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H1B 2013 Cap Reached and I Have a Huge Loan to Pay

Following comment was posted by Bharat at H1B Visa FY 2013 FAQ’s since H1B Cap 203 reached last week.

I completed my MBA from top college Aug 2011, so now I’m on job hunting on OPT, last month I got a full time job in top fortune company.

They are in the process of applying my H1B they just filed LCA last week it approved on June 11th, now today i got a news H1 quota is completed.

My OPT is expiring on sept1st 2012 I can’t get to  extend my OPT because  I’m a MBA guy.

Really I don’t know what I have do now I’m clueless ;-(

Any one pls guide me what are the possibilities to continue my job.

I can go back to India and start a job but i have huge loan to pay, so no idea :-( ;-(

H1B Cap 2013 Reached

USCIS announced last week that H1B Visa Quota for FY 2013 is Full.

Impact of H1B Cap running out can be already felt by employers and recent graduates like Bharat.

Its going to take forever for pay off $40,000 loan by earning Rs 50,000 per month ($1000).

OPT Extension

For folks who don’t understand about OPT Extension part in the above question, here is a quick overview.

  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) is work authorization given to students which is of 12 months long.
  • Student in F1 visa, after completing their degree can apply and get OPT.

Companies can hire graduates  with OPT Card and then sponsor H1B Visa before 12 months OPT expires or within STEM OPT extension period.

Refer to Optional Practical Training guide to learn more.

  • MBA graduates get 12 months OPT
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) graduates get 12 months + 17 months extension (conditional apply)

For Bharat, OPT expires on September 1, 2012.  He would have 60 days grace period from the OPT expiry date to leave the country.

MBA degree graduates don’ qualify for 17 months OPT extension.


STEM Extension based on Under-Grad Degree

Department of  Homeland Security had proposed the following rule back in January, 2012

Expand eligibility for 17-month extension of optional practical training (OPT) for F-1 international students to include students with a prior degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

But, above rule is not yet implemented. If in case the above rule goes into effect before OPT expires and you have under graduate degree in STEM field, you can apply for 17 months extension.

CPT in First Semester

Students in similar situations will be looking for other ways to stay within USA.

Going  back to school will get you back in F1 visa and give legal student status. But, problem arises, when they want admission from university which will give CPT in first semester.

There are few comments already posted that are looking for CPT in first semester.

Can you please let me know the univs that offer CPT from day1 itself.. as I completed MS (USA).. So I think we are eligible to take CPT from day1 as we satisfy the rule of staying in US for 9 months or taking 15 credits..

i am also looking to join XYZ university . and take CPT in first semester is it possible?

can you please address these questions i have it would be really a great help

1) what is the cost of tuition per quarter ?
2) how many courses should i take per quarter? cpt is other paid course will it be included as elective?

Before you decide to find a school that will give CPT in first semester, don’t forget about Tri-Valley University Arrests and Raid.

In the end you have to figure out other ways to stay in legal status after OPT Expires –  8 Options If You Can’t Find A Job After M.S. in USA.

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  1. I heard that Indian IT companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro are recruiting Indian students who are on OPT. Can anyone tell me if it is true and whether someone has applied for H-1B this year while in USA on OPT thru these companies???

    1. depends on university you go to. In many univs MIS comes under STEM but there are few others in which MIS does not come under STEM.

      1. Actually it depends on International advisor and office people, if thet forward the OPT extension application USCIS has no problem approving but usually advisors do not do it. Hence most unis it does not fall under STEM

      2. Ok…so we need to ask the university to know whether the programs falls in STEM or not…

        Thanks a lot for the info :))

  2. As per my knoweldge you Have 2 options Bharath
    1. You need to go for double masters. Try to get admission from an (Acredited)university in the same state where you are working. And enquire about the universities which provide you CPT from first semister in same state. But don’t try to work in one state and study from other state. It creates a problem to you later like Trivalley unversity.

    2. You can also maintain status by taking short term courses from Kaplan near to your place till you get your H1.

    1. Schools will give CPT on first sem only if courses requires CPT from first semester. Even with Masters, CPT follows F1 Rules. Your intention is to work and stay in status, but F1 visa rules doesn’t allow that. Pick the course that allows CPT, but again, it should be related to the course.

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