F1 Visa Interview Experiences

This is How an Average Student Got F1 Visa for USA

> Following F1 Visa Interview experience for Average Student is shared by Sandip Ghelani.

Who has said that F 1 visa is not for an average student, I have got my F 1 VISA though I am a average student.

f1 visa average student

HSB has provided very good archives for F-1 Visa interview experiences and all the other important things related to that.

I am very much thankful to HSB for doing this wonderful job.

I am Sandip Ghelani. First of all I am very very much thankful to all those who have prayed for my F 1 visa acceptance.

I think I have got the Precious blessing of my Family, friends, teachers and the taxi driver who has dropped me at the Visa Center.

I think God is with me at the Visa counter For F 1 Visa.

Somebody on HSB has said that Confidence is the Key to get VISA, Yes He is absolutely True.

When I entered in the VISA Center everyone in the tension when I look at them and smile I can see that my smile at them has increased their tension more. I think they are wondering why I am smiling as like I am just here in garden of VISA Center.

I went for F 1 visa interview on 30th July, 2012.

My profile:-

  • Degrees Completed: – BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration)
  • PGDCBA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Based Accounting)
  • University: – University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
  • Course: – MBA with Marketing Specialization
  • GMAT: – 420 (2nd attempt)
  • IELTS: – 6 Band
  • Interview Time: – 0745
  • Attempt: First

My F1 Interview goes like this.

Me: Good Morning Sir, How are you? ( Passing Passport and I-20 Papers)
VO: Good Morning, I am fine, How about you?
Me: I also fine, thank you.

VO: Which university?
Me: University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (UMASSSD)

VO: Why USA?
Me: Well, I believe that in today`s world to be competent international exposure and practical knowledge is very much needed in education which I will get from UMASSD which is why I want to continue my education in the USA.

Me: There are many reasons why I want to join UMASSD. First, I am very impressed with design of MBA course as it provide subjects such as Marketing strategy, E-commerce and Digital Media. Second, MBA program at the UMASSD is AACSB accredited, which represent the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Third, UMASSD is ranked among the top 100 universities of USA.

VO: What did you have completed recently?
Me: I have completed recently Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Based Accounting from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.

VO: You completed PGD in computer science.
Me: No, It’s a PGD in Computer Based Accounting.

VO: Why you did this course?
Me: Well, My father is in construction business and in it accounting is very important part so that I have done course.

VO: What did you have completed before that?
Me: I have completed BBA with Marketing specialization.

VO: How Many universities did you applied?
Me: 7 Sir

VO: Name them
Me: UMASSD, NYIT, Johnson and Wales, National University, Clark University, University of Akron, Hamline University.

VO: How many has accepted you?
Me: 4 have accepted me.

VO: What is your Father?
Me: My father is an businessman. He is in construction as well as agriculture business.

VO: What is your father`s annual income?
Me: Its ` 3,04,000. But I request you to consider my family`s annual income that is ` 7,40,000 as my entire family is sponsoring my education.

VO: who is you family?
Me: My father, My mother, My brother.

VO: What is your Brother?
Me: He is also in construction business with my father.

VO: How old is your brother?
Me: He is 25 years old.

VO: How old you are?
Me: I am 22 years old.

Then he returns my I-20 papers to me and I thought that my visa has gone but having great faith in heart with the name of GOD I stand there. Then Suddenly the GOLDEN WORDS FROM HIS MOUTH COMES OUT THAT YOUR VISA IS APPROVED YOU WILL GET IT IN COURIER IN 5 DAYS.

Me: You don`t need my I-20 papers.

Me: Can I collect my passport by myself today?
VO: I think you will get yourself your Passport tomorrow but better to ask at inquire counter.

Me: Is my F 1 VISA is approved?
VO: Yes, Congratulation.

Me: Thank You very very very much sir………………..

I have got my VISA after 2 years of waiting but I have confident in my heart all the time that I am here to get my F1 Visa.


I was very happy at the time coming out from VISA Center but also feeling the pain on the face who are rejected at that day.

From my experience I can say that a very big smile on your face from your entry into visa center with lots of confident and having faith in your heart can do the job very much easy.

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  2. congrats, mine is on d 8th..i know il get my visa too..pls does any1 knw about frostburg uni, dts d admit i got..

  3. @Sandip, wow this is a cool interview..as everyone says u r not an average student as a person..with ur answers I can say u did not feel tensed at all ..u gave ur answers in detail..impressed..Good Luck

    @Avinash Singh..you words inspire me, because I always under estimate myself, I am good at starting good things like studying a course, but I never complete them.. anyways thanks!

    1. I hear you when you say that you are not good at finishing things. If you look at it closely you ll find this pattern in your life at whatever you do. I would suggest you set up a simple task for yourself. Take running for an example. It is a good thing. Now keep a target that you would run for 5km at a stretch. Now try running half a km on the first day. Now you would feel tired the next day and would probably feel like giving up. But this is the habit you have to develop. Be stubborn. Say it to yourself that I wont give unless I reach the target. Increase half a km everyday. Then one day when you would run 5km at a stretch you would that you completed something. Then this would become a habit. You might think how is this going to help me improve in my studies or other things. But if you look at it closely you would find yourself not giving up things and would try to finish what you start the next time. I am no psychologist but this is how I motivate myself. Try and tell me if this helps or not. Cheers 🙂

  4. Sandip…..You might be an average student…but ur attitude is nothing less than “EXTRAORDINARY”….. 🙂
    all the best and do well… 🙂

  5. You say you are average, but the way you answered the interview questions was not at all average. It was brilliant and displayed confidence. Congrats!!

  6. Hi fellas, am new here still on my requirement. Please
    I want to know the best school for undergraduate student
    In usa. I wanna go for nursing thanks.

  7. Congrats Sandip. You are certainly no ‘average Joe’.
    I am very happy for you and I could read in your post, how joyful you are.
    Welcome to America
    Well done.


      1. Hi Sandip,
        Congrats and welcome to Umass, Dartmouth. In case you have any question or queries I would love to help you on those ones. Also if you need temporary accommodation or require any specific travel arrangements upon you arrival here then also you can let me know and I shall try to help you in best manner possible.

  8. Congratulations ! Never ever undermine yourself. You call yourself average. If that is to relieve pressure than it is a good tactic. Otherwise it is foolish. I would say that academics is not always a true reflection of a person’s ability. A person has strengths and weaknesses. The sooner you assess those and work on them the better. Don’t call yourself average on the whole. Instead identify the areas where you are average and work on them. Human beings are capable of great feats. Also the is too much credit given to GOD. Although people might disagree with me here but it is you who worked hard and it is only you who shall reap the rewards. GOD is a motivation that pushes you.

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