10 Important Questions and Answers About Revised GRE

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Everything you need to know about Revised GRE – shared by Nitesh.

Hello everyone,
I scored 1240-1410 on the new GRE which was on 5th September.

Verbal 510-610 and quant 730-800.

I would like to thank Happy Schools Blog for the online help.

Overall my experience was good I had fun giving the GRE. I would like to help the aspirants by providing some information that I think is important.

Should I join a coaching or not?

The answer is if you can give 2-3 hours to study then I don’t think one need any coaching. But if you are quite sure that faculty from a coaching is “exceptional”, coaching will not hurt either. I didn’t go for any coaching.

How much time should I give to GRE?

During my GRE preparation people told me 2 months are more than enough for the preparation. But then that preparation should be thorough.

I started my preparation from January. So I gave atleast 9 months.

Now I am not saying here that I studied real hard its just I started early and which definitely helped. If you have less than 2 months don’t get dishearten from my comment. 2 months is also good!!

Other considerations

Guys start reading newspaper atleast three of these THE HINDU, THE NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, BBC NEWS, DAILY NEWS, INDIAN EXPRESS in English 🙂 Watch english news channels such as times now and headlines today. If you have been reading novels it will be helpful.

How did I prepare for New GRE?

I read the following  books

  • Old Nova for maths, Revised GRE, New Barrons GRE, Princeton Review,
  • Best GRE Test Books

I would say NOVA is really good for maths. And the strategies in Princeton are really good.

Solving Barron provides a confidence boost.

Now as I have signed a contract while giving GRE that obstruct me from telling you guys about my questions. So I cannot say that GRE exam questions are quite similar to those given in ETS book and the ets site. 😛 I read 5000 words from the barron’s world list (old one).

How many mock tests should I give?

I think mock tests at regular interval of time can give you an insight to where do you stand.

One can give mock test in the pattern 1st on the day when you start your preparation, next test when you hav worked really hard on any one topic as RC, Maths, Sentence completion etc.

And in the last week before your GRE give as many mock tests as much as you can. And eventually you will find yourself when to stop as scores will become constant.

During all this preparation time please be ready with the details of the universities you want to go. That will help you can do all this research leisurely.

What about Writing part?

I didn’t study for writing part that much but if you are someone who is not well acquainted with computer. please learn how to type coz you will need a good typing speed an average speed is also workable. The good thing is ets has given all the topic for issue and argument. So please take some pain to go through all those topics.

What About Reading Comprehension?

!! YES I had RC”S really long ones and exhaustive. I read in one of the forums here which said one should do atleast 1000 rc’s.  GRE Reading Comprehension – Practice at least 1000 questions

The guy is damn right. Please guys and gals practice as many RC’s as you can and keep in mind 2 min for each question is the time you are preparing for.

Cause I really had trouble with the RC’s. They were really time consuming.

Why are you not telling about the pattern?

Pattern can be found in any of the new books for the GRE, it is quite the same.

HAAN!! On the day of exam

  • Be calm, have faith.
  • GRE invigilators are real good and helpful.
  • The ambience of the center is also helping.
  • Don’t miss to take your PASSPORTS WITH YOU.
  • Everything else will be provided by them pen pencil paper etc etc.

During the exam

There are various strategies for the approach part. If you are good in quant then simply go from 1 to 20 and mark anyone which you think can be wrong and check them later.

For verbal doing RC’s first is the best start. They are time consuming and you can’t solve them in panic mode. Fill ups can be done later.

Ending note

The new gre is not hard its an exam in which you seriously need to score some good marks, as good marks definitely means you know English and you can survive in America or foreign land.

I would again like to thank Happy Schools Blog for this site. Because it was the only online companion from which I took the advice.


  1. hey i have d exact same range as u nitesh…wat kinda score r u expecting?

  2. Hey..i have d exact same range as u Nitesh……do u think v can expect our scores 2 b in the 1300s??

  3. when do we get the scores if we write gre after november 2011 ????? guys plz help me in this . i already took my gre in june 2011, i got 1060 (quant 710, verbal 350) . i thought i will not get any university . and i have to give my gre once aqgain . but few days back i got mail from tufts university and university of nebrasaka -lincoln . applying to these univesrsities is worthy ??????? guys plz help me in this ….

      1.  i have got kaplan gre but the practice material is limited, can u suggest smthing

    1. Thats a tentative score, in the old pattern you would have scored a minimum of 520 and a maximum of 540. New result will be send to you once ets is ready with the new conversion factor. And that will be around Nov. i guess.

    1. If you are a student from science stream you will find GRE maths a pot full of gold. Its easy and a scoring section. In one of the section I had a Red, Blue, Green ball selection type question. Practice maths from any standard book that will solve the purpose.

  4. hi nithesh……………… where can we get practice questions for text completion n sentence equivalence?……… Please do provide us the link if u have……… i was inspired by ur blog…….. 🙂

    1. Its nitesh 😛 btw i practicd from various new pattern gre books (new barron and princeton review). You can find ample of questions on the net. 

  5. where can one find free mock tests fr the new gre pattern..please give us some web links.

    1. I bought barron and princeton. With them I received mock test papers which were more than enough. You can download  few mock test papers from ets site but you need to sign in first, I guess. If you have enrolled for the test ets will send you a CD with mock test paper in it.

  6. where can one find free mock tests fr the new gre pattern..please give us some web links.

  7. where can one find free mock tests fr the new gre pattern..please give us some web links.

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