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H4 to F1 Visa Interview – Documents Required for the Stamping

Are you converting from H4 to F1 Visa by Consular Processing?

Then, besides planning for where to attend the visa interview, you would be gathering the document for H4 to F1 Visa Interview.

Here is a generic list for H4 to F1 Visa interview documents and you may need additional documents depending on your family, personal history and previous visa status held.

H4 to F1 Visa Interview Documents

The list of documents required is classified as per the source.

From the University

  1. I-20 (all previous I-20’s)
  2. College Admission Letter
  3. Official Transcripts (if you have completed few semesters)

From you

  1. Passport (current and old)
  2. DS-160 Confirmation
  3. Visa Interview Appointment Confirmation
  4. H4 Visa Approval Notice (if you have one)

From your spouse

  1. H1B Visa Approval Notice Copy
  2. Employment Verification Letter
  3. Recent Pay Stubs

From your Sponsor

  1. From the US
    1. Bank Statements (sponsor is from the US)
    2. Letter from the bank with current balance
    3. Tax returns
    4. W-2’s
  2. From India
    1. Bank letter with the current balance
    2. Income Tax returns
  3. Loan approval letter (if  any)

In addition to the above documents, there maybe consulate specific documents. Please check the US Consulate website for additional documents.

What if there are multiple sponsors for F1 Visa?

Sometimes, F1 visa applicant might have multiple sponsors, like spouse and parents. In addition, there could be an education loan.

In such a scenario, make sure you get sufficient documentation from all your sponsors (as listed above).

You may run into a situation, where you are married, but parents are sponsoring your F1 Visa Interview and they are retired. If I were interviewing you and here is my thought process if you have such a scenario:

  • Why parents or in-laws are sponsoring the studies when he/she is married?
  • Why is spouse not sponsoring the education?
  • Does the Parents or in-laws have sufficient income to pay for the education?

So, as an F1 Visa applicant, you have to be prepared to handle such questions. And quite possibly you may be surprised when the consular officer asks you such question and you are not prepared to answer or weren’t expecting such question.

How to get Official Transcripts from the University?

If you have already completed at least one semester on H4 Visa, you SHOULD take the official transcripts with you for the F1 Visa interview.

Official Transcript would be issued in a sealed document. Get that and you can open the envelope. Typically, the security wouldn’t allow sealed envelop inside the US Consulate.

When to Change to F1 Visa Status from H4 Visa?

If you are registered for less than full-time program while in H4, then you should consider changing the status between the semester. Try to avoid changing the status in the middle of the semester.

What are the chances of F1 Visa Rejections?

F1 Visa interviews are not document-based interviews. Visa applicants often complain that their visa was rejected without reviewing the documents.

Consular Officers are trained to identify the qualified students based on the applicant’s answers.

Even if you have sufficient balance in your bank and got good grades while attending the school on H4 Visa, F1 visa approval is not greatened and don’t take it granted.

F1 Visa interview will be approved based on the merits of your case as Visa officer views them.

  1. Academically Qualified
  2. Financially qualified
  3. Not a potential immigrant

In addition to the above three requirements, you might be asked the following question as well.

Why do you want to change to F1 Visa? Why can’t you study in H4 Visa?

Your chances of F1 Visa approval is the same as any F1 visa applicant.

When the Change of Status Application is Pending

If you have already applied for Change of Status by submitting I-539 for H4 to F1, traveling outside the US, abandons the COS petition. You don’t have to notify USCIS to withdraw the petition.

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