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Student's Life in Germany – Food, Apartments and People

Puneet’s article continued from Part 1 – PhD in Germany : Indian Student’s Perspective

I would say life is easier and better here, looking at the on road safety, feasibility & availability of public transport, work culture, opportunities etc.

If you regard the before mentioned things under ‘Quality of Life’, then I would say- yes it is better but remember there are no free lunches you are away from your family, loved ones.

And this is not a small factor, but really giant as it strikes the mind multiple times a day.

Anyways, all for good- we are here for gaining experience, learning & enjoying as well.

People are nice & helpful (if you talk to them, though oddness can be found everywhere).

Getting an apartment was never a difficult task as there are lots of student homes available.

And nowadays, Indian communities on Facebook makes it easier for you to get acclimatize and know people, which can be helpful at many occasions.

Regarding food, it may be a problem as we are not used to eating breads every meal-everyday, despite the option of Mensa which provides nice food at universities but may trouble the pocket (depends if you are registered in the university as a student or non-student, I was not).

On the contrary, there are nice Indian restaurants (I can say nowadays in almost all cities around the globe, OPTIMISTIC), but its good to go once a while.

The best bet is to cook by yourself, I brought many utensils from India as I came to know before coming that the utensils are expensive here (and they really are). And started making my own stuff, thus helping myself.

All Indian masala’s, rice and ‘atta’ was easily available at many shops. So, slowly and slowly I learned and evolved in cooking, as a person and supposedly as a professional. And am hopeful that this nice experience will continue.

I will write more about certain stuffs (food, environment, people)- specifically. Till then, take care.

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