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Student Life is Difficult, I’m Returning to India

A’s  posted this comment and few percentage of students are going to feel the pain what he’s going through.

I am presently doing third sem at USA university. I am doing masters in CS. I always wanted to return India after graduation. But atleast with 8 months internship experience in USA. However, presently I have applied to many companies, given 7 phone interview, however tough luck as not a single call for internship. As presently many people apply for 1 position, specially international applicants. As, many companies have reduced their internship opportunity to local candidates. So, I strongly recommend stay in India (HOME)
enjoy and work. Even here these days getting part time jobs in US universities is difficult. Forget about scholarship. for that you have to be very lucky and shiny. Instead of getting in debt in USA, as presently there is no guarantee of jobs. Just stay in India, gain experience. I am here daily dreaming to return India, as here for a student life is more difficult, have to starve for public transport, grocery, etc.,

Anyway, I would like to know salary will be offered in India, after completion of Masters degree in Computer Science from USA.



F1 Students Life in US

After reading A’s comment, some of you will feel sympathy, but my reaction is different.

You are e not the first person to go to US and miss the things you have listed. Everyone studying in U.S. has to go through the same.

Options in life comes as a package. You cannot expect to live in US and still have access to festivals in India. If you want to study in U.S. those are the sacrifices you have to make.

You should have know that day you decided to study in US. So, things you miss are part of the package that comes while you study in India. Don’t feel for that. You made the decision to study in U.S. and you have to accept everything that comes with that.

I am here daily dreaming to return India, as here for a student life is more difficult, have to starve for public transport, grocery, etc.,

How do you expect your life to be in a foreign country? Did you expect someone to cook and server food to you daily? Did you find information about Indian students life at the university you are studying before coming to U.S.?


You just had 7 interview calls and feeling bad that you cannot find a job. Don’t expect someone to come knocking at your door with a job offer. If you want to have a job offer at your door step, you should have invented something that makes you so valuable or have specialized skill in the field of CS that will make employers want  you.

If you are computer science graduate, just like any other student, you are going to get competition from so many others who are looking for job. People with experience are willing to take paycut and work in lower level jobs. Thats what happens during recession and you are not the only computer science masters student from India searching for a job. Not every student in your situation is so feed up with life in US and wants to go back.

Life will present with tough times like this, person who has courage and heart to over come challenges will survive. Thats what Charles Darwin said ” Survival of the fittest”.

Lucky and Shiny

Forget about scholarship. for that you have to be very lucky and shiny

Luck can be defined as meeting point of your preparation and opportunity. Optimistic person will not do everything he can and look for opportunities, so he will be ready when it comes around. Starting your preparation after an opportunity goes by is not the right way.  Pessimist person will look at those successful people and complain why I’m not one among them.

Salary in India

There are many readers of this blog who are working as Software Engineers in India. they will be right person to comment on how much you can expect to earn in India.  But, to take a rough estimate, you can expect Rs.30,000 to 35,000  per month. If you student loan in US dollars, then what you eanr in India will not be enough to repay the loan in anytime soon.


Job search is an ongoing process. Resume is the entry point for the job search. It has to create an impression when the hiring manger looks at it for the first time. It should be packed with information that should be tempting for the manger to invite you for an interview.  [Mistakes to Avoid in Entry Level Resume]

If the resume is not create an impression, its hard to get the message across that you are a qualified person. It should clearly say, you are willing to relocate on your expense. Resume is something that evolves. It shares with good looking template and then moves on to contents hat is highly scan-able. Invest time and effort in your resume.

Phone Interview

You should be able to talk in detail about the projects and expertise while on phone interview and convey that you are the type of person who will get along well in the team, eager to face challenges. If you are not going past the phone interview process, instead of feeling desperate and dejected

  • did you evaluate your performance?
  • ready articles and HR blogs like Brazzen Carrerist to get an expert advise?
  • did you dress formally while attending phone interview or wearing pajamas?


  • Improve your resume
  • Improve your phone interview skills
  • You have good network build using linkedin? ( Looks like you have just 4 connections in LinkedIn)
  • Do you follow HR professionals in Twitter?
  • Have you searched for job in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?
  • Of 7 interview, how many were through the network you built?

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  1. HappySchools seems to have provided a platform for people to ‘SHARE THEIR STORY’. This guy is using it to whine and have a episode of verbal diarrhea. Why is that a problem?

    Well, this PLATFORM is for people to ‘voice’ their thoughts!

    And, when someone does voice, well what does that person get = “The world doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your problems”

    Mr. Manish, here is my suggestion: Since you are all about “learn from your mistakes”, I’ll just say one thing: learn HOW to give advice.
    Here’s a hint: Being rude shouldn’t have to be a part of advising.

    P.S. The quality of HappySchools has deteriorated and this is my last time here. Tada!

    1. Sorry to see you go, but if you have been following this site, you should know by now about HSB.

      I don’t sugar coat items to give it in a way that everyone like. I’m upfront about what realities are and problems.

      I received so many emails with comments like “Best Article ever”, “Excellent Advise” for the exact same comment in the email.

      So, people take advice in different way and it’s hard to write contents to satisfy 100% visitors who come here.

      1. I really respect your comment and want to add some more relevant advice for this candidate. I am not deriding anyone’s personal decision here, students may choose to work wherever they like and in this case he does sound a bit homesick.

        But, as an International Recruiter, I just want to cite a couple of reasons why I would not hire this candidate:
        (Of course I have no idea about his technical proficiency so not trying to be disparaging here but hoping this might help.)
        – Language Skills
        – Long-term Career Goals.

        He really needs to work on coming across as a person who can communicate well. Indian level of “good English” and US level of “good English” are very different. Trust me I have seen tonnes of Mass Communication Graduate from India who would never even be considered for internships in USA, mainly because of their lack of Language proficiency.

        The second thing is that if he is unable to convince the interviewer that he is in it for the long-haul or isn’t clear about how this internship fits into his career plan, then nobody will take him as experienced recruiters can smell “people who are saying things for the sake of saying them” from 10 feet away.

        The next best thing might be looking for work as Freelancer or Contractual project work as any kind of work exposure in the same domain would increase his chances of getting a real job.


  2. Hello,

    Hope i am not too late. Look, I don’t want to sound rude, BUT. Boy, why dont you step up the game instead of whining? Oh, that dint work.Oh, this doesn’t work either. STOPP!! Guess what? I have a bad news for you. The world doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your problems or whether you did or did not make it to the interview.

    Life sucks for everyone. Every single person. It is because life is a continuous uphill battle. No matter in which part of the hill you are, you have to go upwards. The activity is the same for You ,Me, Raghu, everyone, its just the scale that varies.

    Some guy is struggling to feed himself. Life sucks for him.
    Some guy is struggling to make another crore in the share market. Life sucks for him.
    Some guy is struggling to make his movie a hit. Life sucks for him.
    Some guy is struggling to get into Harvard University for 5 years. Life sucks for him.
    Some guy is struggling to get married. Life sucks for him.
    Some guy is struggling to get divorced. Life sucks for him.
    Some guy is struggling in a hospital bed, waiting for death to come and take him away. Life sucks for him.
    guy is struggling in the border, carrying a gun and spending countless
    nights awake just to catch a glimpse of the enemy. Life sucks for him.

    I am preparing for my GRE test and one advice which i can give you or anyone for that matter is, Learn from your mistakes. Whether it be the quant section of GRE or the verbal or for your goddam life, you have to learn from your mistakes. You say, you dint crack your interviews. What did you do after the first failure? Called it version 1.0 and moved on? Don’t do that. Figure what & where you went wrong. Maybe better networking? Better skills? Do some improvisation. I promise you, things will get better.

    The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.” ~Emperor (Mulan)

    Hope this helps,
    Manish A.

  3. Hi,i”m Hollyfield studying BTECH in 3rd year second sem in CSE.what i want to asked u is that can i get any kind of scholarship to go for studying master degree after getting B TECH degree ? And can I get a part time job capable for repaying the loan for every month. I do not want any extra money but I want only the scholarship for completing master’s degree without my parents’s money. Thank you

  4. Is it just me or have people totally given up on writing? I am no writer myself and I am not expecting to read Shakespeare either. What exactly seems to be the problem these days? I understand the whole mobile phone SMS thing but this is a blog. Why can’t people write complete words and sentences? If I were to hire candidates, I would definitely make it a point not to hire anyone who writes as if he or she is composing text on a cell phone.


      I agree. The way things look, one would think that people have either lost the ability to write correct English, or are no longer bothered about the way they write, or both.

  5. hi im dng my 4th,nd i want to do masters in uk but i have some dbts regarding uk uk a good decision right now?
    2.part tym jobs are available for every student?
    3.we can clear our loans when we are returning back to home?

    1. Hi Supriya, UK currently may not be a very good option for all those who are looking for a post study work permit as the opportunities are few. A few changes may come to international students’ way by April 2013. till then clarity is missing.
      Part time jobs although would be available.
      Take your decision in light of all possible outcomes after you complete your degree programme in UK.

  6. People people…I stumbled into this website accidentally. I was impressed by the post and the comments. However, I am hugely disappointed by the vocabulary that has been used. Its very BAD! I mean, you guys are trying to fetch jobs and settle down in this country (US), or wanting to come here for a future or even if it is for a couple of years. Please put in some effort to learn the language at the least. After all, it is COMMUNICATION and is listed as a skill, right!

  7. Hello all,

    It was interesting to see such wonderful postings. Hi, I am Mehar working as deputy manager in a mechanical design company since 8 years. I completed bachelors with 68% and struggled very hard to be one of the topper in our company. By Gods grace I could do it and presently I am paid 12.2 lakhs per annum. With my interest in education I would like to become a good professor. As learned it would be better if i get a masters from US and then come back to India to work in an university of high standard. I kept on saving money to study MS and next year i am planning to appear for GRE and TOEFL.
    I request the highly qualified and learned people to read and suggest my approach whether it is OK or not?

  8. Hey,
    Its good to see everyone commenting on a whole range of issues. I was thinking of going to US for my BS in Electrical Engineering this January,2013. I got a scholarship which waived off my tuition,boarding and fooding fees except the university fee which I should pay. I got confused after seeing all of the above comments being made. Is surviving in US a tough nut to crack ? Regarding my pocket expenses , can anyone say me about the money which i may need per month in Indian valuation ? Regarding my higher studies , is it tough to get a 100% scholarship for my MS programme in any other good US university ? Regarding my semester breaks, we see in India where a semester last for almost 6 months n after that we get to go home either during summer or winter for 1 to 2 months as semester break. In this case, what is the scenarios of the US universities ??

  9. Hi guys,
    I am a B.E graduate currently working as a s/w developer.
    My pkg is 3.54 lpa.. aftr dis yrs incr it wud b say 4.2lpa.. and I hav 2 yrs exp.
    I tried for MBA last yr bt my reslts were not gud.
    Now I am plannin to give GRE this OCT. jus 3 mnths left nd i hav nt yet startd.
    I want 2 go for Masters degree be it in management or technicl.
    I am more intrstd in tech field bt I think after MBA also I can b a technicl person being a proj mngr or tech mngr.
    My main concern is –
    How is future in India after MS and say 1-2 yrs of work exp in US.
    Will I b able to prepare myself 4 GRE in 3mnths managing my office work nd studies togethr
    (Yeaa I knw its up to me.. bt ne suggestions regardin doin MS or MBA like – being in India and tryin hard for MBA nxt time or Hard try for flyin 2 US for masters.. which career is the best for an IT person.)
    Please help guys…
    Thanx in advance.

  10. Now job scenario is toughfest every where world wide . Due to high inflation rate , increasing unemployment rate day by day, recession on door step , corporation profit are thining. It is question of survival of economy of many great economy of world .
    So donot blame and argue about any country. Not US nor India. These are countries with rich past culture not a Heaven or Hell of God.
    Regarding tough life. every person is wholesole resposible of its own for what ever happen to him/her in past , present or future.

  11. hello every1..!!
    i will be graduating this year. just waiting for my results.. i have already given my GRE.. 1410 is my score. i’m planning for FALL 2013. my interest domain is analog/digital system, vlsi n power. i want to know what is the possibility of getting a job in India after returning from US just after my MS. due to family reasons I have to return just after completing my studies.. so whats the job scenario in india regarding the fields i mentioned. n plz specifiy the salary.. thats like important. my parents want to know whats the outcome of MS degree in India. Plz reply soon..
    Thank you…

  12. hello ,

    i was just going thrpugh all the comments and i thought il get my answers but instead made things more difficult for me…actualy am in my 3rd year and am currently studying in india..but i wish to go abroad for PG for doing my masters….UK and USA are my priorities! but i have heard that the economy in both these countries arent good and that the employment opportunities for a foreigner is less..!in UK its impossible to be precise is what i have heard! since i find most of youl out here to be studyng abroad and having a lot of experience!
    i would be obliged if as a senior some1 could help me taking a better decision!

  13. hello every1… i just cmplted my 3rd year 4m a local clg in khammam… i need some information regarding my futre career… my field is ece but i am much intrested in software side.. can any 1 tell me what should b my preparations for getting placed in top mnc companies..what all r d courses i should learn…and how i should apply for it…plzzzz rly must with ua valuable comment

    1. You really need to learn how to write proper english when you are requesting something to someone. Hope you learn it before you write email to professors in US asking for a job. I had trouble even reading your post.

  14. Wow…it was very interesting to read….i am a student in US and came here for BS just after schooling i.e. @ the age of 18….I HAD NO RELATIVES IN US AT ALL…i will say life is tough over here but then you have to loose something to gain something. It is just a question of priorities. Talking about me, I am still in college, but I have made my identity and gained people’s respect in terms of making my own life…I will like to mention that in the 5 years course of my stay here in US, i have only asked for $1200 uptil now and i had some pretty rough experiences which has only made me stronger…i also read someone talking about the indian education standard being higher than US…come on guys, wake up!….india is nowhere near US educational standard…I love india but that is the bitter truth….even IITs are over hyped and are not much familiar among non-indians….today i can atleast be rest assured that even if i dont get to stay in US, i can work any where in the world with my US degree…which is not true for Indian degrees…the truth is bitter and i have learned to accept it….and also i will like to mention that nothing is free in this world///

    1. I want to ask you one question that with my Indian Degree i wont be able to work our of India ,but with My US degree i will be able to work anywhere..???
      What does these means?

  15. Its the true India everybody ignores or afraid to speak.

    The Wall Street Journal has published a six-part series of essays on starvation in India.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

    Part 6:

    Plz everybody come out of ur self built cocoons. India will be same India even after 1000 yrs. Stay in USA work hard.Still i can say its the best place to be even for another 50 years. Leave the country India to politicians.

  16. i don’t understand wht India u r r talking about??? Here there is no value for merit.Everything is based on caste and reservations. chk this

    1. There is minimum 50% reservation in Institutions (universities, Govt companies, Various dept of Govt,Central govt jobs) affiliated to central Govt.

    2. At state level In few states like Andhra Pardesh the reservation is 82% ( 49% for SC/ST/BC + 33% for women) where si the value of merit.?????????????????

    chk this State first ranker refused specilisation of his choice……

    Gudipati Anantaram, who secured the first rank in the Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination 2005 but was refused specialisation of his choice

    Dont believe all these hype. India is beyond point of repair. India is beyond point of repair.

    Not Fade Away: Against the Myth of American Decline.

    plz stop being a chauvinist.

  17. Two things are important I believe to mention in this blog.
    One, If you thing in a broader prospects. For sure Indians are hard working and Intelligent but what we all Indians are not getting is money speaks in India, helps some one to be in politics who don’t even know what education is controls all this so called intelligent people . Don’t it sound funny? For that matter I would say each and every one of us who writes a blog here is so intelligent that might have lot of Ideas to address our nations issue.

    Two, Why not a student body is formed and organizes everything. United together as one can achieve what not, Please don’t take my words as if I’m trying be one among all of us who things this way, Think wisely a minute ?

    I know the answer from every one would be “Impossible” but say what if possible, it has to happen one day, so why not at-least out next generation lead a peaceful life ?

    Believe me if happens, India would be 100 times better than what America is today.

    To be honest, the concern is population in India. Land is less population is more, Think wisely.

    When one company like Infosys is generating so much of Revenue by putting all this intelligent people in one place and training them for there career think about the day when all this so called intelligent people start thinking differently.

  18. Hi Guys,

    Did the guy from A post, find a company for his internship?

    I am also planing for MS in US in CS and honestly speaking this blog scared me though it pictures real scenario. I will be taking loans to cover up for my tution fees. I now wonder will I get a job in US or not after my studies. Loan will be huge.

    Presently I am working in India in an IT company. I am not satified with the job, I feel that if I spend my entire life in these company I will forget essence of Computer Science.

    I have been living away from my family for 6 years now so loneliness would not bother me.
    What really scared me is
    “Even here these days getting part time jobs in US universities is difficult. Forget about scholarship”


    “As, many companies have reduced their internship opportunity to local candidates. So, I strongly recommend stay in India ”

    From where is he doing his MS ?
    Has he selected thesis or non thesis ?
    Should I go or should I delay or should I cancel my higher studies…these questions are constantly haunting me.

    Please guys any suggestion.

    1. there was an unofficial policy in all accredited usa universities that international students paying full fee for their m.s. course would have their tuition waived in the second semester if they scored grade ‘A’ in all subjects in the first semester. Waiving tuition helps a lot because other expenses are comparatively less. In the second year the unofficial policy of the universities was to award some kind of scholarships like teaching assistantship, university scholarship or from some external companies.

  19. The problem you got to have friends and get a life here. If you don’t you would feel lonely and miss family and people who kept you happy when you were young. It is foolish to expect India in US and vice versa. You came here for a purpose, be it earning dollors or sheer education, try to accomplish that. I am pretty sure most of the people who are saying nothing in US wouldn’t think twice if they get a job here. Think about it and decide. I have been in your shoes.

  20. Hi All Fellow Indians,

    Im from IIT bombay, B. Tech. I fully understand Ankur sentiments. I have been to many countries onsite working (US, etc.). Its a sick life. I dont think its any use living there.

    India is always the best. No use taking huge loans and going to US, and put your parents into pain and tension. Or go to UK, that will be cheaper.

    After graduation I took up a job instead of MS. I gained experience, now my resume is such that company keeps sending me onsite but I dont want to go. I know many people who did engg and took up IT jobs and then went abroad, earned good and came back. Some choose to stay back there, but personally India is the best. Life is hard in the US if you dont have a car.

    Best is to work hard, earn money, go outside when by Gods grace you get chance. No use in spending parents hard earned money and donating it to stupid US univs. Indian standards of education is 100 times better.


    1. I agree with a few points.But when it comes to Univ. unfortunately that is not true, how many Univ in India provide quality education(except ilks of IIT,IIM etc.). Of course life in other country is not going to be same as in home country. Again,it would be naive to think that living in the US sucks. There are many pluses as well, like quality of life,civic sense, and above all I feel more safe in this country than in my own country, where administration is basically run poltical and non political goons. And if you sacrfice something(family,friends) on one side, on the other side you reap financial rewards. But despite all those points that I mentioned I wish to leave this country in next 5 years just for my family.

    2. @ nikhil Indian standards of education is 100 times better.?????????????
      joke of the century………

      No Indian university in global top 200

      Even IIT/IIM r more of a hype than realty. Can u plz tell me how many patents filed by people in IITs or Indians in India??? How many scientist India produced?? we r not able to manufacture our own truck.

      1. Comparing IITs with MIT – mere hype

      2. ‘IITians Are Big Fools’

      3. Are the IIT’s & IIM’s Over-rated, Over-hyped, Over-exposed & Underperforming?

      In india everything is hype. India is good for paper degrees including IITs..Real world is about how much money u generate or wht technology u invent???

  21. So I read a lot of comments here. Very interesting and very valuable. Well I have studied abroad (in California) for a long time, starting off in UCSF for undergrad and ending at USC for postgrad and then MBA. I personally love the USA and its liberal lifestyle. My girlfriend is Chinese and I cannot dream of the acceptance she gets here will be the same in India. However reality does kick in and after working for a couple of years I find myself wanting a job, since I lost the last one having a stupid argument with my boss and resigning thereafter. Thus I returned to India and its been 2 months here and I write this now. There are NO jobs in India unless you are doing IT. IT jobs will give you an average of CTC 35k which comes down to say 24k in hand per month. Consider starting a family with that! The level of corruption is very high. NO JOBS again if you do not know influential people. And again no government jobs if you are not from a reserved category. Jobs in India are way tougher to find than jobs in the US unless you want to be some call center jerk.
    My clear advice is stay home if you are good enough to crack the IIT’s or at least some top NIT/BITS. If not go abroad if you have money and not too mediocre. The degrees help you to get jobs all around the world. If you say you are from some Venkata institute in India which no one has heard of, you live and die in one place and that my friend is your life. Very safe but very poor and ordinary. Go abroad, feel lonely or whatever but soon you will get friends and like the life. My brother (we are from Delhi) went to Chennai for his education. He felt it was a nightmare and soon he returned to join St Stephens. I am sure it is similar for people from the South coming North to study. The cultural divide is also there in India. I studied for 1 year in postgrad IIT Kgp and all I found were Bengalis, as if the whole of Bengal only wanted to study in one place. People love to be in familiar surroundings. A villager will say that his village is the best and the city is full of evil.
    Come abroad and try very hard. Do not get into vices, but enjoy life and interact with people. My honest advice is this, only if you have a business do stay back in India. Otherwise open the world and be a citizen of this Earth.

    1. Abhi, Excellent you have really diversity knowledge, i have been working on cruise ships with American and western guests and international crew. In the beginning i felt missing India always but i realized when i went to India first time, that i missed most of my friends from ships rather than home. That’s how they made there impression on me. Its really a different world here.
      One thing i should say ‘go with the flow’ and while you out of your country try to experience the cultures and learn the different languages. Mostly i never regret that i left the country as i have been to different parts of the worlds in few years and i met different people who has varieties of things to say. Also i have learned on thing ‘Destiny’….. on to my destiny whatever it comes its a additional advantage. I would like to say ‘Muft ka Chandan gis mere nandan’
      Its all free my friend just take it….

    2. great abhi its shows how realistic you are.Expanding our battery limit will alway s pay rewards soon or later might be the question unanswerable at this spot.

    3. Thanks so much, this is very very interesting and i really learn from it. I am Nigerian plannong to go to India to study. I like to edit films, video, audio, graphics e.t.c. So probably i will like to study multimedia.. My question is that if i get there how possible is it for me to get job(which kind of job is it possible for me to get?) so as to gather it for my tuition in d process of study?

  22. I just love this post and other ones on the tough life in the US. have been searching for such info for quite some time, which gives the brazen truth and not a rosy picture of US. Its great for mental prep. thanks!
    @hsb: just a suggestion: why dont u write about ur first days in US too? I am sure it would be appreciated and inspire many. Did really like your post on A student in B school thing post 🙂

  23. Hey man you are just crazy, it’s not new to miss homeland. You’ve to sacrifice if you want something to achieve in life. You are just provoking others. Try to engage yourself in your work you’ll forgot everything. You’ve to prepare your mentality for this situation before coming here.

  24. Hi Guys,
    I am happy to say though it took a year. I have finally got a job at Intel, in the best group that fits my interests. So at the end of the day, things turned out well for me. I have nothing to say except, there are certain things which are not in anyones control but I am glad things turned out well for me. Providence is not a figment of imagination.
    Since I was posting my down experiences, just thought of updating with my positive experiences also.

  25. I read these comments and i can understand..but life is never easy not even in india..i want to do my masters in food sciences and i hv got acceptance from florida state.. and they also gave me teaching assistanceship..i know its of my frnd has deffered his masers coz he cudnt able to gt d evn here in india life is not it..i mean look at the competition ..n d reservation system ..m nt one has to struggle a lot to realize ones dreams..though i cannot say much as i have just taken my first step forward in realizing my dream..but atleast unlike those who despite of earning so much feel guity n disatisfied coz dey don usually do thngz of dere interst..dey do dat only for d sake of money..unlike dem ill be happy even though i may earn less den dem i knoe it won tk me much tym 2 catch i guess jus follow ur dreams..coz fortune olways favours d brave my frns:)

  26. Well i completely agree that going abroad for education is not a right choice until and unless you are going to oxford, harvard, cambridge . Secondly, if you are very wealthy and rich and just want to go abroad for fun and education, then its all right. In india there is no value for abroad education because of immense competition everyone out here is Btech, Mca and even some of them are working in call centers for living.
    It is better to stay here India and complete your education from a reputed university and keep working hard you will get rewards.

  27. yeah i can understand what he’s going through, its hard, but oh well, get on with it.
    I was one of the lucky ones, i was lucky enough to be in a really specialized field, and i jumped from internship to job to job in silicon valley, and earn well past the 100k mark, and i am 25 years old and my student loan is a history.

    It was hard at times and had the usual hungry nights and long walks from bus station and the long dreary times, but its just a part of the fun, take it on the chin and move on.

    The point i am trying to make by saying that is, i have been positive, and that made me take positive risky decisions and that lead me to being a “lucky” one, its all about the attitude, just keep your ambitions and dreams one plane higher than what you want, if you aim higher, you let the squabbling masses down to fight among themselves and you then dont get too panicky because of a few bad calls, coz you just dont give a shit because your aim is always higher , sorry if that sounds brutal and cold, it is what it is.

    what i really need is a ferrari now…….;)

  28. I believe the intention to go to US for a few, not if all students is not just getting a green card, big cars or luxury but sometimes pursuit of research.

    The Industry life in India is really screwed, people rarely get appraisals and appreciation on talent and the work they do. Chemical people, Civil, Electronics ppl getting in Infosys..what the hell.. Infosys or any IT firm may give money but what if someone wants some research profile in his area of interest, where he can work all his life without complaining…

    Students sometimes aspire for studying in US as they feel top colleges can give them platform to improve their skills in our respective fields. They have talent, they have dream in their eyes to discover, not to be bonded in the monotonous environment of Indian IT Sector.

    And it's my thought that if you aspire something without greed, you might get it. Many students nowadays don't go to USA for this purpose, but most go with purpose and dream of night life, american citizenship and luxurious life. MS/PhD can only be successful if you have heart and soul in them, they are not half hearted or sham. I had seen this in case of many of my friends.

    Later when they can't meet the standards required, as the competition is rigorous in US, they complain about not getting a job. Genuine and exceptions to that would be there I agree, some talented people might be in same situation but most people who undergo this situation are people dwelled by greed.

  29. Dear friends,

    Last summer I graduated from US university (MS) and had dreams of getting a job in one of the research oriented biotech companies. It has been more than 6 months, I am still struggling to get that dream job. I was fortunete enough to get financial support from my hubby and completing masters without being in debt. But when I talk to my indian friends, they are really in big trouble with lakhs of loans on them. I am planning to return back to India for family reasons. But I would make a sincere suggestion to those aspiring students who want to land in USA ( land of opportunities????) to think over it twice before making any decisions. Or come to USA for good educational experience by keeping in mind that it would be hard to find a job in area of your interest. Else get ready to join desi consultancies who can push you in IT giants with your puffed up resume (7-8 yrs of experience) and face the visa hurdles now and then.

    1. I did not get your point. First u say dream job is important and then u say desi consultancies are bad as they put 7-8 years of experience on your resume just to get ur dream job.

  30. Hi,

    I was just reading through the opinions and did not want to comment but I think I have to say this: I completely agree with the person's reply to A. There must be some priorities in life. I guess it can never be like how it is in our hometown, but its a trade-off between that and hope of a better future. I have to say that software engineering jobs in India, though they offer security and opportunities, are more of a KPO/outsourcing nature. This is because MNCs like Accenture, Amazon, McKinsey etc and even the banks like Credit Suisse, BarCap can hire people by the thousands with lower salaries. That is why many people from the not-so-well-known institutions are still placed companies that handpick students from the IITs; only their salaries will be lower.

    On the other hand, from what I know, in the USA, it is the real deal. You're competing with other extremely well-deserving candidates for a position that is directly impacting the company and not as part of some outsourcing hub. Naturally, the interview process will be that much more rigorous. I am not studying in India right now, but I do want to do my Masters in the US. I will write GRE later this year, although I won't apply until after I gain some work experience. MS is NOT a ticket to stay on in the US but is a huge opportunity for education. Personally, I will never do a PhD just because I get some funding; I am not good with research and I will never make an exceptional candidate; in fact getting a Master's degree is entirely optional if you can convince the employers of your technical abilities.

    Guess I digressed. The point I want to make is this: if you do want to go to the US and have 'colorful dreams' then please get a reality check. Life anywhere is not the same as living at home. Nobody will take care of you; stuff will be pretty expensive and worst of all, when you don't have a lot of people to talk to the loneliness can get pretty painful. But in the end, it is a shot at actually making a difference to yourself, living independently and broadening your outlook. It depends on how you weigh it.

  31. Hey Folks,

    I think its too late to response for the above post, but i have read this for the first time and could recollect all my memories from long back.Going to USA was my dream. As soon as i completed my post graduation in India i started all the prep and landed in USA. For the only cause of less fees i opted a remote university where i could found only one Indian student in the complete university, it was a nightmare since we could hardly find a person walking on the streets and as said by "A" there was no public transportation.But before i could experience all those problems i returned back to India.

    Later i was depressed b/c i felt i missed a life time opportunity,so with the professors help i could go to USA for the next semester and the disgusting thing is i returned back to India for the second time just within four days.So later i could understand that people with emotional issues like me cannot survive not just in USA but not in any foreign country.


    1. an honest and valuable post i shall say….i am planning to head there this fall got the acceptance but am yet to receive my I20 so waiting for it to apply for my visa
      i believe the hardest part will me to settle in conquer the loneliness and have a life…….i am going for a Phd and am banking on my work to keep me occupied enough to survive.though i know its gonna be hard i really want a career in research really badly so i am determined to survive.
      if anyone has any tips… would be looking forward to it

  32. munna is absolutely right, its been 8 months since graduation still no job. There is hope though, sell your soul, join a consultancy start working on projects for consultants.

    Irony is that after all that specialized MS degrees, you end up working for consultants to get a job in US. I wanted to get a non IT job, now it seems I'll be forced into IT in US.

    This is for MSEE, Computer Science MS get jobs everywhere all the time. For the rest of us it is difficult. The electronics companies want work experience, how can recent college graduates have work experience. Its a chicken and egg problem.

  33. I fully agree with "A". It is not about negative thoughts or discouraging other people but it is about the facts and true scenario about situation in USA of international students. It is very very difficult to get any job in USA after doing your Masters/Ph.D. here. I want to send a message to all the students who spend lakhs of rupees of their parents to go to USA, UK, Australia for higher studies and think that they will get good jobs and earn lot of money in future. First of all, dont think that u get admitted in USA because you were intelligent. You get admission in USA, UK, Australia because in these countries, education is a business and they want your money of fees etc. Thats why they give admission to every tom,dick and harry. So be prepared to spend lakhs of rupees of your parents, get a degree which has zero value in job market. It is almost impossible to get any job. Many people are ashamed to admit this fact or will not agree to that because of their ego but this is true. Doing part time on campus jobs or illegal jobs will only be enough to survive (rent/food) but nothing more then that. Life is very expensive in USA. An Indian Ph.D. student even after funding gets much less money as compared to an american janitor/toilet cleaner. If you just want to enjoy life by spending parents money, then come here to USA for Masters and future of unemployment and poverty awaits you.

  34. Hi HSB,

    Could you tell me how to make use of linkedin in an effective way , I mean for ex say some XX is a recruiter in a YY company how do I get in touch with the person I cannot add the person to my network just like that right , so please suggest me on this.

    Thank you



  35. Dude,

    You never wanted to come to USA for education.

    U wanted to return right from the beginning, so dont suggest others not come to this great place.

    If u are a looser get a life. Dont spoil others.

  36. will be any problems in future after completion of masters with CPT rather than regular masters,please help me out because i don’t have much time………

    1. can any one suggest me please,will be any problems in future after completion of masters with CPT rather than regular masters,please help me out because i don’t have much time………

  37. I completely agree with A’s comment. The person who commented to A’s line

    “You just had 7 interview calls and feeling bad that you cannot find a job. Don’t expect someone to come knocking at your door with a job offer. If you want to have a job offer at your door step, you should have invented something that makes you so valuable or have specialized skill in the field of CS that will make employers want you”

    If its really so difficult to get job on what basis u are emphasising to not return back to India where as getting a job in India is so easy with decent salary and can stay with family. The salary in US looks high but actual saving after tax and expensive living cost will more or less same as India. So where is the point????. Why you are so big fan of US. What extra u r getting there.Don’t say that u r enjoying there. No one will trust you. I suggest if a guy is in IT field India is the right place for them as money and oprtunities are very high.

  38. I completely agree with A's comment. The person who commented to A's line

    "You just had 7 interview calls and feeling bad that you cannot find a job. Don’t expect someone to come knocking at your door with a job offer. If you want to have a job offer at your door step, you should have invented something that makes you so valuable or have specialized skill in the field of CS that will make employers want you"

    If its really so difficult to get job on what basis u are emphasising to not return back to India where as getting a job in India is so easy with decent salary and can stay with family. The salary in US looks high but actual saving after tax and expensive living cost will more or less same as India. So where is the point????. Why you are so big fan of US. What extra u r getting there.Don't say that u r enjoying there. No one will trust you. I suggest if a guy is in IT field India is the right place for them as money and oprtunities are very high.

  39. i wonder if there is any understanding between the students here in INDIA and the students living abroad.friends here…i want to ask u,has anyone studying in USA has said"i m really enjoying life here or or really life id "LIFE" here"i suppose and if yes then it must be exceptions…so start respecting what they are saying about life in USA or abroad…AND u friends there…dont be to reckless in making any decision…but if find INDIA happier than USA, not due to failure of jobs..classes..pressure but due to the life u had wanted to make colourful when went to USA but find it more emptiness than colourful…return to INDIA ..I WISH U TO BE ALL HAPPY

  40. @G1 Sandeep,

    I would say your sister is right. I would suggest, appear for GRE, when you apply for any university, apply for Teaching Assistantship (TA) or Research Assistantship (RA) directly when you are applying online form India. If you get scholarship or fee waiver, than its wise to go for MS in USA. Else with student loan, with no experience, its a big chance. Why you would like to push your self into Loan at so early stage. So, once you have completed your masters, with a case no jobs, you will not be depressed atleast, you can happily fly back to India, as there will no tension on your head of repayment of loan.

    If suppose your university, campus is distributed or short than definitely you would face problem with on campus job. Dost, even if you manage to get on campus job, the money you earn by working on campus for 20 hours a week (max allowed) will be utilized completely for your living, rent, grocery, phone bills, electricity, gas. (also, cost of rent varies from city to city, suppose you are in SF, NYC, Washington DC, NJ, Boston, Atlanta, etc etc, cost of rent would be atleast $500 – $700 per month that too one room shared between 2 -3 person ).

    So, on campus job is not enough to pay your tuition fees in USA.

    Think over again, what you want to do. Again if scholarship or tuition waive than go for MS in USA, else work in India, stay with family and enjoy peace life rather than ending up like machines in USA. Here is a link to find jobs in India, an effective website

    Dost, I have no loans on my head. There are my friends with loans on their head. I know what and how they are feeling now. Can you imagine, at the age of 23, 24, headache of 15 to 17 Lakhs loan on head and with no jobs. Make it clear, by working in India even for 4 years you cannot repay your loan taken for expensive studies in USA. Good Luck, hope this will help you to take your decision and will also help you to apply for scholarship, TA or RA in USA. Good Luck.

  41. Hey , I ve done my engineering in IT,2010. My aggregate is 70.3%, and i think my resume or my profile is not so great . Did not get a job yet, but i wanna write GRE for fall 2011.I can say i am good in my technical subjects.

    Now the thing is I cant afford to go to USA from my parent's money,but i want to take the student loan and go there. I really want to do MS there and earn some dollars. And i consider myself lucky if i get funding.

    My sister who works in a company in USA, interviews many people for jobs. She says the people who got job experience and good technical skills and bla..bla.. wld be only given the jobs.. and my sister is insisting me to do job for an year and then come to USA for MS .

    But my friend who got GRE 1130 toefl 107 engineering 73% got 1yr funding in university of texas.He is leaving for Usa on aug 9th,2010.

    And btw i even heard my sis saying that getting scholarships now-a-days is very hard unless he has some exceptional resume or good academic profile.

    But how come my friend got ?

    Now how much truth is there in that? Shd i come there to USA or should i find a job here in india?

    Wldn't I get a job there in US after my MS by 2013?

    And, after reading above comments i really dont know how to react! I am in a dilemma now.

    Please let me know the situation in USA for Indians in matters of scholarship,part time jobs… etc

    1. I think the best option for you is to look for a job in India and meanwhile prepare well for GRE. Get a score in excess of 1300/1600 and apply to decent univs (in top 50). Apply to 7,8 univs at least. With a decent GRE score and good recos and SOP, with your decent Bachelors percentage, you will get scholarship and TA or RA somewhere. Keep contacting different professors from univs and bug them. Tell them that you are interested in their research (do good background reading) and ask them for your research options. If they like you, they will fund you. Once you get their funding, you will get tuition waiver and can earn decent money. At max, you will have to take a loan of 2-3 lacks for initial spending. You might even be able to save up on that and return it to the bank or something. Hope that helped.

      1. I just wanna add that if you’re not able to get any of the things mentioned above like TA, scholarship, funding, then it is not wise to come to US on your own (or loaned) money. US is too costly compared to India. You need to take into account your daily expenses on food and rent for at least 2 year. So, when you graduate, you’d have a debt of several lakh Rupees. Paying that will require extra hard work and saving for the first few years of your career. Its possible, many have done it, but if you run into major hurdles in the process, then it becomes almost impossible to achieve.

        I have seen too many people return to India from US in the last 6 years. Some left because they couldn’t get a job in their field (non-IT). Some left because they got tired/burned out of the struggle, hard work, home-sickness and too much debt. Some left due to visa problems.

        Honestly don’t think anyone should spend so much money and effort to come to US, unless they have a really good opportunity i.e. a salary on top of full tuition waver, otherwise, be in for the long haul.

  42. A is right, Atleasst India is there to return to for a job. However India is a country that spits on its own children, so I am a bit scared of the prospects of returning back

    1. Spit on its own Children? PLEASE ELABORATE. Gandhiji studied in England, he was a barrister. He returned to india when India was under colonial chains. I think you have mental blockages, which we all suffer due to HERD following syndrome. If you know what you want in life. Then staying in us or india wont make a difference. I personally believe US is lackluster and boring. India is happening and we will be the next super power in Asia. I am excited that i can be a part of this development saga of a nation that has a deep culture and history. I traded MS from a top five uni to stay back in India. I am Happy i made the right choice. Hope it helps!!!

      1. Well, what can i say… your right, and I am right, the way we perceive things is different. I have been here and see the pros and cons of both places. As for India now it is doing better. Actually it depends on what we want. I wanted to forge a new beginning in a new land based on individualism(USA). India is great for society based spiritually and culturally rich experience.
        As for spitting on it’s own children, I take that back. I am wrong.

      2. Well Said Whitchurch. Times have changed and will keep on changing rather exponentially.
        India – is where you can make it big & be proud of contributing to your motherland!
        Just peek in to a routine American life & see how loyal they are to their work & nation.

  43. Hi,

    I too graduated this may 2010, and yup the job market is pathetic here. I even went to an onsite, things didnt click. the problbem is too many candidates too few jobs. Anyone criticizing A is a fool. I bet none of you would have even stayed in US, had you been in A's position.

    A , I have been through the same thing like you man. i'm from UFL, I dont mind returning to India after giving my best shot here. Since we have done MS, we can start our own businesses in India. No need to think USA all the time man. I see a good opportunity back home.

    However you know India is the only country that spits on its own children, so we must be mentally prepared for the worst in India

  44. TO Mr. A aka Ankur,

    i know its ur personal choice but we all love India ,we all were born on this soil,so dont try to ur patriotism,we love India like any other patriot.But i have sum different opinion about race and countries,i beleive in one is all and all is one.I respect all nations and race alike.I like to see the whole world and to learn everything i can ,dats my dream and my way of life.

    Neways Best Of luck for ur future,and certainly welcome back to India!!!!!

  45. Hey.. I'm on H4 visa and got into University here with Instate tuition fee holder but when do i have to convert to F1 to get cpt opt and H1b vissas

    1. You have to check with your school, if you will have instate after changing to F1. Even other questions, IO will be the best place to get answers for CPT policy.

  46. @Everybody. Hi Friends I am Mr. 'A' Who posted in a reply to some other topic. But my reply ignited a new topic "Student Life is Difficult, I am returning to India". Well I was waiting for others to comment. Firstly my very first line in "Student Life is Difficult, I am returning to India" says, I always wanted to come back home (India) before I left to USA. Please readers read carefully. So there is no point I am regretting about my life as a student in USA and so I want to return India. So fellas I am not a coward.

    Second thing I have not taken any loans for my Masters. So if I am facing difficulties in USA, I could have return India long back, I would never wait for 3 semesters. Again here justifies I am not a coward.

    About jobs and life style, its true presently for 1 internship there are 10 applicants ratio is very competitive. I am not criticizing USA, I just posted my feelings, my love for India. You can say I am a 'desi' who loves to be in India. So after my graduation I want to return India. Also, its my thinking that I should work for and in India. So going India for good I am eager to get an internship experience atleast for 5-6 months, which is an advantage for me in terms of experience and learning.

    About life in USA, I posted facts. Friends not everybody is staying in New York, Boston, San Franscisco, etc,. Staying in metros is very expensive and many students study in outskirts, I mean towns so there like me many face loneliness, lack of means to buy grocery, lack of public transport, etc.,
    This is also applicable to some extent in metro cities. People with their own vehicles might have never experience 2 days of starving, dependency on others for going to market, paying bills, etc.,

    I had always missed India, however, facing above facts makes me feel missing home (India) more. I am not saying others to drop their plans for USA as a Masteral student. However, before taking loans, applying for university search all the facts. Wait for sometime, let USA jobs scenario stabilize. Or apply for part time jobs from India to your universities in India before coming to USA. So you all guys wont face atleast these difficulties like eating, out of grocery, dependency. Though when you are in USA you have to be dependent to some extent. But thats life, that is the fighting spirit.

    I don't want anybody landing in USA with loans on his/her shoulder and sinking more in debt if one is unable to find a job or means of living.
    So please friends before packing your bags to USA, make sure you will not live in debt of loan for next 3 years. With funding for your studies you don't need to bother about all these things.

    I have always smile, in any situation as I know how to steal smiles and happiness in any situation. I am not bothered about recovering my fees as I have not taken any loan. I hope Mr. "A" posting as in myself reveals the facts about my topic and I never meant to return India as I am facing hardships as a student here. Just smile, plan accordingly, be a fighter, smile.

    Let me say again "I miss India as I always" I will return after graduation.

  47. Hello , i am very much interested in pursuing MASTER'S AND PhD program at a same stretch simultaneously!!! if there are some universities offer both please help me out!!!

  48. Hi All,

    I have gone through all the comments written above, the criticism did not sound so good to me…Mr A is already in a kind of depression and so many of you are just criticising him…may be you all wish to motivate him but i beleive there should be a good way for that. Mr A, I would suggest you to get some professional help, you should go and see a doctor/counsellor and discuss your issues with him, i am sure he will be able to understand you better and would try to help you survive in US.

    My brother and myself came to US last year August, he faced almost similar problems and went back to India quiting his studies. I have seen him crying, i have reasonned with him, tried to make him understand things, but there was'nt any use. Some of us are pamperred so much back home that we just cant take harshness or the strange behaviour from people/life. We tend to miss our families and all the comforts we used to enjoy.

    I know some of you would call it(going back to India) Cowardness, but i would say people make there choices and pay for it too…they have all the rights to do so…it is their life…my brother realised that US is not the country for him and so he went back and i am happy that he stood up for himself, realised what is more important for him and made a decision…i did not like it when he actually did all that…but now when i think of what all he went through here…i do not feel so bad for him….i am happy to see him happy back home… 🙂

    But this is not true for everybody…people are different and they think differently…



    1. Well if your brother be so rich that it doesn't matter for him to go back after spending so much money on education and travel, then its good that he returned. Other people are not financially so sound. People like me especially. Our parents spend their hard earned money on us and send us to abroad. Its hard for people like us to go back. Thats a harsh reality.

      1. Mr Varun, I perfectly understand the financial instability that people might have, and so does my dad has, we are in debt too and we are a middle class family in delhi, considering all the expenses and loans we hav had, we were further down by around 2-3 lakhs because of my brother, and again i would say it depends from person to person about being strong and facing difficulties in life, understanding the importance of money and time, my brother had his own reasons and his suffering seemed larger than money to us and so we all made this decision. I am going to earn and my brother has promised too to fill back the loss he made to my dad, beleive me he has changed so much because of this incident and has become a lot more mature than he earlier was…he is working very hard to get through this time….and i have full faith we will come out of this debt…

      2. Does American companies know that we are not financially strong.International students are caught up between corporate red tape and government bureaucracy

    2. You may be right that for some people US is just not the right place to live.Most of them go there just because someone said that there was more 'scope' in that country… but one should never make a career choice based on 'future scope' alone.. they should only select the path in which they feel they can travel.. Everyone in this world knows that 'There is no place like home'.. Your brother may feel the US environment is hostile.. likewise an american tourist touring India may also feel the same way about India.. Only if one dares to go beyond his line of comfort and security,into a harsh environment and strives to conquer it, will succeed in his quest..For others, they can stay within their 'Territory' and still achieve their destiny.So for any aspiring student,it is always better to analyse the Environment before setting foot on it.. that would save the student a lot of money,time,pain and suffering..

    3. @Ashu

      I have already revealed that I am Mr. 'A' Thanks for your words. But I am not in depression in any way. The title for the post used by HSB forced others to criticize me, in short the title for the blog "Student Life Difficult and Want to return India" seems fabricated and people are right to think that I am in depression or a coward. However, I always wanted to come back India as its my passion and happiness.

      So let me clear I am not in depression, I just want people to know the facts and clear the picture of USA, as in India people think oh USA, WOW, exciting, fun, etc., My intention was to post the facts about USA. That's it.

      Admirer of India

      Mr. 'A' as in Ankur

      1. Hello ankur,

        Now i understand your point and am happy that you are so much in love with our country :).

        Wish you all the Best and may you acheive all your dreams.



        1. It doesn't mean that if someone lives abroad then the person loves lesser than those who are living in India. India needs people who can be like ambassadors for India. India is becoming popular and we need to make it make more popular. I don't know about others but when I tell anyone that I am Indian… people say "Oh wow, u guys really number on IT." I feel so proud. Indians abroad or in India, everywhere they so deep in IT that IT is like in Indian blood. So, I cannot see anything that if someone returns to India just for the fact that he/she misses its natural habitat, thats not loving homeland.

          1. We cannot say Mr A as coward but we cannot even define his step to return India as something done in country love emotion. Thats just homesickness.

          2. Hi Varun,

            I have never said that people who lives outside India, loves less. Its personal choice. I like to stay in India. Also, in my case its dual emotions

            I miss my family, friends also I want to work in India as I owe lot. Its my way of thinking that "For past 23 years India has given me everything, I grew on her soil. So now its time for me to be with my two mothers".

            Again its personal choice. So, here please do not say that I am returning because of home sickness. I had already decided before landing to USA, that I will return. Thanks

            Mr 'A' as in Ankur

      2. I don't know who thinks WOW EXCITING FUN. But its WOW EXCITING for sure…. FUN I cannot say… if u successful then FUN of course but its exciting in the sense that you gotta learn a diverse multi-cultural US society with people from almost every country. Can you learn and meet so many people living at one place in your homeland. Its WOW because you see another world. A world that is totally different than yours. You take a challenge and get through so many stressful VISA formalities. Thats why its WOW.

    4. Ashu,

      You are a very brave girl..I admire u and seems i started loving you..WIll u marry me..About me..i am engg graduate from india passed out in 2001, started working in usa, done my masters after getting green card and now is a us citizen….I earn very decent salary and live in mid west..i want to get in touch with email is samabra101 at yahoo

  49. I feel this guy is basically missing India ! And hence the pessimistic opinion about jobs !

    I know many people with average profiles who have a good part-tome job and are enjoying life in USA !

  50. its ironic that while in india mr. a wanted to go to u.s and after reaching there, want to comeback..

    he is a coward, who will be running around all his life i think

  51. Its an honor to go the best place in this world.It is the Land of "OPPORTUNITY" indeed.You can see many Indian Americans who have risen to fame and have made their country proud for producing such talents,Kal Penn ,Indra Nooyi,Norah Jones etc….and they can be considered as a role model for any Indian.As @Karthikeyan:U r rite that once u achieve success in USA u can visit India whenever u like,i think of it in the same way,i wish to live in both the worlds(Preferably dual citizenship),and besides i love to travel and visit every country in this world to gain knowledge and experience their culture.

    "He who has this opportunity is the luckiest person on earth"!

  52. This guy is just whining about his inability to adapt to the American lifestyle. Instead of wasting his time in regretting and cursing,he should improve his English and Technical skills so that he would be more 'qualified' to work for an american company…

    And he may be right, that the lifestyle of an american is like that of a machine,but it was his mistake in the first place, to go to that country without knowing about its environment….

    One should only go to the USA if he/she truly likes that lifestyle and yearns to experience it.. And Indian students can still make themselves at home by connecting with other Indians living in USA..If you are really talented,you could make it big in USA and visit India anytime.. it all depends on one's way of looking at a situation..

    Mr.A says he likes the Indian life. i agree that life in India is good.But only if you are financially sound,you can enjoy this 'Indian' lifestyle. what about those suffering in India? what do you think the poor people in India feel about their life? There are lakhs of people in India who find it hard to even have One meal a day. Wont they be frustrated about their Indian lifestyle too? Not only in India but in any country in the world, the financially weak people are suffering.So instead of blaming the country,you should try to improve your skills and be more employable.Try to change your attitude.Maybe one day if you succeed in life, you can help those needy people in your home country.

    Just be happy for what god 'has given' you and for what god 'has made available' to you to earn.Be positive,improve your Skills and never lose hope..

    I really hope Mr.A changes his approach and shines in the 'Land of Opportunity'…..

  53. I am also aspiring for joining FAll 2010 session …..and completed all applications…….but reading such mails had let me down……it is very discouraging.Now i ve to think about this!!!!

    1. It will be very sad if you will have to re think about going to US just because of what Mr.A said , ignoring What HSB has said and as well as what others have written as comments. there are so many international students USA and Mr.A is the first one i have come across with such opinion. Don't change your mind till yo get a first hand experience.

      @ Mr.A . You miss india that is understandable. but i don't understand who can you ignore the fact that once you come to india you "may" have to struggle for your job even here untill and unless someone guranteed you one.

  54. Hey Hello everyone,
    After reading the A`s suffering,i too didnt felt any sympathy for him.Its totally foolish to think for doing your Post Graduation from a foreign country when you are home sick.Its a students dream to get an opportunity to study and work in US,and for that they work hard to earn it.Since i can assume after reading the article what kind of personality "A" must be having,it is clear thats why he isnt getting any jobs……..even after giving 7 interviews(oh my God,7 chances).I must say he is lucky enough to give 7 interviews.
    Secondly if u miss India so much why did you leave it then,you should have studied here only ,because u have some top reputed universities in India also.Besides there are other students from many countries(why didnt u made friends with them and y didnt u mixed up with others).Even Indian festivals are celebrated their,all of them.
    Thirdly , If u cant become self-dependent and cant do things for yourself,no body can my friend,u have to earn that right spot for yourself,nobody will help u in this.Dont blame luck for scholarships,if u cant get Good scre in GRE.

    Anyways,i liked the reviewer of this article,he spoke straight and direct.

    Mohammad M.Abbas

  55. I cannot understand that why people forget to check everything before they take such an important step of going abroad especially to a country like US. I fully agree with HSB that if someone comes to US then he or she won't find Indian festivals or someone to cook and serve you.
    Whomsoever made this comment of returning to India reflects immaturity. What is struggle?
    This is struggle what students face when they got to an alien country. If someone lives in extreme North of India and the person gooes to extreme South then that person will also feel something like this. Comforts at home cannot be enjoyed when you leave home. If you love comforts so much then do not expect some unusual success. Try to be a teller in some bank near your house and live like a frog of the same pond.
    To learn something you have to leave home.
    This is part of life and sign of getting mature that we all have to struggle. When you struggle, you become more stronger for facing life. Going abroad and expecting Indian style life is something not fair. Change is part of life but taking step to change and not expecting the affects or reality is something that is running away from hard work.
    If you paid US university so much then you should atleast earn too so that you can overcome the hard earned money of yours or your parents.
    I got F-1 visa for a community college and am studying in US too… in California, Los Angeles. I also faced many strange things and am still facing. But adjusting yourself is something God has enabled everyone of us. I love India very much. I will also like to setlle back in India but not like this. Atleast, I want to be finacially sound enough so that I can see my future secure. I pay so much each semester. I will like to earn it back after completing my educating.
    No one stops you to love your country. If you miss India so much then try to meet more Indian people near you and your India. Celebrate with them whenever there is some Indian festival. You will feel relaxed.
    About scholarships, good universities gice scholarships and financial aid. But they see many things. They don't only expect you to be academically very shining but they they want you to be an all rounder. Like how much you take part in your college activities or do you do something that is creative or useful for society. Anything like social work or becoming an active member of your college clubs is seen an something good by universities to select you for scholarships.

    Patience, discilpline and struggle are the only genuine ways to success. Showing your back is something you will repent someday when you will be old and you will think about your life.

    I hope that I wrote something useful based on the experiences I get from my student life in US.

    Varun Kumar

    1. hei,

      I am indian student who had applied for MSEE for spring 2012 sem:

      University of Massachusetts, Amherst has offered me admit for Fall 11 itself, though i will defer it, but with no aid.

      I would be totally dependent on loan and Umass would cost about 8 lacs more than my loan amount but students there say there are plenty on campus jobs and almost everyone gets aid in form of waiver, TA or RA after 1 sem…

      I had admits awaited from Virginia Tech, UFL, TAMU and NCSU…

      GRE:1350(V570, Q780+3.5) TOEFL:95(22+ all) and UG:86%

      SO what you suggest to me

  56. Welcome to US !!!!

    Those who dream of getting a campus job, I'm sorry to say that there are lot of foreign students already.

    Have any one heard of "Work Study" program ? Well if any one havent heard of it, I'm happy to explain it.

    Work Study is a program being implemented by US Govt. This program is a way to promote more citiziens to join college. For workstudy the Govt pays the Universities for the students being employed under this program. If the University employes an international student or any other student not under Work Study, then the Univeristy has to pay from its pocket.

    The new Govt is spending more money for this program. Pres. Obama is urging the high schoolers to enter into college and He is doing as promissed to help with their finance. Univesities are also taking advantage of this program. We cannot blame any one, because this is well planned for the benefits of the citizen and it works.

    On the positive side. To get a full time job, please consider into getting into good colleges. Never beleive a study abroad consultant. They will look like god in your eyes. But you will know their true mind when you land in some under-rated college. Getting a job from under rated university is very rare. Even if you are brilliant, that is not going to help you.

    Get into good universities. Or else don't whine to every one that you did not get a job.

    Get some work experience in India related to your field of study. This is not for your VISA. This may also help you to get a part time job. Dont just land here from your home without any work environment exposure. Even though that is not going to help you in your studies, it will help you with inter-personal skills. And sometimes even a job. It also gives you confidences of how to get a job and how to plan money.

    If enjoying is your only motivation to come to US, please come in vistor VISA. That will cost you very less than spending for a useless MS in a third rated university.

    How to find good University based on job success? Simple, go and ask questions in Orkut community or other communities. Ask our students in that university about the job future. They are kind enough to let you know what is happening inside. Do not rely on one source of information.

    Getting a job through job consultant does not mean that university is good. Getting a job through a job consultant is the worst decission in your life. May have been good once upon a time in US. But not now or anymore. Don't lose your life in the hands of some misserable peoples hand.

    Come to US with some work experience and with some knowledge about University ranking and please for god sake, a passion to learn and do something usefull.

    1. Hey "K", saw your comment on work and study program. Could you please help me getting the list of Univs that offers WSP?

      I got from one of the consultancies a short list of Univs but not sure wether they are good. How can we get to know about a college is worthy or not??

    2. Could Umass, Virginia tech, TAMU, NCSU and Cornell be considered as good U's according to your experience if i am coming on loan where i could feel my job is secure if i work good in Master's?

  57. @HSB

    I would like to say on both sides. First A has mentioned clearly that he had already decided to move India after completing his Masters. So I think he has no luster for dollar, nor he wish to work here in USA.
    He misses everything back home, family, friends, etc., everything. He is just expressing his feelings, so there is no point in discussion that he wants to return India just because he is unable to find a job in USA. He had made his mind prior before coming to USA.

    And about interviews and resume. I myself had 6 months internship experience in IBM, right now I am also in 3rd Semester. I have already given 5 interviews, yet no calls for any internship. So here I don't think something wrong with my resume. Its simple presently for 1 internship position in any filed there are 10 applicants. The ratio is complicated. So 'A' here is right that currently its tough to get internship and getting a full time job is like touching seeing full moon everyday.
    I strongly agree with 'A' that in USA its tough to survive sometimes, as things are far it may be a market, grocery, etc.,
    He is right in claiming that USA lacks public transport. You need to have a car else you are a dependent on someone else to get even a shaving razor, you just have to be dependent on someone who has a car. I also agree with him that presently if you are taking loan to study your masters. You might land in stiff situation from where its hard to recover your loan back.
    Also, 'A' has never regretted his decision for Masters study in USA he is just saying the facts about present US market situation. If he was having so many difficulties as a student life in USA, than he would have returned to India way back, why he would have stayed here for 3 semester (1 year and 6 months).

    Only thing I disagree that 'A' should have not printed his statement. As, the following lines by 'A' can be misinterpreting,

    "I am here daily dreaming to return India, as here for a student life is more difficult, have to starve for public transport, grocery, etc.,"

    may have ignited this topic "Student Life is Difficult, I’m Returning to India"

    it feels he is returning India for above reasons. But no, read A's initial lines of post, he has claimed to return India after his Masters Education in USA.

    Anyway, mis-understandingly 'A' has put forth the facts about life in USA.

  58. Hello Friend …

    thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.. It goes same with almost any country you fly for education. WIth all the negative ascepts there is also a very stong positive part in your CV that when you come to India you will be having degree from USA which will surely benefit you in terms of your salary.
    When ever a student goes overseas for education he/she should come back and use his/her skills for the development of their country…


  59. Every human being has at every point of time in his/her life, choices. what you choose is what you should abide by. Nobody forced you to pursue your masters in US. It was solely your decision. If you really wanted to stand out from the crowd and be different, why did you pursue Masters in Computer engineering at all? Do you have answers for why you opted for the engineering field at all? Did you just see people going outside and earning money and thats why you aped them and did the same? Anybody who has passion for what he does, never gets frustrated so soon. If you are so cribbing and whining about the country, why did u go out in the first place? you should have stayed back in India and enjoyed the roadside food and tried to pursue your masters here…

    I think the main problem lies with Indians breeding such an attitude. You go to another country, use their resources, use their transport, and also bad mouth the same country when you dont have things working in your regard? Thats why Indians are facing problems in australia as well. If you loved every little thing about your own country, what made you go there at all?

    stop cribbing and get down to doing things. If you are not getting a job, try and look within yourself. Do you really possess the right skills at all? can you contribute fully to the place where you will selected to work? Put yourself in an employer's shoes and see why you should hire average brains or the best brains. Its a capitalistic country and you should be fully aware of private sector's ways. Its really sad you did not do your homework properly before leaving your country.

  60. Hey Dude, This is your fault to take such nasty decision. US govt is not responsible for the things you have told. Before giving admission itself, it says they are not responsible for any jobs or any source of income. That's why they ask you to show the required documents from you how you are going to pay the fee and afford living expenses. But we don't listen them and put all necessary fake documents as we can.

    Moreover, this is not only your life. Each of us used to work 20 hours a day working part time and going to school literally eating one time per day that too with a small pickle and curd. Still completing Masters , we did not find any job dude.

    Just keep on trying!!!!Never give up your hope!!!

    If u want american dollars, then u have to wait!!!

    Do not write these kind of mails and discourage people!!

      1. Yes you are exactly right in this case…knowing all the things n still we come up with all fake documents.since he dont know to work hard ..he is creating issue

  61. What is this that i see?is all of this true?i am a student in chennai,india aspiring to study MS in biotechnology in the US.Would all this be really true to everyone?

    1. There are about 700,000 International Students studying in U.S. from all over the world. If this case were to hold 100% then some 90,000 students from India wouldn't be studying in US. Some can take the challenge easily, but some find it tough.

  62. Whoever commented on the A's artical, first of all you have alot of time to write, To be very frank condition are very tuff here….

    If you repect your self and India then just leave this country.

    I work full time as software eng. in Multi bn Dollar company in US,

    I have few words to say about United States that " US will go down soon, US people think India is a very poor country and they do not respect any Indian, You will do not know this if you are not working with American everyday 24*7. This country is a big shitt ASS hole, I give all bad luck to this country"

    I will leave US soon.

    1. Hi

      The two mails just show why they dont respect most Indians.

      We believe we are born superior and everything in life should come to us on a platter.We carry this big chip on our shoulder and well at teh end of it all..who cares if you leave and whose loss?

      and as some one has written come back to India and see what you get…of course you can have your food cooked and served for you and have a servant to do all your menial work

      We want wealth,we want fun,we want to say I am US citizen..hey but all this needs to come on its own,free and well without me moving my little finger.

      I have seen many Indians respected beyond belief-because Americans see who they are.

      Also,can you improve your communication please?How do you expect big jobs when you cant speak and write simple English?


    2. No way mate, that english is ……
      No wonder your American treats you that way . he probably cant make out what your saying!!
      And to be honest i find it hard to believe how you got hired by the MNC with your "communication" skill in the first place.

    3. Im not Indian, but you are absolutally right. I grow up in this contry and worked for big companies. They will always pay me less becuase im an immigrant. I was the creative director of a media company, and they were paying me less 9$450 a week) Then the white girl working as assistant ($800 a week). It is a shame though that many countries respect USA so much that they want to come here to get a dregee when the lowest education system is here. It is only the TITLE OF GRADUATING FROM USA UNIVERSITY that people want and employees from other countries respect.. A shame. I have worked with people who are americans and graduated from US universities and then i meet people from Europe or india that are more educated than americans–thanks to their countries Top education universities.

      If people stop IDEALIZING AMERICA, then a change in this planet will take place.

      Yes life in this country is a shit hole. NO matter how good you are, or how hard you try. you will never EVER be treated equal as an american. YES YO MAY GET MONEY OUT OF HERE, but after so many years in this country, this country has taken my happiness, my confidence, my dignity.. for what? For money i made that i had to spend on ridiculous high prices on food, transportation, housing (rent).

      Where is a life in all this? to Make your parents proud of what? I think there is more proud of not losing yourself and be happy–maybe no rich, but happy.

      AMericans themselves are misserable with their lives. They are soo self absorved in their spoil lives that they feel emptly. They work work work and at the end of the day they have no one. So they pop pills and use drugs and drink a lot to lie to themselves that their lifes are good and in control.

      Well get this. As soon as they get to experience a life of a HIspanic or Indian or any other country, they see the love, the values, the family.. the real friends (Amerasians never care for friends or family—if one is in need they give each other their back.. they dont help each other). You could be a friend of an american, and if you are in real trouble or need.. This person wont give a shit.

      At the end of the day what i have learned is that a life worth leaving is the one where you have a HOME, and are sounded by love ones doing what you like.

      PS. Sorry for the spelling. I just type and didnt proofread

      1. Hi Karen,

        I understand its frustrating. I believe same, happiness is where is home, people around you, caring for you and social. Not here in USA. Still its not late, pack your bags and go home. Even I have worked here for half the price. Slept starving sometimes, hardly money left in my account. Though I am a student, I have my parents support. Still, I don’t like to ask for money. The day I graduate, within a month I will be home, happy there staying with family and working there. Good Luck. For me this place is like a golden cage.

  63. @HSB

    HEY ,

    U seem to be pretty frustrated by jus giving 7 fone interviews … Come on dude … I am one of the student here who has a dream and worked hard to clear GRE and other formalities … I did take a student loan and I am very much confident that I wil repay it with my own salary … Don lose HOPE … India , ur family , ur friends alwayz support you and also look for for ur future endeavors and success brother … Don lose on them at the last moment …


    Abhilash.S.Nair …

    1. I have been following this HSB right from the start. I heard he s my college senior and my friends brother thats what I heard from my friend but still now I didn't have a chance to know whom is he??. I read this discussion let me pen some of my reviews from my experience. Its been 4 year now in US. Not even once I had been to India. Last year I missed my own Sisters Marriage. Had my Masters from a good university in 16 months with one year aid. I started a job search after that, I am among the one who got struck in this recession. Spend almost 13 months in job search but Finally I landed in a job. I would have applied at least 4500 full time jobs. I had atleast 30 telephonic interviews and 6 onsite interview. The 6 one I ended up with a job. Life in US is tough but u should be brave enough to face the challenges. Really in this 4 years I had learned a lot and faced more hurdles in life. When you are by yourself its tough. But all these things had helped to sharpen my skill and I am sure I can face a any challenges. Take the good things and move ur life. Even I know couple of my friend went home for good but finally what matters is all upto you.

      Always look for internships during your masters. Most of them they don't do the internships. Most of the time interns will help you to get a job lot but dont keep this as the only

      Coming to A comment.

      You know the market scenario. There are lot of experienced people getting laid off so if you fail in couple of interviews that doesn't matter. Definitely I can assure you .. You would have sharpened your skills by this time like what to say and what not to say during the interview. Take all these things as a motivating factor and move ahead.

      Good luck for the people who are aspiring for the higher studies in US.

      1. Thanks,

        Your words brought lot of confidence in me as I am very frustrated from 6 months in applying jobs, not getting vendor calls, not able to clear client interviews.

        That's not a matter..I will keep on try and post my success once I am into project.

        I am not a student but, I want to share some words after reading this article

        Life teaches you lot many new things take every thing as a challenge, be sportive, work hard success automatically comes and at that moment you don't remember all the problems you faced in past. Don't try as I can't get.. Try as I have to get.

        Guys who are planning to go back to India, Think twice recall how hard you tried to come here (from applying universities to landing here). Fulfill your dreams and your parents dreams.

        Thanks a lot to HSB for sharing very good article.

        Good Luck to all

        1. If getting jobs was so easy, there would be no vacancies left. I was lucky enough to get a job within two weeks. But, in those two weeks, I had applied to nearly 500 employers. I got one interview call and luckily all went well. Good luck to all. It will happen sooner or later.

          1. Hi,

            Many people speaking for and against USA. The job market in US is not as prosperous as in India. One of the finiancial analysists in CNN urged Americans to go to India and China for internships.

            However the job market is slightly improving now in US. I was able to clear 2 telephonic interviews and attended 2 onsite interviews at Intel. Unfortunately I couldnt get through.

            But the experience was great. And there is always a feeling of calm, knowing that even after all my best efforts till june 2011(my opt ends) I can always return to a country called India, which is developing rapidly and always get myself a dream job.

            Bottom line is this, try your best in US without giving up. If nothing works out then no regrets. India is always there.

            Sources: my life and experience in US thus far…

          2. Wow!!!!!!!!

            Very interesting thoughts. However if you noticed all the opinions,post,blogs,pens…bla..bla…you will realize these all stuff written here is all about IT jobs and their projects… How about other people like MBA, Business Management Grads.,Bio-tech, Electronics, healthcare subprofessionals. I really dont see any scope here. since we all stuck here in R2I( Return to India) dilemma. I have done my MBA from Texas Tech (TTU) which is one of the best business school in USA. and i have applied almost every related and unrelated job but no job yet its been almost year and finishing my OPT soon. I would always recommend all guys instead of wasting your time in looking for job like i did ..i have spended almost year…dont go for it….. right now situation is so worst even if you get a job there is no guaranty they will approve your h1. I have friend who went to India for stamping and got rejected. Its not all about frustration or financial problem or life is difficult here. its all about time and taking right decision instead of joining fake consultancy and all their fake resumes and giving those so called proxy-interviews. I would always recommend you that if you are non-IT professional..dont even try to join this consultancy that will make your life more troubled and confuse about your carrier. so think wisely and take good decisions

          3. I am a dentist in India and planing for MHA masters in health administration for fall 2011, and by reading the above comments it make me thing again and again shud i begin the procedure or not. I dont know the market for people like me in USA . will i get a job after completing the above mentioned degree or i l have worst thing to face?? I am on the verge of beginning the application process. Any suggestions are most welcome, a friend and student like YOU.

          4. @ Jimmy,

            I would strongly recommend do research on your own. Read market in USA, India, read what could be the economy there in USA after 5 years and in India. Note down advantages and disadvantages. Think, why you are going to USA, just for studies? for few years job? to settle there. Based on 3 different context, plan accordingly. In my case I went only for studies. Now, I am back in India.

            Readers, here I am back in India. As, I had cleared that I was not frustrated while I was in India, nor I decided to return India after seeing struggling life in USA. I had pre planned to return India as I went only for studies.

            To all followers of this thread. I am back in India, happy, working for a company and at the same time working to establish my own company. I have succeeded in both so far. I could have not able to start my own company in USA due to lack of funds, facilities, support, many other reasons, etc. Which people in USA who are working would agree with me to some extent.

            I urge all students who are flying to USA or anywhere for studies. Don’t fly just because you have heard this and that about USA. I know many in India feel USA means free life, I can do this and that.

            Please if you are serious about studies, have a back up plan, firm and deterministic than proceed ahead. There are opportunities for hard workers any part of the world. However, just don’t fly because you watched in movies free life of USA.

            Do your homework, research, try to get some scholarship, try to minimize your loans, contact students who are presently studying in university, where you plan to go.

            Just do not go with 1$ = 45 Rs. and free USA life attitude.

            Good Luck,
            Mr. “A”

          5. Hi.all..
            I have read all the comments and whole of the blog
            It has really helped me think for various options…And about challengng life in US…I am middle class..girl…and want to go on Loan…actually But reading all ur reviews have been lil confused reagrdng the loan thing..I vl give GRE in 2-3months…Want to go for next year fall2012…
            Really need ur suggestions…on..what basis can we decide not to be in any debts…!!further..because i dont think i will be able to afford the debts after coming back…I jus have 4years in spend..I am sensitive person..But still very strong and know to handle my loneliness.very well..But still..have not been in those shoes..Yet..As MR A mentioned…to be…missing INDIA…found his passionn for the country to be correct..Wish Mr A all..the best for..the future…And..Guys..i really need some suggestions regardng this TA/RA thing..becausee..reallyy unaware of this….!!How does it help funding…!!!

          6. @Neha – I have seen students with strong will power from lower middle class families. You will run into people with similar experiences. Don’t get discouraged.

          7. See i too am i same shoes and i had done my Univ selection in that way.

            Try to choose Univ that are not much expensive(around 30-32 lacs) and low intake ones. If univ has low intake then better chance of funding after 1 sem or even from 1st sem you have on campus jobs to make money around 5-6 lacs at end of 1 year.

            So things are def going to be tricky, but not impossible..

            Anyways, you had to spend 15-20 lacs at least even if you get some waivers from Univ.

            Initial FUll funding is only given by Harvard, which has only Ph.D and Virginia Tech 1st round selected students.

            Harvard gives Ph.D and even as B.Tech student you can apply for Ph.D but things are little different for Ph.D i.e. Sop, Lor and need for research background

          8. @Prashant thanx for the details…
            I dont wana go for Phd…
            I wana go for MS..only…
            I have chosen my subjects as HUMAN OUTCOMES RESOURCES or PHARM ADMIN…
            Would be pleased if i could get a list of univ which can give me TA/RA during MS…
            and also scholarships…
            And are off campus interviews safe..???

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