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How to Get F1 Visa Again After Getting Caught Red Handed for Lying?

It’s becoming common for F-1 Visa students  lie during F1 Visa Interview. Why? Hoping that the Visa Officer’s are not smart enough (or dumb enough) to  not notice your lie and issue your Visa. Here’s an example.

Sir, I  respect HSB a lot from the day when I started applying for USA universities,  now I have completed my engineering and doing a job, I have been rejected F1 visa TWICE.

I  have 15 backlogs and in the first interview I told that I had 9 backlogs. Visa officer counted the number of F’s in my memos and asked me the question again, I gave the same answer.

Did I make a mistake?

Second interview  was very formal with rejection at the end. My question is if the visa officer thought that am lying. Is there any chance of me getting visa again in the future? With two years of work experience?

F1 Visa Approval After Caught Lying

Don’t lie during visa interview. Period.

If you plan to lie, then you must be good at it.

Did you think Visa Officers are can’t find out if you are speaking the truth or lying?

They are trained to find deception. They interview 100’s of students every day.

In your interview, it was pretty obvious that you were lying. If you were found lying, then you can forget the possibility of entering

[x_alert type=”warning”]I have seen students who were bold enough to lie convincingly and get the student visa.  I have also seen student’s who got caught lying. I’m yet to see anyone who was caught lying and got visa approval again. [/x_alert]

If you were found lying, then you can forget about entering the United States ever again.

Don’t Lie in F-1 Visa Interview

One of the first articles that were posted in this blog about F1 Visa Interview questions was all about:

Key’s the Ace the F1 Visa:

  • Don’t Lie.
  • Speak the Truth.
  • Don’t get caught lying.

Speak the Truth. You decided to hide the truth and now you are facing the consequences. You decided to hide the truth and now you are facing the consequences.

Even if you get 2 years of work experience, you lied and that’s the fact and it’s not going to change. It doesn’t matter, what you do now, it’s going to be a challenge to get U.S. Visa in future. I know there’s a period of ban, but not sure how long that ban is valid, and if you can get visa again.

Reader Ebi’s Comment:

If you are caught in a lie by the VO, it’s a “kiss me goodbye” to the USA. Never lie, when the truth can serve you. You blew it.

If you want to lie, then go ahead and follow this 14 Backlogs and One Lie to get F1 Visa

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  1. I got 4 times rejection for f1 visa on same university so there is any chance to get on my 5th please give any suggetions for spring 2018 in usa

  2. I am planning for F1 visa interview in first half of November,2017. I get admission in MBA, I have apply only in one university (southern New Hampshire university ) and get I20.
    I have 3 questions.
    if VO, ask me, why I have not apply in any other university.
    2:why I have choose this particular state?
    3;why I have choose this university?
    What should be my answer?

  3. Hello my name is belete , I got rejected for visa interview two times for one university in two weeks . the first one was easy and i was not well prepared also and he ask me if I am applied to other university, and i said no, in my second interview I said yes and i try to convince him also. in fact I have applied for other university a year ago but i think he thinks I am lying, should i go for third interview, and is there a problem if I talk with my language not English in the interview?

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