F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Approved for Spring 2012 – University of Florida

  • Status: F1 Visa Approved
  • Venue: Hyderbad consulate
  • Date: 23rd Nov 2011
  • Appointment Time: 08:00
  • Semester – Spring 2012

Reached there at 0730 hrs exactly (as i was asked to be there 15 mins before the appointment time ). There was a short queue to which the security guided me. My DS 160 confirmation page was checked outside and a token was given to me. Then my documents and person checking was completed and i was asked to move to a different counter.

I was very nervous from the start, even during my check I was not able to respond in a proper way and just spent some time talking with other people to cool myself. I was called after 5 min and a person pasted a barcode in my passport arranged my docs.& asked me to go to another window where my left and right hand impressions were taken. I was asked to wait for visa interview.

And finally my token no. was displayed and I moved to counter No. 10. Before me a couple were being interviewed for which I had to wait for sometime. Their USA student visa was issued and now it’s my turn. Here is way it went on.

Visa Interview

VO: Good Morning Sir. How are you?
Me: Good Morning Sir. I am fine thanq. How are you?( passed on the documents)

VO: So what is the University u r gng for?

VO: Gains……What is it?
Me: Gainesville, Sir.

VO: What are the other universities you have applied
Me: told

Me: I said 1st class with 59.7%

VO: Its not 1st class
ME: According to our university regulations >59.5 comes as 1st class Sir.(Showed him the documents)

VO: What’s ur GRE?
Me: told

Me: Told

Vo: Any Backlogs?
Me: told

VO: You have very less GPA, what’s the reason?
Me: told

VO: What’s ur % in your fourth sem

VO: Tell me your % in every sem
Me: told

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: told

VO: Income?
Me: told

VO: I dont feel you have credentials to do well in US?
Me(said it confidently and a bit loud, literally I shouted at him): I have confidence in myself and blah blah…….

Vo: Good you have confidence.
Congratulations Sir, your visa has been approved. You will get your passport in a week. Happy journey
Me: Thank you very much Sir. Have a great day !

I spoke confidently and he never asked for any documents. With my low profile acads I never felt i could get Visa, but thanx to Happyschoolsblog which has boosted my confidence and it’s party time….. 🙂


Congrats on your sucessfull visa interview.

There are over 100+ F1 Visa interviews published. Do you think all those interview will be useful, if everyone decided to share answers to questions like “told”?

Its good you got the visa, but your experience is not going to to be of much help to HSB readers.

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  1. I have been trying to secure a less tuition university for my masters program. Do you think I can still meet up for September program. Pls reply.

  2. I have a questions on sponsor .

    Both of my parents are not working ….Can I take my Uncle as sponsor will there be a problem in Visa Interview

      1. Thanks Saai for the reply ,

        But my counsellor advised me not to take uncle as sponsor as I already have two sonsors sister and parents …I have got suffuicient funds but I am short of 5lakhs that is the reason I am looking in to Uncle as sponsor .
        I am really worried bcoz my counsellor scared me saying its difficult to get visa with these many sponsors

  3. Hi All,

    I had my Visa Interview on 20th Jan,2012 and VO told me to collect my Passport in 5 days. But i am still awaiting as the VFS site is updating: “Your passport is under process at U.S. Embassy/Consulate”. Can somebody pls update is it something normal or should i need to follow up and how should i go ahead now ?

  4. From Nigeria ,I intend appkying for f1 student visa for my masters for fall 2012 with just 103 TOEFL score without GRE as the school did not make GRE conpulsory for student that make about 3.0 American CGPA ..is there possiblity of geting the visa in the absence GRA??

  5. I am a Nigerian, can I apply for US study visa from India as I currently lives in India. If yes, hope it will not limit my chances of getting Visa.

  6. Congrats guy. ur confidence and boldness helped you. keep it up. I got my visa approved on wednessday 23rd November. F2 was also approved for my wife. see u at the top

    1. hey congrats..even im going for visa interview on 5th dec for f2..can u jst share your experince, like what quetions were asked to your wife…?

    2. Congrats. Its party time. You would have been defeated if you have not put on boldness. I pray one day I am going be like you.

  7. Actually this is my first post so I didnt get to know how to narrate my experience.
    I just told them the general answers to them as
    GRE score is 1310
    TOEFL is 96
    Sponsor-My family is going to sponsor me
    Income-8.8 lpa
    I told my % in 4th sem is 72. I lost my GPA in 2nd sem coz I worked in a pvt. album which demanded more out of me, so I lost that sem as i did not hve enough time to prepare.
    Finally to prove myself, I said “Sir, I hve confidence in myself, that is the reason I had worked hard for my GRE and proved that I m still worthy and can showcase my talent even during worst case scenarios.
    I didnt post my replies coz I felt they were general answers and were not worth xplaining.

  8. The blogger and the input given as ‘told’ is misery, but I don’t doubt the contents.

    It is better HSB take call in not publishing such posting till the person reveals his/her name and come with fact of contents.

    It is not too late for the ‘guest blogger’ to come with UNTOLD the facts of TOLD information.

    I being a father of prospective student look for clarity in communication.

  9. Hi every one , my visa got rejected on 21st December in hyd.
    interview time 11 am

    vo : Why ucm ?
    me : the curriculum and the research on web security in the field of computer dept under prof sam made me to choose this university.

    vo :gre , toefl ?
    me :1000 ielts 6band

    vo : passed out ?
    me : 2008

    vo : what did u do from 3 years ?
    me : had 3 yr expirence as software engineer

    vo :what is ur annul income ?
    me :3.8/annum

    vo : sorry …. ur visa is rejected

    What will be the reason for rejecting the visa . i don’t had anythng fake.

    can any one suggest me ,am planning to apply again for visa nxt month

    1. Hi Sandeep

      I think you didn’t give convincing answers to VO for the following questions……..

      why UCM? and you should have explained your Job profile in a better way so that the VO clearly understands your intention i.e Are you going to US for higher education or not.

    2. I think it all about ur countenance…cos yu have a real good convincing points…secondly mayb d???????????????? issue the visa on disgression…its all gud man

  10. hii frnds…. are dere any students b4 who had an conditional i20 stating that the student needs to attend ets program b4 enrolling the name in colg…and fi visa issued to these students in dis situation

  11. hii frnds….. i hav a small doubt
    are der any previous cases who got f1 visa vth low gre n toefl scores???
    or any one who has got an conditinal i20 stating that the student needs to attend ets program after reaching 2 colg…and thus they are issued vth fi visa tooo

  12. wow. Some of the comments are harsh. The point of the post is that u should be confident regardless of your credentials. It might just be a deciding factor.

  13. Hey man , u shouldn’t hv shared u experience with HSB . As this is of NO USE.

    U just mentioned TOLD…TOLD…TOLD…TOLD….

    People like u ..r just of mean mentality, who just wanna enjoy others’ experiences, but don’t contribute to a community.

    HSB has already posted better & motivating experiences from other subscribers.

    1. Oh really!The reason I just posted my experience to show that confidence matters during VI not the answers. Better understand that before you comment.

      1. Hey Saai, I understand ur intention behind this post & if u think u just wanna share ur V I with a great confidence & u got the visa with such low percentage. Then I appreciate u

        But why don’t u admit u r an introvert. & I think u didn’t read the comment of HSB on sharing ur such boring interview experience….
        it’s 4..u…if u didn’t read the HSB comment

        HSB wrote this, at the end of ur visa interview experience…

        “””There are over 100+ F1 Visa interviews published. Do you think all those interview will be useful, if everyone decided to share answers to questions like “told”?
        Its good you got the visa, but your experience is not going to to be of much help to HSB readers.”””

        Better understand that before you comment.

  14. it would be appreciated if u hav posted ur proper answers tht u hav answerd to the vo which would b useful to other users ,anywyz congrts

    1. You might have shared your experience but exactly it doesn’t help us. If you dont mine try to give your answers.

  15. hey congrats on your sucessfull visa interview but as hsb mentioned above that its of no use and help to the hsb readers like me unless you mention the so called TOLD answers to the readers.So it would be of great help if you share atleast few of the TOLD answers to the questions that you mentioned above.

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