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H1B Visa Workers : Indentured Servants American Style

h1b visa workers

There is a huge amount of debate going on in the USA these days over immigration and immigration reform.

Most Americans equate immigration reform with illegal immigration, so they oppose it.

Large corporations are keeping quiet on immigration reform, because reform would not benefit them at all.

Right now, they are getting indentured servants American style out of the H1B visa and immigration program.It works like this.

Student to H1B Visa

You come to the USA, and get your Master’s degree in a technology or engineering field. Then you go to work for a consulting company or another corporation.

After a period of time, they apply to get your H1B. If you get the H1B, then you get to continue your employment. If not, then you end up going outside of the US, or working for a consulting company. Then you continue working for the same company.

When your H1B is about to expire, the company will apply for your green card. In most cases, you will be rated EB-2 or EB-3. That means that the waiting has just begun, and you are stuck.

You cannot switch employers while you wait for the green card to process, or you go to the back of the queue. Currently, it is a very long queue at around 10 years or so. That, of course, pleases the employer, because you have to continue working for them in substantially the same job for the entire time.

Unless of course, they decide they don’t need you anymore. Then they lay you off, and you get to scramble for a new job that you have to find in 3 weeks or less ( if you get severance time) so of course you take about the first thing you find.

All of this means that the employer gets to dictate the terms of your employment and you get very little say in job responsibilities, or terms, or even pay, for the first half of your working career.

The impact is tremendous, because you have lost negotiation power for pay, job responsibilities, locations, and many companies won’t even talk to you due to the visa status.

All of this adds up to being an indentured servant American style. It works to the benefit of the companies, because they get a steady supply of highly skilled, ambitious, and eager employees. Why would they want to change it?

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  1. Thanks for this post. What an eye opener. And here I had thought that Americans are under-qualified for these jobs, as these tech companies claim. But obviously, slavery does tend to make slave owners rich, so now I see why tech companies want to increase the cap on H-1B visas.

  2. Its not a surprise since these slavery rules are made by powerful people/corps with all their campaign money and lobbying.

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