50 Best Universities Based on Global Employability University Ranking for 2013

oxford universityFrench consulting group RH Emerging published 150 best universities in terms of employability report is based on survey and interview from over 5000 top recruiters in 20 different countries.

The panel is made up by the biggest recruiting companies of 20 countries where 90% of the world’s students can be found; it also contains recruiters from countries which do not often figure in international HR surveys such as India and Turkey.

“Having described in 2012 the ideal profile for a young graduate, this year we have chosen to ask the recruiters to put forward their idea of what a perfect university might look like and to establish a table league of the universities that produce what would be the most employable young graduate” says Sandrine Belloc, director of Emerging Associates, the French consulting group that initiated this research.

Overview About the Rankings

  • Top universities in the rankings is almost same as traditional rankings
  • American and British universities take the first 9 places
  • 8 German universities are in the league
  • European countries
    • Netherlands (5)
    • Switzerland (5)
    • Scandinavian countries (6)
  • Asia
    • Chinese universities (5 noted with 2 in the top 50)
    • Hong Kong (3),
    • Singapore (2)
    • South Korea (2)
    • India (3)

 Global Employability University Ranking

RankingUniversityContinentCountryPrevious Rank
1Univ. of OxfordEuropeGreat Britain4
2Harvard Univ.North AmericaUSA1
3Univ. of CambridgeEuropeGreat Britain3
4Stanford Univ.North AmericaUSA5
5Mass. Institute of TechnologyNorth AmericaUSA6
6Princeton Univ.North AmericaUSA8
7Columbia Univ.North AmericaUSA7
8Yale Univ.North AmericaUSA2
9California Institute of TechnologyNorth AmericaUSA19
10Univ. of TokyoAsiaJapan23
11TU MünchenEuropeGermany50
12Univ. of California, BerkeleyNorth AmericaUSA25
13Univ.College LondonEuropeGreat Britain16
14Univ. of TorontoNorth AmericaCanada24
15Univ. of EdinburghEuropeGreat Britain42
16École Polytechnique ParisTechEuropeFrance27
17H.E.C. ParisEuropeFrance13
18Hong Kong Univ. of Sciences and Tech.AsiaHong Kong46
19École Normale Supérieure ParisEuropeFrance20
20Australian National Univ.OceanyAustralia33
21Imperial College LondonEuropeGreat Britain9
22Brown Univ.North AmericaUSA22
23Indian Institute of ScienceAsiaIndia35
24Univ. of ChicagoNorth AmericaUSA21
25Tokyo Institute of TechnologyAsiaJapan14
26Peking Univ.AsiaChina11
27Univ. of ManchesterEuropeGreat Britain71
28Univ. HeidelbergEuropeGermany12
29New York Univ.North AmericaUSA37
30McGill Univ.North AmericaCanada29
31Duke Univ.North AmericaUSA26
32Boston Univ.North AmericaUSA17
33Monash Univ.OceanyAustralia32
34IE Univ.EuropeSpain43
35Johns Hopkins Univ.North AmericaUSA59
36Univ.de NavarraEuropeSpain34
37King’s College LondonEuropeGreat Britain38
38Swiss Federal Inst. of Tech. ZurichEuropeSwitzerland55
39Cornell Univ.North AmericaUSA87
40École des Mines ParisTechEuropeFrance31
41London School of EconomicsEuropeGreat Britain15
42Kyoto Univ.AsiaJapan47
43Fudan Univ.AsiaChina28
44Univ. of California, Los AngelesNorth AmericaUSA45
45Univ. of NottinghamEuropeGreat Britain70
46Univ. Commerciale Luigi BocconiEuropeItaly48
47Goethe-Univ. Frankfurt am MainEuropeGermany10
48École Centrale ParisEuropeFrance40
49National Univ. of SingaporeAsiaSingapore36
50Univ. Of MelbourneOceanyAustraliax

Following Indian Universities made the list

  • Indian Institute of Science  (23)
  • Indian School of Business (52)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (145)

Check out the See the full list here >>

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