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Here’s Why I Don’t Regret My Decision To Study in the United States

When I chose to come to America, I was just 20. And, being the eldest daughter and grand daughter of the house, I was always pampered and never away from my home. But, I still had this big dream of coming to the US.

Not because of the fancies it brings along, but instead, I wanted to discover myself and know what I really want in my life and career. 

First Day in the USA

It was a very cold evening in December. The ground was covered with snow and the United States was in the festive mood. I was not even aware of how the immigration would be and everything. It just went on and I just took one step at a time.

My uncle came and picked me from Washington, D.C., and we started driving back to his home in Richmond, VA.

We took the I-95 S, one of the busiest freeways and I was fascinated by seeing all the cars and the traffic and I wondered how anyone could drive on such roads!

I had so much going on in my mind. I was missing my home too much. I had met my uncle after years and wasn’t sure how things would be at his place. I reached home, ate some food and just hit the bed.

First Few days

The next days were spent on getting a phone connection, learning about social security number, credit scores, bank accounts.

My uncle drove me to Louisville, KY where I was to attend school. I found a place to stay and then started my school on Jan 3rd.

At The School

Education in the US is entirely different when compared to what we have accustomed in India. Initially, I was very unsure about the assignments, the APA format, the references, the citations, plagiarism, etc and so on.

But, slowly that too was mastered. And, the best thing this school brought to me was a bunch of friends. They were just a few strangers when we met on the first day of school. But today, there are the most wonderful people without whom my life wouldn’t be the same.

The After School Life

Of course, the student life comes with all the hurdles and hardship. But, trust me it is all worth it.

It teaches you to be responsible in all possible ways.

It makes you independent and teaches you how to manage yourself.

It also helps you to discover yourself.

Today, almost two years after finishing my course, I am very happy about my decision to study here.

For the last two years, I have my own car and I have driven half of United States, travelled many places, tried, failed and learnt cooking, still paying my loans, but very content about doing all these.

Discover Yourself

I would say move out of your comfort zone and try to discover yourself.

I think you should at least give a try before accepting defeat. If you still don’t like it, you can always go back.

Just make some good friends who can help you survive here (Stay away from those who try to deviate you from your aim).

Just remember, people are dying to get into this country and you were granted the privilege. Do not let it go waste. At least, have the satisfaction of having tried it.

I regret many decisions I have taken in my life. But, I know for sure that coming to the US is not one of them.

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  1. Hi,
    My OPT expired by oct 1st now my h1b is still shows RFE, am i eligible to stay here without working?
    I am going to india in November for my marriage after that i will come as H4, I just want to know if i am eligible to stay in USA for one month
    or do i need to join any university ?

  2. “Just remember, people are dying to get into this country and you were granted the privilege. Do not let it go waste. At least, have the satisfaction of having tried it”.

    So true….

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