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Kansas State University – J1 Visa Interview Approved in 30 Seconds

> Following post was shared by Bindul Shah

I am really happy to share my experience today as i got my visa approved at Bombay Consulate.

It was 21st May 7:30 AM and i entered in Bombay consulate, for my J1 Visa interview.

The purpose of visit is, My University in Gujarat (GTU) is sponsoring few student’s study in Kansas State Uni, for 2 months course for the two EC subjects which i am appearing here in my next 7th Sem,

As on 7 th May, they have approved 7 Visa out of 50 applicants under same purpose, I afraid for the same, but my friend Gaurav, who is regularly reading your posts, suggested me and help a lot me to build my confidence through various HSB visa experience,

After clearing legal procedures, rounding in queue of thousand aspirants! i got the token of 26th Window, I think, I was first to that window for that day.

Here is the Visa Officer

VO : Good Morning
Me : Good Morning Ma’m,

VO : Where are you going ?
Me : KSU for two months UG program

VO : passport and I 20 ?
Me : passed

VO : (Typing on PC) Why KSU ?
Me : Ma’m, I am one of the student of my university, that have collaborated with KSU for 2 months
course for two EC subjects and sponsoring the tuition fees.

VO : What is father doing ?
Me : Having own retail Store, and we have blah blah property, He is sponsoring my travel and living expenses

VO : I am approving your VISA, Happy journey
Me : Thank you mam.

Here what i want to share is :

Be concentrated on VO’s words, what she wants, is shared by her two or three words only, eye contact is making a good Communication, i think,

I gave a detailed and proper arranged words of my answer for her queries, So she seemed clear in my side.

I wish to tell also, that  Posture and Gestures are also important as ,it tells – communicates too.
I stayed strong on window, no any movement, hands on free underlying, and in normal dress,

When she was typing i stared at her, looking her face for a while (was thinking, she seems like Michelle Obama ! )

Thanks HSB.

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  1. Hi Bindhu, Congrats on your Visa …I too got a visa for Kansas state university for PhD program …Can you please share your travel plans and can you please tell me where are u going to saty in KSU…………………………..

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