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I Want a BMW — I’m Applying for H-1B Visa

Hello guys, April 1 is less than 15 days away, so many employers and consultants are now busy preparing to apply for H-1B visa petitions.

There is an interesting discussion going on where everyone is targeting one person because he is planning to apply through 5 consultants to guarantee that he gets his H-1B visa.

Raju shared this comment

I think all the people in the US don’t want the people in India to come to the US and make our dreams come through. I know that people in the US are rich.

When my friends or relatives come to India, I see how much money they have. They shop in expensive places and buy houses in India like crazy.

If you work in India, it is impossible to build a future for oneself. In the U.S., they drive luxury cars like Camry, BMW, etc. which I can only dream about of driving here.

While you guys are vacationing in Disneyland and Hollywood driving your expensive cars and living in big houses with big TVs and everything, I am struggling here.

I am just being practical, if you guys cannot understand the gift God has given you by being in the US, it is not my problem.

It took a while for me to decide what’s the most appropriate title for this article. Some other options that were considered were:

  • I want to be Rich – I’m applying for H-1B Visa
  • I’m submitting 5 H-1B Visa Petitions, am I being STUPID?
  • I Sold my Property to Apply for H-1B Visa
  • I want to Drive a Camry; I’m applying for H-1B Visa – Are you Joking?

We are not going to respond on the above comments and the comments posted by Raju, but we will let you readers to write down your own thoughts on this.

Read through all the comments in the blog post, H-1B Visa 2010. However, one thing is for sure — Raju is not practical.

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  1. I know this post is too old. but anyway i would like to give my comment on this. Here goes:

    What is this 'Raju' whining about? Is he jealous of those NRIs? He should be ashamed of himself. Their journey to the US must not have been a cakewalk for them. they must have also suffered in the beginning of their journey. Whatever luxuries they enjoy today must have been truly earned by them.. This Raju is just jealous of their success.. His inability to succeed in life is totally visible..

  2. Hi everybody,

    I wonder how many H1B visa holders/applicants feel that they are highly skilled and there is no one in US that can do the job they are hired for. Given a chance and proper coaching, most people (Indian/American) can learn anything. What Americans do not have is the backup you all have. Why would I want to hire an expensive maid and pay him/her top salary while my children are hurting? The situation is as simple as that.

    I hope Raju is a highly skilled person and US does not have a candidate like him. Such a person with superior qualities can buy a BMW or Mercedes in India and employ several expensive servants himself.


  3. Hi Raju,

    No need to get discouraged by haters. We too suffered a lot while we came very new here. U know what Raju? People never gave me a single ride to the nearest grocery store / told me about many official procedure. I suffered like a fish out of water. First thing, You learn to drive a car in India, then get a International license before travellling here. With that license we can manage to rent a car to learn driving and finally to get a license.

    First u come alone. Stay with friends. After getting exposure bring ur family. Donot listen to people who discourage you.

    Aim high and dream a lot , you can achieve what you wish.

    I pray to God that , all who applied genuinely to get selected.

    Best wishes.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your kind words. I will try my level best to make my dreams come true. I wonder how many applications have been submitted.

  4. Raju,

    right/wrong depends on circumstances- won't comment/advise anything.

    But wanted to point out few things here,

    -People driving BMW here are not just second handlers who got big money in lottery and bought them. They have worked very hard (well, there are some exceptions, always).

    -People buying big houses there also have saved to do so, don't just look at where they are (its a path function not point one), ask them how they reached, my friend.

    -and any fool with money can buy that piece of metal, what we are discussing here is about development, of course people doing master's here do not do it just for earning (again, lot of exception). but money is an inevitable need and its hard to draw a line.

    -You would think that most of the people in US are merely because of exchange rate, but it is not the case, people want to work on interesting things. they like the work environment, the learning attitude everyone has about life. It's pretty conservative of you to think about life in just materialistic way. There is much more to life than an Engine and Concrete.

    -Think hard, it might click (what I want to convey here) or all the best !

    Thank you.

    1. I'm not sure abt the correctness of your comments applied in general…maybe its true for a few people including yourself, HOWEVER, the FACTS are..

      1. Most H1-Bs earn minimum 60,000 USD, but the Average American Salary is 40,000 USD – you can verify this.

      2. More thean 50% of H-1Bs earn double this minimum…

      3. BMW owners in USA get loans easily of 8% (in Indian loan is more expensive for car at 14%) & hence now this economic mess- unpaid mortages & car loans

      4. I am quoting you "People buying big houses there also have saved to do so, don’t just look at where they are (its a path function not point one), ask them how they reached, my friend."

      PLEAS EXPLAIN THE MORTAGE CRISES? CHEAP LOANS to people who cant repay them…those earnming 40,000UDS can afford 400,000 houses ? no wonder this economic mess!

      5. your comment – "Any fool with money can buy that piece of metal, what we are discussing here is about development, of course people doing master’s here do not do it just for earning (again, lot of exception). but money is an inevitable need and its hard to draw a line." HAHAHA…all fools are doing MS for Money only to get out of the H!B lottery system….WAKE UP – people in INDIA are not fools (afterall you r one too)!

      6."You would think that most of the people in US are merely because of exchange rate, but it is not the case, people want to work on interesting things. they like the work environment, the learning attitude everyone has about life. It’s pretty conservative of you to think about life in just materialistic way. There is much more to life than an Engine and Concrete. – My Take on this is -people in USA want to enjoy life…that all. Period.

      They will not work on fridays, weekends off, no long hours, want pay & to enjoy life, shop in malls everyday, fill garage with junk, buy BMW & houses without down payment….so the result – economic meltdown & mess! Average us credit card debt per person is 10,000 USD (check your facts) – so it is wholly materialistic…and the ones who work are immigrants /visa holders who work, earn & learn – SO…

      So now I say to YOU – Think hard, it might click (what I want to convey here) or all the best !


      1. This is a reply to your OLD post:

        What are you trying to say? Are you against H1B visa holders? But you yourself said you are in the US only for 6 years. Be clear in your views..
        Looks like you are not too happy with your current life in the US.

        Like Vinit said,Most immigrant people are in the US only because they love the environment(workplace,social,natural).They want to experience the american dream.Thats why most of them are here.So don't generalize all immigrants or potential immigrants(H1B).If Money making is their only objective then they should just go back to their country.Those immigrant people who showoff their wealth 'back home' after earning in the US, are just hopeless.. They are immature people.. They will never ever become true Americans.period

  5. Dear raju mama,

    I am not gonna discourage you at this point of time as ur eagerness is priceless at your point of view, but don’t be stubborn in your thought always, bcos all the people who r giving suggestions to you won’t be selfish. Doing the ‘trial and error’ is acceptable, but doing it on the thing which we much awaiting is silly, as far as me. I mean, this year USCIS might desperately look to prevent the case like you. Eventhough you are saying, all the 5 job offers are geniune, USCIS may raise RFE, which you must able to handle it well, to get it clear. Keep in mind, the lost jobs are millions in numbers in the month of January alone..!!

    As you said if you have genuine offers, then go ahead, best wishes for you..!!

    But if you want to play the game with the system, you will feel the pain later, which can’t be explained..!!

    Anyways all d best.. Keep update ur status..!!

  6. My husband will hopefully get a H1B visa this year at the 3rd attempt as was unsuccessful during the 'random selection' over the past 2 years. Luckily the company that want to hire him have been patient and are doing well enough that there is still a need for him. (He would be the only non-US citizen working for them) I have been looking at various forums and discussion groups for people applying for H1B and am rather dismayed and the fact that the majority of people seem to think all H1B applicants are from India or use 'desi consultants' (I have no idea what these are). We are from UK and are trying for H1B as we would like to try living in US with our children. I have already lived in US on a J1 visa when I was a student and I loved it. I hope all those who are applying legally with proper jobs that qualify for the visa and are not lying about qualifications with 1 application are successful.

  7. I wish we all knew the ans to that question. Well looking at reasons (the economic crisis, satyams frauds, stimilus plan, people getting caught in pennyslvania for staying in the country without a project,arent many projects around, there is a hiring freeze, people getting laid off, colleges students delaying their graduation), one would say that there arent many firms applying this year and even if they are, it is expected that they are applying for less people. Consulting companies who hire abt 200-300 people each year are applying for 50-60 this time around. Atleast thats what Ive heard. Noone can be sure till April 1st.

    So chances increase, if you've ever studied basic probability in your math class.

    But noone can give u an exact number. Another 10 days left! Im tensed!

  8. I have dome MBA finance in USA. If I file H1B this april than is there more chances that i get approval ? the reason I am asking is that I heard that many many H1 agents are not going to file H1 this year. So I think this year applications will be too much low & so chance of approval is more.

    Is this correct ?

  9. If the H1B visas were used as intended, I would not have a problem with them. If the future Nobel prize winners want to come and work here on an H1B visa, great. These are the best and brightest that Bill Gates whines he can find enough of.

    But to simply flood the market with low cost bodies that are no more skilled then my fellow US citizens is a rape of our free market system.

    1. really?! what do you say to US demanding more access to world markets to dump their productd in??? what if 1 billion consumers ban all US products in India? think abt it for a better perspective on hypocritical economic issues of USA.

    1. A legal way is when you have a legitimate employer, meaning that you have the "skills" that are much needed in the U.S. to deserve your H1B, which is the original intention for this type of Visa. A legal way is not filing through 5 consultancies and jeopardizing other people's chances of getting H1B through legitimate employers.

    2. Ha Ha..u know what i wish…..

      u apply through 5 consultancies, u get atleast 2, and during interview., u get ur ass screwed(becoz, interviewres sitting there r not idiots, and they kick the asses of retards like you)

      AND u never make it to US…

      I bet this is gonna happen to unethical and unprofessional jackass like you

      1. Hi Balaji,

        You are very professional. Love your language! Well, lets see what happens, god with show the right way for hardworker like me.

        1. Ok,

          Let me address your point straight away!!..

          See., i have been here for not long 3 yrs.,

          1. Let me address your salary thing…. first

          ASSUMING you get paid 70k per annum in california(This is a salary paid for an entry level US Masters guy or a Guy with 4-5 yrs of experience)

          ON H1-B after taxes you get 4500 USD per month

          Break up: APT – USD 1000(if you share a room with another person in a 2 beroom apt)

          Utilities – USD 300-400

          Food – USD 600 ( if you cook at home )

          Miscel Expenses – USD 500 min

          So you get to save USD 2000 per month….This is without your BMW


          1. Your ambition of BMW may come TRUE….(But would you want to drive a BMW with a USD 50,000 loan on your shoulders)

          Imagine of your left over USD 2000 … you pay USD 1300 pm for your loan for 3 years


          Your Lovely BMW's GAS + Maintanence + Insurance

          USD 600

          leaves you with USD 100 balance of your monthly salary

          Mind!! All these are bare minimum expenses

  10. Its people like Raju who come to the US through unscrupulous means and make life hell for all us legal H-1B's, they clog up the H-1B and turn it into lottery and they clog up the EB green card system as well, I am glad the USCIS is cracking the whip and throwing them out, the H1B has got a bad reputation because of people like raju, but its all getting corrected now, in the next 2 years none of this will ever take place because of the new system in place.

    Raju, if you want to get out of india and lead better life, do it legally and make sure it doesnt screw you over. There are many other countries where it is easier legally migrate then US, look into those countries, if you still want to come to US then please follow the LEGAL way else dont come.

  11. Any one can dream to have a nice life . But be sure to work for it very hard. If you really want to make your dreams come true, why don't you join any IT company in India and come through them. Because I feel it is safer to come through them. Then you can change your employer here. Instead of doing multiple applications, save the money for starting up your life here in Usa. You may need the money to pay your house advance and to buy a second hand basic model car at first. Then you can buy your dream car in course of time. If you need to bring your family here , then also you have to spend a lot. Then medical insurances are costly here. so get prepared with these amounts without foolishly applying million times through a consultant.

    1. buddy-I think that with the kind of attitude that you have-you will come to the US and financially still be where you were in India, or worse. Let me suggest something-start believing in YOURSELF, and not on external circumstances, work HARD, without resorting to illegitimate means (submitting 5 H1b visa apps is one step short of fraud) and you will get all that you want-and more. If your only aim in life, is to go back to friends and 'boast' that you drive a Camry/BMW here-God help you. Figure out your priorities, and do not take away chances of a genuine candidate for a H1b

      1. Anyway right now I am applying only through 2 companies. One is direct employment and other is consultant. So what do you mean genuine, is that you? You want less competition?

        Last 2 years my luck was bad because i submit through one company and i did not get in lottery. So why is everyone cursing me?

        1. Hey Raju,

          I liked one thing abt u, atleast u r clear what u want, just keep it up u will achieve one day, I also came like u dreaming and I achieved what I want,if u act smart here u will earn more money (legally), everyone has suggestion for u, but do what u feel right for u.

          When I came here I bought brand new camry and then couple of years traded with bmw suv, so u can get it no biggie. I seen ppl whining abt cost of living but still they are here and will try for GC and then citizenship, and I think even if u r in india and living in big cities cost of living is high there too so what big dea, here u get paid in $ and there in Rs.

          Here are some states where sales tax is 0 and cost of living is very low so if u share place with 3 ppl u can cut down your monthly bill and your health insurance depends on ur company, if you are lucky enough u can get good insurance so what big deal about so buddy keep ur spirit up and u will land here one day sooner or later.

          Good luck!


          1. Hi Vishesh,

            I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I agree with your comments very much. I spoke to few people and they are saying that if we work hard we can get all the things in US. But most Indian peoples are very kanjoos and dont spend money but they are filling their bank accounts. They are telling me stories of 5-6 people in 2 bhk house and also how they robbing carts and bags from shopping complex stores.

            But again that does not mean people cannot enjoy. It is upto us to see how to lead our lives. Many people here also are saving forever without eating food or travelling or enjoying. I dont what they are saving for. If they dont enjoy life now in their youth, when will they.

            If god is kind and I get visa, i will work hard and enjoy much.

            Again, pray to God to bless a kind person like you. Among so many haters you are good soul providing some encouragements.

          2. Don t get discouraged by these people dude…and don t get surprised most of the indians are of the this kind when u ll get here u ll have more experiences but there are many good people also here from our country who will help you a lot so don t pay attention to the basterds like Balaji who let you know just cost of living…they are loosers…..and cowards……But keep doin whtever u r doin and read my comment at top what I posted I have posted my H1B experience which got approved this year….I ve done masters here so it was in Advanced degree quota……

          3. @F_0 – Dude you read one or two comments and saying Raju is "the guy". Infact I deleted his comments in this articles, so he will not get into trouble. He has posted so many comments that could have potentially be used as proof of how H1B Visa us used for fraud and abuse. you do not know the H1B opposing workers who read and comments we received. Just to give you a hint.. Raju is already in US..why would someone apply for 5 H1B petitions when he is in US already?

        2. Raju,

          Many here are threaened by your ambition to come to USA & hence words of hate…take heart…we're in USa for 6 yrs, but dont plan to stay here…we're here legally, but like to go back to India…if you really are determined to come here…good for you- you are clear abt your goals, but life in USA is not all bed of roses…yes we have 2 luxury cars, lifestyle, material things netc…but people here are very isolated, you miss your family life & friends etc…after you've made your money, there is no attraction in USA…kids will grow up without roots, teenange years are very streesful for kids…you too will not find same quality of life as in India..so good luck to you!

          Afterall, if you really want something, you need to go after it- dont US companies try 7 make inroads into world marekets – what abt monsanto, union carbide, walmart, Mcdonalidastion og the world, hollywood movies, US so-called brands flooding global markets ( product made in India/China, branded as GAP, GUESS, TOMMY HILFIGER, Gloria Vnaderbilt & Sold BACK to brand hingry Indians & Chinese) – and America laughing all the way to the bank- then giving nonsensical views on life in USa & leaglity & othe sh*t…esp love th REFINED LABGUAGE of some posts here – Ignore the hate raju, good luck to you!

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