39.4% of International Students in Germany Faced Discrimination

According to survey done by SVR 39.4% of international students in Germany surveyed by the Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration (SVR) said they had encountered discrimination.

That’s about 4 in 10 international students facing discrimination.

Of the five countries surveyed,

Education in Germany is Free or Cheap, but you might run into situations where you could be face some form of discrimination.

However, while 4 out of 5 international students wanted to stay, live and work in Germany after graduation. Rest of the students return home.

Why students return home after studying in Germany?

Many students find it difficult to understand the complex immigration rules ( changes are coming soon) and 39.4% reported discrimination.

If similar survey is  conducted in USA, discrimination numbers will be less than 39%.

Recently we discussed about Where to study with admission from USA, UK and Germany.

In-spite of the survey result, quality of education is good in Germany.

As per the survey, if you plan to live longer period of time after completing Higher Education Abroad, as of now, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand looks to be more attractive option.

From Immigration point of view, Australia and New Zealand will be the best option.

Would You Go to Germany?

Based on the above survey, would you go to Germany for Higher Education?

Update 1

I have listed the link to the survey and mere reporting the result of Survey published by German Organization.

Refer to the following table for those who overlooked the survey.

Students Germany UK France