to issue non-immigrant visas to those applicants who qualify under the law. A visa can be refused for a variety of reasons.

For example, your visa application could be denied if you have a criminal record, if you lie during your visa interview, or if you have lived in the United States illegally.

Hopefully, you know the answer to your question by now.

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  1. i applied for visa two times and got 214(b). can anyone tell me what changes can be done when i go for re application?
    my first experience:
    Vo:good morning
    Me:very good morning.
    Vo:so UAH, what are your other admits?
    Me:UAH and east Carolina
    Vo: east Carolina( weird reaction ) ? Where’s it ?
    Me:it’s in North Carolina
    Vo: what’s ur gre score in quants
    Me:( since I wasn’t sure i told it wrongly my actual score is 152) 154
    Vo:what do you want to become after your MS
    me:software architect
    Vo:which type of company you want to work in?
    Me:in an mnc company
    Vo:who’s funding you
    Me:my father
    Vo:what’s ur father
    Me: travel agent holding an iata licence .
    Vo:ok you can re apply it next time and for the reason view the slip.

    second interview:

    V :you applied for visa last time and are the changes done and do u know the reason ?
    M :last time I was a bit nervous but this time I’m confident with answers
    V: what are the universities did u apply to
    M :5 and got two admits
    V :name them, what are they
    M: uah ecu calpoly pomona Wisconsin parkside Purdue
    V :why this
    M: I always had this as first option since it has courses extension of my ug
    V :what are you going to specialise in ?
    M: I’m going to specialise in cybersecurity since I have passed my ug in first class I would like to study this as an extension of my course .
    V :give me ur marksheets(8 separate marksheets checked )
    V :give me ur finance
    V: as I have to agree with my colleague u didn’t meet requirements and blue form

  2. Friends please suggest me, i was been misguided for the interview from my consultancy, but now iam suffering for the mistake that i lied in front of the VO. Can forward my application for this aug-2012. please friends help me out.

  3. friends please help me out please…………………….i waiting for ur reply i have less time. i planning for this Fall intake-2012. that how can i convince the VO on my next interview.

  4. can a good score in gre n toefl balance a average percentage in degree…..rite nw my degreevis at 71% …..if i score well in toefl n gre vil dat help ….????

  5. ……..6 days stay 1 day stay………sounds all intimidating to ban someone to enter again in usa.originally i am from Ausralia ,i am in my final semester of my masters,hope to apply for cpt in summer before i graduate in dec 2012.Then afterwards i apply for opt,……….have had so many marri..g proposals already…….with all this threats,bans,h1b caps full or not full …..thea is no easy way out but…it has got me thinking..n. thinking

  6. Hello HSB,
    I filled the
    DS-160 form and submitted for a
    B1 visa student tourist for
    educational conference,but i did
    not schedule any appointment
    due to some personal
    reasons,now i just got my I-20
    from idaho state univ.and the
    questions re…
    *Am i goin to fill another DS-160
    or not.
    *will it affect my chances of
    getting a F1 visa

  7. plz suggest me how to appear for my vi. i had given it last week for my f1 but got rejected. my vo just asked 4 questions. 1. hw many universities i ve applied and wat made yu choose dis ? 2. from hw many universities yu got a response i ve answered none cos i actually got my i20 thru an agency and didn apply in ny other universities and den she asked me do yu expect any response from any other colleges i said as i ve dis university which is gud for me in many ways i don find a need to wait for a response from any other colleges 3. why dis major change as i am a nurse and gonna pursue mba in health care management. 4(. i ve been workin abroad since last 4 yrs aftr my graduation n i cam bak to india in oct 2011. ) she asked why didn yu work since oct its been 4 months tat yu r here in india without doin anythin??? for that i ve told her i was preparing for my gre but my score is just 288. i donno wat went wrong i was expecting it to b approved but i was unlucky. plz suggest me to do better in my next attempt tat ll b on march 1st 🙁 i ve kept all d documents ready, ielts 7 band score, financial bk up, experience certificates, gratuation certificates, letter of recommendations from my prev employers etc.

  8. hey guys,

    @maverick my good university is “Umass -AMHERST” ,guys i knw its not right thing to do i just wanted to share my experience so that people like me who have gap n low undergrad marks dnt get dejected,this is my 4th year in US and i came here like most of them after marriage on H4 immediately after my undergrads with no work experience. i worked in one of my relatives company which was a start up back then (i wasn’t payed 🙂 ),where i got to lay my hands on programming and was a learning experience, eventually i took up a course in UMASS -lowell and did a certificate course where my gpa was 3.86/4.00 ,where my professors recognised me and suggested me to do MS and gave me recommendtn for UMASS- amherst after i scored high in GRE.i started of with part time course there ,did well and finally was accepted by AMherst-UMASS .it ws lot of hardwork.i have research assistant position too nw for which i had to get an F1 visa. I wasn’t actually lying in my interview but being honest SMARTLY abt my undergrd marks n comin back to india, coz it will be foolish if u dnt .U need to grab what u want,nobody will hand it over to u and if u r good at what u do ,things will definately fall into place by itself.So work on yourself. last words of my VO was “u r vry smart and u hav a vry good university, all d best,ur future is bright” . nw ,wasn’t expectin tht all .may b i ws lucky too,call it whatever. Thanks a ton HSB for all the tips. U all can judge me bt dnt lose ur dignity.BTW forgive my grammr.

    1. Hello Sakshi 🙂

      Congratulations for your visa approval and all the best for your future , and if in any case you pointed the word “Dignity” at me ,I would like to tell you something very practical.
      How do you fell when some one tells you “Cheat ,Cheat and Cheat , All the time ” and By the way no one expects a very good university to admit a student with a year gap,with low undergrad percentages.Not only extremely good scores fetch admits from good universities ,there are way many factors.
      I feel sorry if was rude in any manner.Hope you do very well in your “Good University”.

      * * * * * *

      1. Hey,

        thats not really true @maverick, i want people to know that its not only extremely high scores that lets u to b accepted by good universities, and i want students not to get dejected and let go their dreams just bcoz they dnt have good “SCORES”. when i had a yr gap i ws told my career will go on a toss and i did beleive it but thts not true at all .your present profile matters ALOT and if its strong then nobody will care if ur past profile was weak infact its appreciated alot if a person has shown tremendous growth,this was said to me by my advisor and its turned rite.So anybdy wid low scores shldn’t lose hope ,u may hav to strive harder than others and may not be able to take the traditional path ,u’ll hav to work your way around but u can surely get there.dnt follow the crowd.

  9. Hi folks,
    I just got my F1 approved, I lied my whole interview about coming back to india(i said we have our own company where i plan to work though i dnt hav one but if asked which company i was prepared to say one of my relatives company in UK),lied abt my marks (about backlogs ,don’t worry ,u can just say i cleared all dnt giv the numbr if not asked particularly) and keep a broad smile on your face* vry important (tho i ws nervous,bt put a fake smile). My only advantage was i had good GRE n TOEFL and A GOOD UNIVERSITY.btw i have very bad undergrads marks,with a year gap,but i took a certificate course(distance education from a university ) n had good score on that, so i was asked abt my undergrad marks n i said tht it was long back(2009) and at present my scores are all good.just be ready to back it up with good resons even though its lie, just dnt give utterly stupid reasons.

    My golden words would be extremely GOOD GRE n TOEFL SCORE(dnt lie on these scores coz they can verify it right away),and Please choose a good university.

    1. Congrats !!

      Everyday might not be a sunday.If caught someday,U might never ever get a chance to slip into USA 😛

      All the best

        1. Smartness is not Cheating and asking others to cheat !

          Any way i do not have time to argue or prove you that i am smart or something else .
          No Offense .Slipping is not intended at you,generally.

          All the Best

          1. Hellooooo !!

            Leave this right now !! I have been a little sarcastic but was not offending you

            Thank You

    2. Hi folks,
      Bad day, when F1 got rejected, I got 10backlogs, but I have applied for F1 after 3yrs, I didn’t count my backlogs properly before i went to interview and said “may be 8backlogs” to counsellor, she counted them and not happy with my answer, got axed for second time with no reason, no question either.. will it be a permanent ineligibility of getting visa to USA? its been 3yrs already all this happend, now I want to apply for H1B. Pls advise.
      Thanks in advance.

        1. Is my record history stored in their database, likewise, they will scrutinize for my previous rejection reasons and could reject this time also? after 3yrs?

  10. HI,
    Please help me.. I am an Indian & i am on H4 visa and i am now in USA. I want to change visa status to F1 visa can any one tell me the producer..!!
    1. while change visa status in India & if it got rejected, then can i come back on H4..?? my H4 still be valid…??
    2.I can even change my status in any other country (not India & USA)..??If i change, Does it affect my visit to India any time during my studies..??
    Please help me !! its really urgent

  11. till nw hav 4 backlogs m consiedring da worst case senerio sbout my backlogs to be 8 as this semester went real bad soh preparing for the worst …..jst help me guys guide me .

  12. plllllzzzzzzzzz help me ……………..hey people i am new om this blog i am planing to apply in fall 2013 , i havnt appeared for gre as off yet my percwntage in degree is around 73% in electronics and comm m planin to pursue m.s in telecommunication in penn state n here it is where it gets tricky i hav 8 backlogs but non active ,but in my marksheet it is not mentioned the only thing mentioned is da date of issue n marks…..soh should i tell about my backlogs or i cn hide a a few n say i hav 3 or 4 backlogs .

    1. You still didn’t get it… Did you ?
      “Never lie to V.O. Under any circumstances … Otherwise you may be permanently banned from entering into U.S.A. “

      1. is there any possible way for them to know about da backlogs any mechanism they follow….as its nt mentioned in my dmc??

    1. Yeah, folks who come to USA on one visa, overstay their visa. If they go for another visa stamping, then they have stayed illegally in USA.

    2. hapnd to a friend of mine. over stayed expired visa for 6days (purchase and wrappping things before going for new stamping in chennai from NY) then on the interview visa was denied H1 because the person overstayed by 6 days ( so ridiculous)

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