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Indian Students on F1 Visa – Stop Cooking & Do This Instead [Video]

As part of the Premium Webinar series, I interviewed Shekar.

The interview was about how and why he immigrated to Canada after Masters Degree in Virginia Tech.

There’s one topic that stood out. When you watch the video below, you can learn the following:

  • The #1 skill he lacked as a grad student & learned
  • The qualities he saw in American grad students
  • Why Indian students in the US should stop doing

Watch the Preview Below

You can get access to the entire interview when you join the Pro-Lab Membership.

About the Guest:

Shekar came to study Masters in Virginia Tech. As luck would have it, he did not get H1B Visa after 3 attempts.

Instead of taking Day 1 CPT university route to maintain the status, he moved back to India. And I asked him about that in the interview.

Today, Shekar is living and working in Toronto.

He immigrated to Canada via Express Entry Process.

Here’s the list of topics we discussed in the 110 minutes long interview:

  • Living in the USA
    • Journey to the USA
    • Student life in Virginia Tech
    • Working in OPT & STEM OPT
    • Developing professionally & personally as a grad student
    • H1B Visa Lottery
    • Why not Day 1 CPT University
  • Moving Back to India
    • Working in India
    • Finding a job in India through US Contact
  • Canada Express Entry
    • Preparing for the IELTS Test
    • Submitting the Express Entry Profile
    • Getting the FBI while in India
    • Timeline of entire Canada Express Entry Process
    • Receiving the invitation to apply (ITA)
    • Work experience letters (India & US experience)
  • Immigrating to Canada
    • Finding a job in Canada from India
    • Job search process in Canada
    • Landing in Canada
    • Port of Entry process for new immigrants in Canada
    • Settling down in Canada
    • Things to do as new immigrants
      • Canada Social Insurance
      • Health Insurance
      • Drivers License
  • Living & Working in Canada
    • Finding an apartments
    • Cost of groceries
    • Rent & Commuting
    • Cost of Car Insurance
    • Why immigrating directly from the US is better
    • Work Culture
    • Salary in Comparison to the USA
    • Taxes
    • Weather & Cold Climate
    • Saving money in Canada
    • Lifestyle in Canada vs USA

Well, that’s the gist of topics we discussed during the long and live interview.

We had over 30 questions from the attendees and he answered them as best he could to help others planning to immigrate to Canada because of H1B Visa Lottery or long wait-times to get the US Green Card.

Canada Express Entry Guide

If you are exploring moving to Canada, you have access to the following resources

  • Guide: Canada Express Entry Process
  • Interview: Unedited version of Interview with Shekar (longer version of this video)
  • IELTS Test Prep Guide
  • Upcoming Interviews:
    • 1 Year in Canada After After MS & MBA from the USA
    • Job Opportunities in Canada for Software & IT Engineers

Over to You

  • Do you agree to Shekar’s advice about spending more time on building social skills and taking part in activities around the campus?
  • Are you spending time with friends from outside your country (or state)?

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