Impact of Lying During F1 Visa Interview – It comes back to Bite Your Rear End

 I was rejected as because of fake TOEFL. They inquired me about my TOEFL score and I said my TOEFL is genuine so there after they had taken my TOEFL, I-20 and bank statement and they me 221(g) in Chennai consulate. My doubt is that obey them and should I tell the truth as again I was applying to visa.

What would happen this time if singed that my TOEFL is fake this time and made mistake. Will it effect on my future H1 and L1 visas. Kindly please suggest me and give me detail about my future job visas.


I’m not going to waste time in answering questions to those who used agents to take fake TOEFL Score. I sincerely hope, US consulate can prevent such people from entering USA.

It was your choice to take fake TOEFL score route, now you have to face the reality and consequence.

For others who are planning to lie during visa interview or use fake documents, think about the future consequences too.If you are in IT field, then you may be appearing for US visa interview in future. Certainly your previous visa interview experiences will come into play while appearing for B1/B1/L1/H1 or other visa types in future.

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  1. Prathap on February 20, 2013 at 9:53 PM

    Will it effect on his future (for any otehr visa like L1 ,B1 or Family GC )?? can any one suggest…

  2. nitin kumar patel on December 18, 2011 at 1:26 AM

    i have given my visa interview on 9 december 2011 at delhi officer asked me about only course profile and about university and when u decide to go to usa, when u completed your graduation , what are u doing since completing graduation .
    visa officer have not asked any single question about my family and funds and not any question about profession of my father ,not any question about family.
    visa officer gave me pink slip under section 221g and crossed all the document on the slip and not required any single document. so tell me what happens in these type of situation.

  3. syed sajjad sattar on December 17, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    After joining joining the Happy School Blog first and the most important thing which I learnt is to speak the truth. When you are going to appear for a Visa. No matter what the score you have. So when I see the cases like above mentioned. I feel sorry for them. This is like to cheat yourself. Apart from this, I want to say that its not late to realize your mistake. You should go for TOEFL first and them again try for this. But this time with positive attitude. No shortcuts!

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