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Use This Strategy to Land Multiple Scholarships to Study in the USA

how to find scholarships to study in usa

When I came to the US to study bachelors degree, as an International student, I did not bring a ton of money with me. I had enough funds to cover for my bachelor’s degree tuition which was not more than $90,000. Guess what? Only 20% of my expenses, including tuition and living costs, was paid…

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Applying for Indian Passport – Given Name vs Surname

Given Name vs Surname passport application

Students applying for passports encounter a particular kind of confusion on how to fill-out the Given Name and Surname fields in their Indian passport applications. We have already written a few articles related to this problem, namely those with Blank Surnames in Indian Passports. Question:  My first name is Sriram. My father’s name, Sampath. I have all…

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3 FAQ’s About Studying in Ireland – Admissions, Visa and Scholarships

study in ireland admission visa and scholarships

Hello everyone. I never knew that there would be an overwhelming response to people wanting to know more about coming to Study in Ireland. Thanks for the pleasant comments in previous articles about Studying in Ireland. I cannot answer all the comments, as it very difficult to address each one because in some way or the other…

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Surname Problems: Passport vs Certificates, Marksheets and Documents

Problems Without Surname in The Passport

A couple of more questions about missing surname in Indian passport or surname not matching with the name in certificates and documents. I have posted several articles in the same topic, but I keep getting an email related to the same problem. Most people panic after reading a single blog post about the potential problem they…

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Top 100 Universities in USA for Computer Science & Engineering with Rankings

The following table lists Top 100 Universities in USA for Computer Science (NRC Rankings) Masters (MS) in Computer Science Rankings PhD in Computer Science and Engineering Rankings NRC Computer Science Rankings published by NRC – 2010. Following rankings includes Regressing and Survey-Based rankings with ranges (5th and 95th percentile). Click here to see additional US…

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Impact: Day 1 CPT Universities vs New Unlawful Presence Memo

I wrote about the Day 1 CPT universities yesterday and why I think it tough times are ahead for students attending Day 1 CPT universities. What I wrote yesterday was an extension of the comment I made in the F1 Visa OPT, STEM OPT Facebook Group (While you are visiting the group, click Join the…

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60 Super Tips to Write a Powerful Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

statement of purpose graduate school

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is the MOST important part of your Graduate School Application. As a prospective Graduate School student, you should be able to write a unique story describing your accomplishments, future goals, career aspirations, research interests, how a specific program you are applying will help you reach your goals. When my wife, Madhura…

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Day 1 CPT Universities – Here’s Why I Don’t Recommend Them

day 1 universities legal problems

You are attending a Day 1 CPT university for second Masters degree and your fiancee got H1B visa this year. And your fiancee has to attend the H1B interview. Your parents want to complete the marriage by end of the year.  To add another layer of complexity, you are working as 3rd party placement on…

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