4 Best Books for GRE Biology Subject Test

Sir, I’m planning to take GRE Subject test in Biology sometime this year to apply for PhD in Biology for next Fall semester. Can you suggest few books for test preparation? – Ankit

Unlike GRE general test, number of books available in the market for GRE Biology is very less. It’s tough to give a list when there’s not more than 3 to 5 books on the market for GRE Biology Test Prep. Here’s the Best GRE books to study for GRE Bilogy Subject Test.

Best GRE Biology Books

  1. Campbell Biology  (#1 Best Seller in Amazon for Biology)
  2. Biology, 7th Edition (Book & CD-ROM) [Must Have]
  3. Study Cards for GRE Bilogy
  4. Kaplan GRE Exam Subject Test: Biology

Campbell Biology Review:

  • Current 10th edition is much more detailed than 9th edition.
  • Better pictures and improved examples.
  • Get the older edition if its cheap, but for a beginner, this will be a like a Bible.

Book Review: Biology

  • It will give an complete overview (in-depth) analysis of different subject areas covered in Biology test.
  • e-Text Access Card is included ( 2 year validity)
  • Contents: Diagram should be useful to understand the concepts.

Kaplan GRE Biology:

Will provide test taking strategies, test format and additional practice questions. Use this to supplement Biology (Campbell Reece).

In addition to above listed book, don’t forget to download GE Biology practice booklet from ETS.

Most of the questions that appear in the Biology test are from basic Biology subjects like Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Enzymes, Chromosomes, etc.

Reviewing your college Biology books provides great deal of information required to Ace the GRE Biology test. Along with college text books, GRE Biology specific test prep books should get you all prepared for the test.

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