H1B Visa

H-1B Visa 2010

  • Read about the New H-1B Memo 2010 that was passed on January 8, 2010. Find out if you are affected.

Its time – April 2009 H-1B Visa season is almost here.

What is an H-1B Visa?

U.S. businesses use the H-1B visa program to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields, including, but not limited to: scientists, engineers, or computer programmers.

Learn more about H-1B visa here.

Even though many H-1B visa applications submitted during the year 2008 for FY 2009 are still waiting to hear news about H-1B visa approval or declined notice, next year is on its way and it will be as busy as last year.

I’m expecting there will be lottery even though the recession in the U.S. is expected to continue through the rest of 2009.

However, the H-1B visa for 2010 season is fast approaching and I know there are many employees and employers waiting to submit H-1B visa petitions for FY 2010 by April 1, 2009.

I will keep you informed about any news and updates from the USICS and other immigration related sites. We have to wait and watch if there will be H-1B visa 2009 lotteries for FY 2010.

The new strict hiring rules proposed for companies that get bailout money from the U.S. cannot file H-1B Visa in 2010 visa applications for year 2010, which means that the number of H-1B visa 2010 applications will be reduced by a considerable number.

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  1. Hi,

    I have got an employer to sponser my H1B visa.I am currently on H4B visa.I would like to know would it just be status conversion from H4B to h1B or fresh H1B filling? Also if i get my H1B pettion approval do i have to visit my home country (INDIA) for stamping before i start working here? Also would the pettion approval be starting this year OCt or next year? What if i want to declare my H1B visa later and get H4B back again,is it possible?

    Someone pls answer all my ques..i am soo confused :(((

  2. Hi Guys,

    My employer has agreed to file my H1b and initiated the process yesterday. I would like to know that would i be eligible to get it processed in 2011 quota, due to the stringent timelines. I have a Bachelor's degree with 10 yrs of exp. in IT/ITES on Healthcare domain, what are the chances of my petition approved?



  3. Hi i am Ash, i am looking for sponsor or employer to apply for my H1B visa.i am a MBA in Human Resource & i am really looking forward to working here in USA.Let me know how do i search for sponsors..Any staffing agency can help me..Pleease advise…

    1. Hi Ash,

      This Nagini..Its nice to hear that u found some one to file for the h1…Can u plz help me out by giving me the H1 sponcer's contact….plz help me…

      With regards,


  4. hi

    i want to aply for h1b visa if possible right for 2010.

    plz provide me with the information if u can whether there are any h1bvisas left

    for 2010.

  5. Hey Guys,

    Please help me, I just would like to know if I really have to pay just to get started with H1B visa??? Can anyone answer me? I really want to get a job in US, but of course I want to make sure if i am taking the right path.

    Thank you and good luck to all of you guys…

    1. We are filing lot of H1b visa for 2010. Still H1b 2010 cap is open so if interested get it done soon.

      1. Hi,

        I would like to apply H1-B for this year…. I am coming as H4. I am looking for H1 Sponsers.

        If any one have consultancy name or contact please let me know

      2. I would like to fill H1 B. Please help me. Send Mail with contact number. I will touchbase with you.


      3. Hi Shree,

        Could you pls let me know what is the last date ( cutoff date) for this year i.e. 2010 H1B visa.



  6. Hi,

    I would like to apply H1-B for this year…. But none of the consultant is ready to file it… If you know any of them are filing, please let me know send me the mail and what are the required docs to this…

    Saidi Reddy.

    1. If you can manage to get a Sponsor, I can do the rest i.e., filing the required documents, follow up and co-ordination with US Attorneys and once approval is received, the complete process of getting visa stamping at the Consulate.

      1. Hi ,

        i am manju singh .I would like to apply H1-B for this year…. But none of the consultant is ready to file it… If you know any of them are filing, please let me know send me the mail and what are the required docs to this…

        Thanks .


  7. Hi i am malaysian, would like to apply for h1b visa, how can i get any sponsor or employer for me to work in usa.any staffing agency can help me..Pleease advise

  8. Hi,

    I am from India and currently working in Bahrain, I would like apply for H1B visa, Please some one help me yo get more details on h1b visa and when can i apply for this year,

    If any one have consultancy name or contact please let me know.

  9. Hello Bhai log

    I am currently working in Very good company And now I am looking forward to go to USA For JOBs So please help me to Get the right Procedures And the knowledge …Becuase when i tried to find out the things with friends and consultant companies everybody is just confusing me a lot..So please help me Brothers…

    With regards


  10. Hi,

    I am currently in US. I am as of now under OPT period that allows me to work for 1 year in the US provided i get a job within 90 days of the beginning of my OPT.

    My question was that recently I had taken an interview with a firm and they wanted me to hire an immigration lawyer to find out that for my qualifications and work experience what kind of salary package should I be expecting and then provide that information to the prospective firm.

    I wanted to know Is that legal or not and if so what is the exact procedure that one should follow?

    I would greatly appreciate if anyone could come up website links or advise in this matter.

    Looking for ward to hearing from you.

    best regards,


  11. f you are a H1B Visa Holder , Can you work in the weekends in places like 7 / 11 or Taco Bell or Mc Donalds ?

    1. No! When on H1B you are not allowed to work or make money by any source other than the income from the company who holds your H1 visa

      1. Hi Jasel,

        The law does not allow you to work for employer other then the one who filed your H1b. However I have seen students working with restaurants, motels, shopping malls etc against cash (without any legal proof of work done by them)

        1. US Aspirant:

          FYI the people you know who work for Hotels, Grocery stores on cash or doing an illegal job. If caught they are in serious trouble

  12. Where will we need to take the H1-B interview? Can it be any embassy outside of USA (e.g. Cananda) or does it have to be in your country of citizenship? Thank you.

    1. Can't believe ppl got H1 with no knowledge of anything. might be free H1. interviews r mostly rejected due to these stupid things. Questions like interview, going canada …….. pissed me off. peasse go to http://WWW.USCIS.GOV and read for god sake.

  13. Hey Guys,

    Alright first of all, i would say please do what everyone does back in india. One application will get you a visa if you are destined for it. It stupidity to apply for more then one. And you are just adding to what people say about indians in the US. We are not misers, I live in the US and i went through my masters here. I work for a very big company and i have filed my h1 here. If you are a genuine candidate or not. Dont getinto this consulting company bussiness. One they dont pay you well and two you are just cheating .. coz they put your resume with excess of experience and pay you nothing here.

    Come on grow up already.


    1. Bro, I think U are Full time and Have a outstanding and secure job. I am working with consulting firm they hire me based on my experience and i got a job on my resume not with any excess of experience. I heard that companies do and ask to upgrade yr resume which is wrong.

    2. I think you are saying just the one part of the story. Just because you are good and maybe lucky to find a full time opportunity does not mean that those who work through consultants are not good enough or they are not well paid. Most of the contract jobs in USA are well paid. Even if you are on H1B with some consulting companies, you can still make $45-$65 per hour if you are in a good project. Yes, it is also true that there are consultants who make only $20-$25 per hour. But i think the junior ppl (who are on their first or second year on their h1b and the ones who got their jobs using fake resume) are the one who go through these. But again, there could be exceptions as well.

      Also many of the US companies prefer conrtact employees over full time. So, it is easy to find a contract opportunity than a full time one.

      1. Raju, no way bro… For H1B 2010, the cap isn't even met as of yet. This means every one is getting in except who did multiple filing and people who dont come up in the lottery, which will be conducted for ppl who's applications were received on the cut off date.

        Goodluck everyone!


  14. Can anyone plz help me?my H1B visa is approved on 4june2008,but still my company is insisting me not to take interview date they are saying due to recession chances of gettiong visa is very less.What should I do keep waiting or any other solution,

    plz let me know

    1. So you are one among the many to have filed with a consultant job offer.,

      wow!!..i dont understand…..anyways…if u r US and a Masters/PhD student…you shouldn't feel bad about going to India….India is not a bad place for us(with a US masters degree you will definitely get a very good job in India..and help bloom Indian Economy,…)

      rather..if you are in India…and had applied thro' a consultant..and wanting to come here….i would say you stay back in India…trust me…US is not a good place to stay….

      anyways…i know you wouldn't fully accept my thoughts..but as said "The grass is greener on the other Side"….

      I would say.."Be happy with what you have got..(a Royal king like life in India…and helping Indian economy…rather than being a slave in US…helping US economy)…The choice is your's.

      1. Hi someone, then why are u wandering like a dead dog? Hope u too applied and advicing others to settle in India. You suck man.

        1. Never apply an H1B through a Consultant. They just Cheat you. I have many friends that got Visas through Consultants, they went to US and came back to India after 3-4 months, because they didn't get the salary promised by consultants. Some simply wasted 2-4 lakhs of there hard earned money and came back.

          So always search for a good reputed company to sponsor you.

  15. Yestarday (1st April) itself USCIS called my employer and questioned the employer that in this week economy how can they make a request for H1-B. My employer filled 3 h1 these year and USCIS has reject back all the three application.




    ENJOY .




  17. Raju,

    u r making life difficult for you and for others too, There are few people who did all their hard work in school and they are genius and deserving candidates than u (for sure).Please do not take the chance of that candidates. If u go by 4 companies then first of all u will be rejected after the lottery and also 1 or 2 candidates will not be able to crack the lottery. If you cant save ur career, then please at least dont destroy others wonderful and rewarding career.


    I will pray for you that u will get visa by applying only by one sponsor

  18. @raju

    You have a nice firm determination lad, but be aware desi consultants are fukin parasites. Stay away frm dem if you can, go wid an established company so you can be awarded for your hard work in US otherwise these mofos are pieces of shit. They dnt evn pay for doin yo shit. Filthy assholes.

    Best of luck to you Raju.

    1. Thank you! I think you are the first person giving some good advice. Anyway with more consltants cancelling, i am applying only one through big company (they said no problem for work because they are working on special government contracts) and one consulting company for the backup.

      Pray to god for me that i will get in this time.

  19. Guys,

    I know I am late this year to file my H1, but believe not too late. can anyone please give any employers name who can sponsor my H1B. I am willing to spend money. any hint/number or help is much appreciated.

    Thanks Gurus

  20. Raju,

    I guess we have the same mindset of being optimistic with this American Dream. You see if its difficult to apply during recession, then how much more when US have recovered! Immigrants will rush to file! So i really give my destiny and do the best I can.

  21. Hi! I have a sponsor-consultant for my h1b and was unlucky last year to be selected in the lottery. However, I'm really hoping this year i'll be selected. Pls let me know what are the add'l supporting docs needed so that it will get approval fr the USCIS at the same time get the H4 visas for my husband and child?


    1. Hi Rojk,

      can you please give me your sponsor name and details. My comopany through whom I was going to processes backed out last minute. if you please can give the details or anyone else who will be willing to sponsor me I would be grateful.


    2. Well, if you are applying from consultant, you need client letter. Also you need some tax documents for the consultant and the bank statements (to show they have enough money to pay you for 3 years), else you will get RFE.

      If you have job through big company, then its much easy. They sent me a packet with some documents. Also they saying they will send more documentations if and when we get selected through lottery. Its also good because they are giving flight tickets to and from Chennai and giving stay in hotel and taxi. They are also providing for food :).

      1. Are they providing for clothes, Camry/BMW, gas (petrol) for it, cleaning supplies for your house, maid services etc.? Just curious.

        1. Well they said they will provide for hotel and car for 3 months. But why do you think they more? they are giving salary right. They also provide some re-location trainings and coordinator for some adjustments to US life it seems. Also they paying for shipping for India but I am going to buy new things.

          Also I spoke to my hiring manager in US. he said given i having patents with him he said interview will not be hard.

    1. Hi Mohan,

      How many are you trying for this year? I know many consultants are not applying but many many are. Until now how many are you applying with?


      1. Hi Raju,

        Still I could not able find any one to file my H1 B. Please let me know if you know any one willing to apply, I have only few more days to file H1 B.



      2. Hi Raju,

        same here. do you have any name or number who can sponsor my H1.

        at last minute the company I was filing my H1 backed out. your help is much appreciated.


  22. I am currently working on L1 A visa and wants to convert visa status to H1 

    Little history: I filed for H1 through a NJ based company last year, but unfortunately it's pending and no change in the status since June of 2008.Now it is denied.

    I'll will be looking for a favorable feedback from

    1. Any chance to re-open my existing application.

    2. Most of the consultant is ready to file this year. if you know any of them please let me know.

  23. Hi HSB,

    Yes you are right, for the primary visa the sponsoring company is paying for H1 and all the things like travel etc. But the problem is that last 2 years they already applied but lottery rejected me because god was not kind enough.

    This time also the company is going to do the visa, but the other 3 iam applying myself to avoid the risk this time. if i get all h1 i will take from the big company.

    1. when USCIS comes to know that you have filled more than H1 they will reject all of them..they are implementing manual checking this time so guess your trick of multiple applications is NOT going to work..

      alas hopefully only the genuine applicants with REAL job offers get the VISA

      1. Basically you are telling me to do what i did for the last 2 years and fail again? Why are you cursing other people to fail?

        1. @ Raju: I am not cursing anyone to fail.Just making you and others aware of the FACTS..Good Luck with your 4-5 H1B applications!Keep us updated about their status!!

        2. I spoke to my lawyer regarding this one. He says there is no risk, the law only states that the same company files for my H1 twice.

      2. No, it will not be. The law only prevents the same company from filing multiple petitions for the same person and the same position. As long as the company and / or the position is different, one can apply as many as they can. Good luck for all H1B aspirants!

    2. Hello Raju.. I know how pain it will be not getting selected for 2 times continuously. It happened to my brother having 8 years of real working exp in India. And he travelled all over the world, but want to work here to make good amount of money. Infact i came here last year, with same dollar dreams.. but life not so easy.. life starts here once you get your ssn, credit card and a car.. after 6 months you can make little saving.. if you are lucky enough to get a project. I myself being layed off in Jan.. i know how your finances will suffer. If you have job ready.. that' really great.. but plan for the worst case.. have some cash reserves back in india.. if you have to pay any loans.. and if you are married.. be very careful… explain the positives and negatives to your wife.. if you can survive for 1 years.. without troubles from the consultancy.. then you will rock after that.. The facts about most consultancies.. they take money for processing.. and they pay you back in installments when you are here.. bench pay means.. guest house accommodation, tv, phone, internet & groceries to cook… they pay the salary only after 45 days of your first job.. some pays after 60 days.. so.. all the best.. Infact i dropped the idea of applying H1 this time for my brother.. as the economy is too bad.. and higher chances of reject.. you never what the next bill obama will sign 🙂

      1. Hi Venkat,

        Thank you for your kind words. I will take your advice to heart. I pray to god that you get project quickly, if you dont already have.

  24. Raju,

    This year is particularly bad due to market conditions. Some of the consulting companies are asking employees to leave the country if they don't get a project for more than a few (~30-60) days – since the consulting company cannot take the burden of paying employees without projects. They cannot allow employees to stay in this country without any pay as USCIS has become very strict with that policy.

    I have not experienced the ~2001 recession myself – I guess a lot if immigrants went back to their countries. Since this recession is being categorized as a worse that, you can imagine how it is going to be.

    If there is nothing you can do at this point, just relax and hope for the best. Otherwise read and talk to your friends and understand the current circumstances before making a move. Losing ALL the money is definitely not a good idea in this hopeless market.

    Wish you the best.

  25. Hi kab, for many years all the folks have been paying for the H1b visa application. Is it a new rule that we should not pay? I am sure that many people in this forum are paying or have paid.

    1. Raju, you are making a very big mistake. I can clearly tell you. Please hire an immigration lawyer in India who can help you come to the US legally. Any other way you choose and enter the US, you are stuck with your life floating at the whims of shady companies

      You should definitely come to the US on a visitor visa or student visa and check out the reality here. US is not India, you will be held accountable for your actions.

      Please don't think I am scaring you, I am only asking you to use caution and that is for your own benefit.

      All said, I wish you good luck.

  26. First of all paying for H1B and accepting payment is illegal. If caught you are sure to be in trouble. H1B is employer's petition and you are not supposed to pay a single penny (close to 5 paise for Raju).

    Of course you have dreams of coming here and you have the right to dream. Be careful with your methods though, stick to the legal way and fulfill your dreams. Living in an advanced country is certainly a great experience, but it comes with its price. Law really has long arms here in the US.

  27. Guys, it's amazing how discouraging you can be. If you guys think you are not happy in the US, why dont you to return to India and be here. Maybe then others can also get an oppurtunity to get into the "difficult job market" that you guys are talking about.

    Also why say that only if you have an IIT or IIM degree you are smart? If you clear the interview and are able to solve the problems you are smart.

    by the way, who said I am applying though consulting companies only. I have 1 offers for some of US biggest companies who are applying directly, only rest are through consultant. My old manager in US wants me to work for him and has got exception (although the company is not filing generally) to file visa for me.

    Don't make the assumption that I am stupid.

    1. Do not pay anyone to come here, i'll tell you what will happen after you have paid $$$$$ to all those people, say out of your 4 petitions you get one through, and you get called for the h1b in oct 1, the following things WILL happen for sure

      1) Good chance you'll get rejected at the embassy as the US consulate is VERY strict about who you are and which company you are goin to on the H1B etc, if you're lucky enough to get it stamped the goto 2

      2) VERY GOOD CHANCE that when you arive in the US, the Officer at the POE (port of entry) will send you back, iam not joking at all here its happening ALOT, they will see the company and ask you for client lists, phone numbers, and alot of other papers, if nothing they will tell you to return home as there are no jobs right now because of recession, yes its been happening alot nowdays

      3) IF you get lucky and make it through the US and reach your company, you will be on bench for a long time and will not get paid, your company will eventually get raided , you will be sent back and banned for re-entry for several years AND will loose ALL MONEY.

      USCIS and ICE have become very very strict and are causing havoc here, goto immigration forums are read about it if you dont believe me.

      Want to come to USA please use legal ways and wait for 2 years till recession dies down before you come, you will loose all your money and be ruined forever because of this mistake.

        1. Me being happy or not in the US has nothing to do with the fact that you might be deported by Immigration because of your carelessness and stupidity.

    2. Hi Raju mama,

      ur a typical mama type candidate…a trouble seeking torpedo…or like a moth into the fire…how I wish I could trade my H1 with your property u just sold.Ur such a confidant freak. Im pretty sure u must be from AP ;). Mama tell me when ur comming I wish to welcome u with garland and a band…iffff you were to make it through immigration. I really hope u make it through to experience the reality. u have seen ppl from here come to India and flaunt money…but havent seen them digging deeper into their credit cards…u have seen them buying property..with an anticipation of paying them off soon but havent witnessed their fears of paying off the loans iwth the recent recession adn job losses. If ur so much of a gambler..y dont u get a visiting visa and check out Vegas, hollywood..it will surely be less expensive than sellign ur property.

  28. Yeup,

    Raju..if ur one application get selected then ur lucky,,but if 2…then ,,forget it,,,since world knows that there no more jobs n country is in recession,,,and in such peak,,time,,,if u say u have 2 jobs,,,then ,,,I dont think USCIS people so much dump to believe,,,unless,,,n until ur IIT IIMs student,,,believe,,,,they also deporting from air port,,,which,,,first time i have heard…finally its urs choice,,coz,,,if any one gets deported then,,,,there is no renentry aleast in this life

  29. Do not file multiple visa applications this year.

    The USA govt has fixed many filtration to eliminate such entries. Because here in our consulate we have perfect filtration softwares and they may be barred with all their entries.

    I read here about someone selling properties and filing multiple entries.

    Do you think US is so dumb to allow all such scams?

    This year no consultant will file a new H1b unless otherwise it is genuine. Because many are getting arrested here. so there are many fake employers here , who try to collect money from foreigners without applying for their visa. Go through news papers first and choose a correct consultant / employer.

    Fines and punishments here are very severe for fake people.

    The first question the embassy will ask is:

    If u are so brilliant to get multiple offers from many clients, then why can't u get sponsored from a good IT company in your country?

    can u answer this?

  30. @Raju: U are being impractical and crazy by applying through 4 consultant..and that to raising the Money by selling your property. Once u come over here (incase you get thru one of the applications from the Shady consultants you have hired) you will realise that life over here is not that easy. and btw if u feel u already have a job with the Consultant then you are wrong..It does not necessarily mean that having an offer from a consultant over here means you have a job(as in you would be getting paid) If you come here dont be surprised when the consultant doesnt pay you on bench or asks you to stay in a Guest house,look on your own for a Client,your consultant changing the terms and conditions which he gave in the offer letter..open your view and gather the correct information before you land up in big trouble(which I forsee)

  31. @Raju,

    from where you have collected this information that everybody in US is rich……my suggestion to you…dont come with so much of expectations…..later on you will repent you decision…..be practical….

    1. Sirjuda, are you in the US? I think all the people in US dont want the people in India to come to the US and make our dreams come through. I know that people in the US are rich. When my friends or relatives come to India i see how much money they have. They shop in expensive places and buy houses in India like crazy. Working in India it is impossible to build a future for oneself. They drive big cars like camry, bmw etc which i cannot dream of driving here. While you guys are vacationing in Disneyland and Hollywood driving your big cars and living in big houses with big TV and everything, I am struggling here.

      I am being practical, if you guys cannot understand the gift god has given you by being in the US, it is not my problem.

      1. @Raju – you are absolutely wrong. You have seen only the greener side of things. Do you know the plight of thousands of jobless people from other countries struggling in US. Struggling in India is always better than that being here. You need at least 25-40K INR a month to survive here. If you have a family, GOD HELP YOU!

        Unless you are 100% of your network who can fetch you job, think twice you take this risk and being desparate to come here. You can or anyone can always come here. But, don't getting into troubles after being here. You might easily find a job after few months, but it is as easy to get laid off as well.

        1. Hi Ram,

          Thank you for your advice. I have network in US. My old manager is going to hire either through consulting or full time, so I am not worried. Only thing is I need visa, but my luck is bad. Last 2 years i failed only trying with old company filing for me because of lottery.

          My Manager file patents with me, so he get exception to file H1 for me from the company. Why should i worry about stay, you people dont have friends?

          1. If company is hiring you then they have to sponsor your H1B, if your manager is going to hire you, then that company have to apply for your H1B and they have to pay for all expenses. Instead you selling the properties and kinda bribing the consulting company to make you apply for H1B is not the right way. Also, there is no way to now if the consulting company is going to file your H1B or not.
            Since you asked the question of when did the rule change for you cannot pay the consulting company? There was no rule in first place. Only rule was its illegal for employees to pay for their H1B.

      2. @Raju..

        I think this guy Raju is talking nonsense. Buddy you watch out your pocket – most of these consulting firms are a scam in 2009. All the legit ones are not applying this year due to less client work and they already have soo many people out there unassigned. Iam not into consulting , but have to keep a track because those are the guys that bust the cap.

        Anyways guys, good luck to everyone. I have a feeling that this year the applicants wont cross more than 80k-95k. I have spoken to many lawyers too regarding this. They all were like this year there might not even be a lottery. It all depends when people like Raju stop applying for jobs by faking their resume..:Plol

  32. Why dont you guys try to applt for L-visa if you have been with the same company in an overseas location for at least the past 1 year. Much easier….and bailout doesnt affect L-visa…God forbids it does!

  33. hi,
    i am planning to apply through 2 different companies…may be a lottery may not be….thats y…also i am not sure if i appraoch a third company…really confused…..wat do u suggest….

    1. Hi,

      I did a lot of research talking to many people in US, UK and India. THis year the number of applications will be more than 200000. So its safe to go with atleast 4 companies. personally, iam going with 5, but i am scared that i might loose lot of money if i get through in all.


      1. oops….5 is a big number bcoz that means lot of money blocked with so many ppl….hey btw do u know any consultant who is doing for less money or less than 15k dollars…bcoz everyone i talk to is around 3k dollars…thats a lot of money for me to block considering i ahve indian rupees :((……..

      2. I can certainly say your research is not right. H1B Visa numbers are not expected to be filled in first week. I'm going to post an article from CNN and other predictions.

        1. I agree that total number of applications might be less. For instance one employer whom I was going to file with has decided not to do any H1B this year. However since most people are going to try for multiple H1B the number will be greater than 200,000. I personally think it might be around 250,000 to 300,000. I am sure that many Indian companies will also files 10's of thousands of H1B. But this year approval will be difficult

          1. Hey Guys,

            I am assuming that we are talking about applying for H1B General Quota through a consultant in India. Well, my first thoughts are that this is not a legally correct way to enter US and work here. This is evident from the number of such consulting companies that are under investigation for federal fraud. Another fact to consider is, that most of these consultants do not have a free flow of contract jobs like a couple of years earlier. So many of my friends with MS from here have not been able to find a job.

            I hope these consulting companies will admonish the applicants of the situation here because it is a pain for both the company and the applicant to come here and not end up into a job.

            However, I respect everyones personal decision. Goodluck!

      3. Hi

        Can you please let me know who is doing H1 this year.I asked may employer no one is ready to do H1.I am currently working in UK.

        1. Hi Suri, go to sulekha.com and talk to every employer. Someone or the other will oblige. The people I applied through are not accepting more applications now. However one trick I used is to offer some big gift to the consultant. They will certainly do it. For me it is difficult, but for you it will be easy seeing the conversion rate from pound to rupee.

      4. Hi,

        I would like to apply H1-B for this year…. But none of the consultant is ready to file it… If you know any of them are filing, please let me know asap…


        Radha Raj.

        1. It is late to try now. Most have already finalized the list and sent to lawyer. But you can try to go to sulekha.com and talk to them. Look at my other comment for advice.

    2. gottosee,

      its very sad that ur applying from 2 different companies, as u are reducing chances of other people by increasing your own for H1B.

      I got mine rejected twice! 2009 and 2008! Kindly to whoever is considering applying through multiple companies! be kind and considerate and stop being selfish!

      this year will be my third try! i so wish and pray fraudulent multiple fillings by Indian recruiting companies does not take place this year and people who deserve get a chance!



      1. Hi Bhatti,

        I agree with you. For 2 times my H1b did not get selected. So this time i have gone all out, and I am applying with 4 companies. I have sold all my property to raise the money. Hope god is kind and lets me get a H1b and become rich like other people in the US.


        1. @Raju – Grass is green on other side always. Numbers are not going to be more than what it was last year. If you are applying for H1b through 4 companies, doesn't mean every other person is going to do the same. This year getting H1B is not going to be an issue, but getting Approval will be tough unless company have good background and will be able to provide support for any query USCIS might send.
          Rich like other people in US – One you come to US, not long before you will realize its not as easy as it sounds to get rich. Yiu might not agree now and you can certainly provide examples of friends Us who are rich.

          1. Hey HSB,

            Can you shed some light on typical USCIS background check and any other intricacies involved in the process.



          2. I agree with HSB. This is not as simple as it sounds. Most of the people get the reality bites once they come here and find that they are competing for jobs which requires a lot more experience.

        2. What are we talking about filing multiple visas for the same person.Last year there was an article from USCIS saying if a person files multiple times the money will not be returned if they fail to be picked up in lottery.

          Be aware

        3. Hi ,

          It's useless to file so many applications. This time they will give visas to only those who have confirmed job from client. If you dont have that one, you will get querries for all applications and they will reject all applications and wont refund your money. So you will be in problems.

          Recognising this fact, most of the companies in US are not applying for H1 this year, and some companies are applying only if the candidate is bearing the money.


          1. Hi, what do you mean by confirmed job from client? I already have a job right, though the company I am applying. Please explain.

        4. Hi Raju,

          Its shocking that why are paying such a huge amount to get your H1B, its absolutely wrong decision that you sold your asset to file your H1B through five diff companies. Do you know what India is the 100 times good than the IT companies in USA in this current situation, it doesnt mean that if you get your H1B all your issues will be resolved. The main objectuve should be getting a job, I know "N" number of guys are in line for more than a year who didnt get even a sinlge project. Btw my H1B application number got picked up last year but the approval didnt come yet.

          CIS is very strict nowadays and they want the employer to show their employee pay stub for his/her entire stay in USA, people who are in H1B and dont have job are scared a lot that the companies may ask them to go back to India etc.,

          My friends told me that some companies are planning to send their employees back to India…because if the employer dont pay salary, then its problem for employee as well…you may know that 10 companies all around US got in to this trouble and they were arrested.

          Im telling you the exact situation that is in USA, so be in the safer side …..gud luck.

  34. Mine H1-B was rejected last year in sense it dint made thru the lottery system and i have already applied for this year.So are there ne chances or preferences given for the previous year rejected H1-B.

    Request you to please update me on this.

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