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This Guy Had Guts to Attend Visa Interview With Missing Information on DS160. Guess What Happened?

Do you want to know what happens if you attend F1 Visa interview with wrong information in DS-170 and visa officer happens to find that during the interview?

Looks like that what happened with this F1 Visa interview for NJIT for Masters in Information Systems.

I am NT and this is my profile

  • B.Tech percentage = 68.1% ( 2010 B.Tech ECE.  Graduated in 2010)
  • Backlogs : 4
  • Work experience: August 2010 to July 2013.
  • GMAT: 530
  • TOEFL : 84
  • Program : MS Information System
  • Spring 2014 session.

List of Universities applied :

  • NJIT
  • University of South Florida
  • Central Michigan University
  • Florida International University.

 F1 Visa interview Details

  • Interview Place: New Delhi
  • Interview Time: 9:30 AM
  • Visa interview date:  Jan 2, 2014
  • Visa Status : Keep Reading

F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers

I: Good Morning
VO : Good Morning

VO: Which University?
I : New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

VO: Which course?
I: MS in Information System.

VO: Which other universities you got admission from?
I: Central Michigan University, Florida international University.

VO: Why NJIT only?
I: It’s one of the Best Public research university. Information System department of NJIT was ranked 9 by Chronicle of Higher education and professors of NJIT have done very good research work in the field of Information System and they are very co-operative with students.Course curriculum of NJIT for MS in IS program matches my area of interest.These points dragged my attention towards NJIT.

VO: What are you doing?
I: Since August 2010 to July 2013, I worked with a telecommunication company and after that I was preparing for my exams and was helping my father with the family Business (Was about to say about my current professional work experience that I could not mention in the DS-160 form due to some technical Issue).

VO: Which kind of family business ?
I : Apple orchards.

VO: Sorry sir, I cannot grant you the visa this time?
I: Thank you sir and walked .

I was a little nervous before my visa interview about the fact that my 3 siblings are already in USA (mentioned in the DS-160).
My classes in NJIT are starting from January 21, 2014 and want to know if I should again arrange a visa interview in this session till 10 or 11th of January.

If it is advisable to again fill the information about my current job in DS-160 form?

 Comments and Suggestions

  • Not reporting your work experience due to technical issue is not an EXCUSE.
  • Visa officer is not going to reason with you about technical issue. He’s likely going to assume, you misrepresented your profile.
  • As a professional you should know, you can’t exclude facts in DS160.
  • If visa officer finds out about missing information in DS160, your visa could be rejected (even impacts your chances in future).
  • You should have  re-submitted DS-160 form with work experience.

You should have probably spent several hours reading visa interview experiences in the forums, blogs and groups. You could have posted this question if DS-160 should be resubmitted.

If you had received consultation, then it’s their job to inform you about this resubmitting DS-160 form.

Since, visa office didn’t give the reason for your rejection ( could be because of missing information or potential immigrant), I assumed that it could be because of DS-160.

If you reapply for F1 Visa again with right DS-160, you are likely to be questioned about this new information during the interview.

Here’s instruction about missing information in DS-160 from US Embassy Website

While you are completing the form click ‘Save’ often and then save it on the hard disk once you finish.  Fill out all required fields completely and correctly.  Significant errors or missing information may result in your application being rejected at the time of the interview and/or you might be asked to fill a new one.  If there is no activity for 20 minutes or more while completing this online application, your session will expire and all entered data will be lost, UNLESS you save a copy on your hard drive.  After submitting the application, you will have the chance to send a copy of the confirmation page by email.

I’m not sure what happened since you had submitted your experience. But, this is a good lesson for prospective students applying for F-1 Visa.

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  1. Dear friends
    I am student in Burkina wanting to carry on my studies in USA for the master degree in supply chain management.
    My first visa intervew was not successful. I got rejection. I realised that the university I choosed was not appropriate for my background ; I have a bachelor in transport and logistic. I choosed ASA COLLEGE IN NY ( ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN ACCOUNTING) . I suppose that it s the reason I didn’t get the visa. When the VO asked me about my background I told her that I wanted to study accounting that why I have to restart with the associate degree.
    Now I need some help dear friends. I waiting for an admission from University of Nebraska and Wisconsin University. Please advice me how to fill the DS 160. I had a work experience of two years but I didn t mention it at the first time. What to do now? How are my changes to get the visa.

  2. I have a problem… I applied for F1visa from Nigeria and I was rejected on two occasions. The First time I went to a consular, I was asked questions based on my I20 form and I answered but when it got to the part of what I’ve been doing since I left high school in 2005 I had an issue which I felt that was part of the problem. I left high school since 2005 and I was enrolled in University of Maiduguri in 2007 but till date I didn’t graduate because of the security challanges we were facing in the state where the school is located and the last session we did there was 2010/2011 and we completed this particular session last year being 2013 because the aforementioned security challanges. I applied to a school in US as a transfer student and got my transcript till 2011 evaluated by WES but what was stated on my I20 form was that the duration of the course I applied is 48months (4years). When I was asked by the consular that at my age why am I going to US as a freshman?, I told him that am going as a transfer student so he said that it wasn’t stated on my I20 form and asked do I have any thing to show that am on transfer? I showed him my admission letter. When I was filling in my I20 form, I stated that my arrival date in US was the date I got for the interview. I didn’t remember to change that cos I thought I was going to get a closer date. Well after all that I was rejected. I quickly went and reapplied and got a date two days later and filled my form and went for an interview again and this time after some of the basic questions, the consular asked when I finished high school? I told her I finished in 2005 and she asked what have I being doing since then? I told her I am enrolled in University of Maiduguri she asked when I was enrolled there? I told her since 2007 and she asked when I left there I told her last year meanwhile my transcript is saying 2011 then she asked for my transcript, I gave her my WES evaluated transcripts and she goes on to say ‘what’s this’? I told her it was my transcript evaluated by WES. Actually, most Universities in Nigeria don’t give students their transcripts at hand they must send it to an institution. I shifted my admission to summer. Waiting for a new I20 form. Please I need advise and counselling on how to apply for F1 visa with these my issues. Will be glad to get a good feedback. Thanks.

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