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GRE Test Experience : Scored 281 and 312

Well seeing this article I wanna share my GRE Test experience. I gave my GRE for the first time on July 12 and scores 790

  • 300 – GRE Verbal ( 138 in New Scale)
  • 490 – GRE Quantitative ( 143)

I was totally depressed. I knew it was below my potential so I decide to retake the test.

I booked the test date 1 month later 27th of August. Then again I started rigorous preparation.

After 15 days I realized that I still need practice and knew most universities deadlines are gone. So. I rescheduled the test to Nov 3 this year.

I made a fresh plan started from scratch. Specially this blog helped me a lot. I had two months in my hand.

I followed this 2 Months GRE Study plan and did exactly what it said. gave an practice test made a notebook and noted my mistakes.

NOTE: I recommend you to start test practice after completing Barron’s word list. If you don’t do so you will  feel depressed due to low score.

In my 1st test I mugged up word family which did not worked and referred my coaching notes.

In my second attempt I scored 1260 (520 verbal 740 quantitative).  Revised GRE Scale : 154 in Verbal and 158 in Quantitative.

A difference of 470 which matters. It might be looking unreal but its true. here it goes what i did.

  1. Mugged Barron’s word list in 15days and kept revision everyday till the test day.
  2. First completed math prep. HSB recommends a book ( Nova GRE MATH Prep).  I did that only its too awesome for sure 700.
  3. For Verbal, it was tough. I used tips for answering RC, sentence completion. Believe me, first it doesn’t work but for RC and sentence completion it surely works.
  4. Once you get familiar with it by practicing using tips you will enjoy RC’s an SC.
  5. Mean while in my leisure time, I read novels which boosted my reading speed. I some how completed verbal section but still was depressed in practice test score was around 400 ( 146)
  6. Then it was 45 days when i started giving tests. First I gave un-timed test so that I get correct answers.
  7. First I practiced test on every software like nova, powerprep, kaplan, barrons, GRE Bible, Big Book [ Top GRE Test Prep Books]
  8. When I gave test slowly slowly my score increased, but I was never confident that I will get that much score in real test.
  9. Two days before my test, I lost my brother.  He expired due to loss of water. It was really hard to get back momentum. But I did not give up. I had one day for revision.

Second Attempt – GRE

  • 2nd November I revised math
  • Saw once verbal section and high frequency words and slept early in might around 10 pm.
  • My slot was at 9.00 in morning.

I was bit tensed. But i decided in myself

You have worked hard for this exam and you know most things.

GRE Test

  • Got AWA first
  • Then 10 minutes break. Utilized it completely relaxed.
  • Came back got quantitative section. Decide any cost solve 1st 15 correct and i did it.
  • I spent 3o min on 15 questions. Then spent the rest of the time on remaining questions.
  • Then 1 minute break. Made my mind set clear.
  • Same strategy for next section. Difficulty increased. I  could not solve all the questions. But kept my confidence used elimination strategies and tactics from my practice.
  • At the end my verbal score 520. I was amazed.


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  1. Hi Vinay,
    that was indeed comendable improvement…
    I am looking for Nova Quants GRE bible, Can you please provide a link or the .pdf file?
    thanks in advance.

  2. Hi prashanth,

    can u send me the link for nova gre math bible iam looking for it but iam not able to find can u pleas post the link

  3. hey great idea hw can u complete barrons in 15 days..i find it verbal too great job dude..can u just giv some RC statergies..congo..again

  4. Hey, I tried to find the Nova GRE MATH bible on Amazon and I cant believe it costs $700!!! Any suggestions please?? I need the book so bad!

  5. /* this is relevant to only those people who want to score as much as we did or more than us, if you are 1400 -1500 -1600 aimer please this post of mine is not for you as it may distract you from your aim*/

    MOST IMPORTANT: Never loose hope During the test, you may be getting tough question because you are doing correct but always cross check all choices to be sure.

    congratulations Vinay, for your increased delta I'm Vaibhav Chauhan scored 1220(Q700+V520)21/march/2010 in first attempt 1290(Q740+V550)29/12/20101in the second,though it's not worth talking about but here is what I observed during my last two attempts at GRE(for second attempt i took 1 month break and squandered my 15 days but on last 15 days I studied somewhat more throughly, no ETS test taken at any point of time(drawback my score cud have gone a least 20 -30 points(In math section) up if i had taken the mock test;only to manage my time on the test, (here i'm talking about my second attempt) when you feel that yes you are ready take the real test ( I'm saying so because the math question were somewhat not easy as i had expected and I attempted last 10 question in 2 minutes )

    1) GRE big book math section is out of outdatd only concentrate on those question where in the answer key gre test givers have scored less percentile not worth to do all question(%tile like 55~32).GRE Math bible is the best bu solution thy provide are not meant quick solving you need to develop your own strategy that can only be achieved by solving as many problems as you can and marking the difficult ones and review them so as to maintain your confidence)

    2) I will say do R S Aggarwal in subtle way

    memorize all formulas, preferably using mnemonics or the way you like it.(thanks to Manu for referring RS Aggarwal ), If HSB allows me then in a page I will scan(i won't type as the list is big enough) and question page number and question number of the question I feel important, for any quantitative section. Th graph question are

    3) practicing RC! dosent there is no use of them unless you become acquainted with the vocab rich language writers use as HSB suggested I looked at nytimes oped section and reviews on arts, books and as the matter of fact I still read them( i started reading them 15 to 20 days prior to GRE)

    4) memorize barrons wordlist 333 as each and every question i got was not unknown as i had studied 3500 words and prior to that i studied and 'SOLVED' 'word power made easy' by Norman Lewis, some say may it's outdated but I cannot agree with them as word roots came handy all the time. no word comes out of Barron's , for analogies there ar many person on INTERNET who have written down all the word list

    5) for AWA think some incident that is interesting and that may have happened recently or is very famous , and relate them to th topic given to you at hand. Remember essays are Graded holistically not throughly, so good start means good impression (i worked for argument for one day and for other part 3 days expecting 3.5) have some Pre-Prepared general format.

    6) for all GRE test takers in Gurgaon region (particularly for 9:00 am slot) board metro(BLUE line ) by 6:30 preferably by 6:00 am(starting time of he day for metro operations (noida city center) get down at Rajeev Chowk and go in the Yellow line metro ASAP which is going towards HUDA city center ; get down a MG road station either book a private Auto or have a shared one(ask him to leave you a sector 14 market) shared one will leave you at a crossroad ;with Jain temple in sight now cross the roads -Via – a long road to board an auto and to you right after traveling some distance of about 500-600 mtrs you will find slew of banks and high end shops; this is your stop and check each and every board to find this NAME' MSL P LTD ' (Compu science guys takes Microsoft test over there so CS guys may have an idea) BTW i reached test center at 8 :15 am signed in my name and I must admit prometric guys(test admin appointed by ETS) are hypocritical so maintain your cool and do no look at other test taker somber faces

    it gives m jitters, find some one who is jovial and have a chit chat with them and yes i forgot place all your belongings in the locker provided by the test admin even your money is gonna be kept inside the locker. avoid taxi they take eye gouching prices( rs 1000 for 30 km) from shipra sun city Indirapuram Ghaziabad to test center

  6. hi i gave up my gre two times for 1st time on oct 7 it was 750
    scored quant:440
    and immediately after a month nov24 597
    it was quant:287
    iam planning to retake my gre when is the ideal time to take the exam?

  7. great score Vinay. Congrats. Can u share some of the stratergies you used for RC and sentence completion? I find RC difficult and time consuming. It would be of great help if you can give an insight on how to tackle them.

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