F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Stamping – Masters in Chemical Engineering – Chennai US Consulate

Jeevan’s successful F1 Student Visa interview at Chennai for Masters in Chemical Engineering

  • Decision: Accepted
  • Consulate: Chennai
  • June: 17th june
  • University: University of Florida
  • Program: MS in Chemical Engineering
  • Cost on I-20: $41573
  • Funded/Unfunded/Partially funded (details): Partially Funded
  • Financial Summary : personal savings + parents savings
  • Work Experience : NIL

The interview went rather smooth, and lasted for about 2 minutes.

F1 Visa Interview at Chennai Consulate

Me: Good morning, mam.
VO: Good morning..
VO: Checking the docs and digging up the sevis info in her PC. Can I see your document?
Me: I gave the documents.
VO: So, you are going to the University of Florida to pursue your masters in chemical engineering?
Me: Yes
VO: you have graduated from Anna university, SSN college of Engineering this June.
Me: Yes

VO: Did you get any other admits?
Me: Yes. from SUNY Buffalo, NY.

VO: Why did you choose UFL over that?
Me: told her abt my research interests and abt the greater no of research projects at UFL.

VO: So, your parents support your education. But, how?
Me: Parents have been working for  25 years and started saving for my education fom the very beginning.

VO: How much do you currently have in account?
Me: $42000

VO: Ok, your visa has been issued, you’ll get it in a weekend  we are organizing an orientation for the students leaving this fall, here is the info (hands over a slip)
Me: Thank you, mam

Thanks to Jeevan for sending his visa interview experience. Good luck to him for his journey to US and Masters degree.

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  1. Hey jeevan,

    What did u handover to the VO when he initially asked – show me your docs?
    This is the question I am most confused, When the VO asks “Can I have your documents” initially, after some questions.
    Should this be I20, marksheets, degree certficates, passport, financial documents or work experience documents, SEVIS fee, Ds-160 or all of these. I have documents full of harmonuim folder, I am very confused what to handover, when VO asks this Q after initial general Qs.

    Please reply jeevan and other folks on this forum ASAP as I have my VI within 2 days.


  2. Good Morning everybody of the hsb blog website…i hav got i29 from npu university but it as a low profile i got my gre 870 and tofel i got 92 and my aggregate is 58.88% nd i hav 5 backlogs .wat is the best answe i could give to visa officer abt my backlogs and low gre if he asks….cud u help me plsss..

  3. Goof Morning everybody of the hsb blog website…i hav got i29 from npu university but it as a low profile i got my gre 870 and tofel i got 92 and my aggregate is 58.88% nd i hav 5 backlogs .wat is the best answe i could give to visa officer abt my backlogs and low gre if he asks….cud u help me plsss..

  4. i faced embassy 26may.i have receive white 221(g) for additional documents.Will i get visa?How can i overcome this situation?Please i need help from someone whose suggestion will be helpful to me.

    1. ya y not dude be confident while answering and tel the reason to them frankly and maintain a good eye contact with VO. k

  5. Just had my visa interview at Chennai consulate. My original date was for 17 june but i was unable to attend it and so i was considered as NO SHOW candidate. But when i went to VFS after 2 days to re activate my fees they said I have to wait till the consulate changes my status to No Show. I waited and called them every day for a month and still it was not changed. I finally send a mail to consulate explaining my situation and they send me a mail giving me EXPEDITED date for visa interview immediately. I attended the interview and got my visa approval. If there are any no show candidates send the consulate a mail after waiting for a few days

  6. hello folks

    i hd visa interview on jun 29th…

    i was given pink slip…

    currently status is "pending process"……..

    can any1 tel me wt vl dey luk for during administrative processing???????????

    am worried…..

    pls reply……

  7. charan June 22, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    Hello frnds………..

    In my I20, course duration is mentioned as 3yrs but in DS160 form, Intention of length mentioned as 2 yrs only am I going to face any problem?

    How should I give reply?

    if you want the correvt replay email me.

  8. Hello!! i am a BE CSE graduate with 5 years of experience and i received my i-20 last month.. i have a question please help me… my question is i have not written my GMAT or GRE but yet received my i-20 and along with it a letter from college that they will help me in taking my GMAT when i attend college… will this be a problem when i go for visa stamping?? please do let me know what to answer if they ask for the scores…

  9. hi…. i hd my visa interview a couple of days back….

    i ve applied for specialisation in DSP…

    every thng went out well, @ end D Visa Officer said ” i ve granted ur visa” den after 10 sec he said ” V need additional time ,for ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING” nd gave me pink slip…

    i knw wt pink slip is, nd heard its now a days given for Electronics students just like me..

    bt my question is ” WT WILL DEY CHCK OR VERIFY IN ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING??????????????????????????????/”…

    apart frm my resume , no other document was asked by dem….

    nd how long will it take for me to gt my visa, ive tro report to university by AUGUST 5TH…. before tat time vl i gt my visa???????????????????????????????…


  10. Dear sir, i have a full graduate assisstanship from middle tenneessee university to read MS Mathematics but my F1 visa was refused after interview with no specific reason.is it possible for a fully funded student to refuswed this way?

  11. Hi HSB

    I read an article few days back on your blog and it mentioned about addition of last name before flying to U.S. in case it is not mentioned on your passport. All my documents in India have my first name and middle name only.. My I-20 also has my middle name in place of last name. I checked with my university and they said that they do not have any problem if I add a last name on my passport at this stage.

    My question to you is that will it create problems in future (while applying for a DL/ SSN or looking for a job) as my I-20 and university documents will have a different name from the one mentioned on the passport; the difference being the university documents with a last name and the passport without a last name.

    Please advise should i go for the last name addition at this stage or not.

    Waiting for a quick reply as I have received my I20 today and need to set a consulate appointment soon.




  13. Hallo everyone,

    Nice to see that everything is running smoothly for some guys. I have a disturbing question, please please guys assist. I will be attending Southern University at New Orleans this fall as an undergraduate in Elementary Education and Teaching. I am now putting my documents together for the interview on 27th July 2010. The issue is the bank statement: I am being sponsored by a non-profit organization in the U.S. that sponsors students who are not financial stable in U.S. who want to pursue their education in higher levels, and they have sent me their bank statement, Notarized affidavit of Support and a letter stating that they are sponsoring for my education. I already have my I-20 form and the rest of documents needed. The BIG question is, will the Consulate approve this bank statement from this non-profit organization? Please help!!!

  14. hi

    congrats to both of you for getting visa.

    Also u did great job informing other about visa interview which will help to prepare for it.

  15. Please send me your email address i need to ask some info … Even m planning to do MS in chemical Engineering

  16. Hello frnds………..

    In my I20, course duration is mentioned as 3yrs but in DS160 form, Intention of length mentioned as 2 yrs only am I going to face any problem?

    How should I give reply?

    1. Mr. Charan. This is a big problem and you need fill new DS-160 form, print the confirmation page. Don't cancel your interview appointment. Bring two copies of new DS-160 with you at the time of interview. When you're called for interview just tell the visa officer that you want to use New DS-160 form and hand over the confirmation page to him/her. If u still confused then just drop me an email at [email protected]

  17. What kind of orientation they have arranged?I gave my interview in mumbai and nothing of that sort is there in mumbai consulate…

    1. Niket,

      Which university r u planning 2 go?

      If u r planning 2 attend any university in California or western, contact me on my email

      [email protected].

      I am from mumbai and plan to attend CSUN. I want flight partners. Planning 2 go in first week of August.

      1. dear friends, if the VO told you that your visa approved but they need addition Administrative Processing, means they wants to make assessments about your background checks, security checks etc..no need to worry if you havn’t given any wrong/fake information. i went through this procedure my interview was in august and i receive my visa next year in feb, lolz so best of luck with you guys waiting time for administrative processing

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