New GRE Scoring Explained

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) had announced changes to the GRE exam from August 2011. The exam pattern, syllabus, format, and scoring will change in the revised GRE.

One of the important changes in the new GRE is the scoring scale.

New GRE Scoring

Within the new GRE pattern scoring scale, the most important change is in the scoring system. The old GRE had 10-point increments whereas the new GRE scoring pattern will have 1-point increments.

According to the ETS, the purpose for compressing the reporting metric is simple: to produce scores that don’t exaggerate small performance differences among examinees.

The new GRE pattern score scale for the GRE revised General Test:

  • New GRE Verbal: 130 – 170 score scale, in 1-point increments (current GRE pattern 200 – 800 in 10-point increments).
  • New GRE Quantitative: 130 – 170 score scale, in 1-point increments (current GRE Pattern 200 – 800 in 10-point increments).
  • Analytical Writing will continue to be reported in the same 0 – 6 score scale, in half-point increments.

The official New GRE score conversion is available now.

New GRE Scoring

Differentiation among those who have gotten a particular GRE score on the new GRE scoring scale will be difficult and should put extra emphasis on the other differentiating components of applications, such as essays and letters of recommendation.

New GRE Pattern Scores

  • Possible scores are spread out to 41 (170 – 130)
  • Current GRE is 71 (200 to 800)

The same number of GRE test takers will fall under 41 scores than 71. This means it’s hard to differentiate applicants based on scores. You need to have strong application profile to get admission.

This condition then indirectly creates another admission requirement:

  • If the minimum score is 140, then candidates with 135 might not get admission. In the current format, if the minimum required GRE score is 1,100, students with 1,000 will have the possibility to get admission.

If you are planning to take the new GRE exam starting August 2011, you have to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the new test pattern and new GRE scoring. Decide well in advance and book GRE Test dates for 2011.

Many students will try to take the GRE in its current format so you will not find dates to take exam if you will wait until the last minute.

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  1. i had a raw score after my gre today verbal 134 and quantitative 150 is it enough to make me get admission on scholarship base to schools in usa to study any of the civil engineering courses.

  2. I gave my revised GRE at end of Oct 2012 . My scores is 304 (149 verbal & 155 Quant). AWA still awaited.I’m MBBS currently in final year of MD Pharmacology. Interested in doing Ph.D in USA in same subject with funding. I have 1 International Research Publication and 1 .5 Years experience of of working in pharmaceutical Industry. What are my chances?

  3. Hi everyone. I have a question concerning GRE verbal scoring system. There are some questions which require several answers for each one. For example, in sentence completion question there may appear two or three answer choices to be selected. To get the full score, should I exactly find out all the possible answers for each question? is there any consideration for scoring if I find, for example, one or two answers but couldn’t guess the third one? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  4. Hi all,

    I took the GRE test 2yrs ago (Sept, 2010). The split scores then were:

    Verbal: 690
    Quant: 800

    I checked the new scores on the GRE website and they read as:

    Verbal: 165
    Quant: 166

    I would appreciate if somebody could please clarify the following:

    1) Old format has the max marks in Quant as 800. Should that not automatically translate to 170 in the new format?

    Many thanks!

  5. hello sir…

    In GRE exam consider my schooling and my degree marks…? It is a important one to get good university in US or UK..

    thank you.,

  6. Hi.. all
    My score in NEW GRE is
    Quants : 164/170
    Verbal : 151/170
    Analytical : 3/6
    315/340, Toefl IBT 103/120,
    Is my score enough for PHD in Finance / Management Science / Engineering Management . I have done B.Tech (IT) + MBA (Finance)

  7. hi HSB I got 136 in verbal, 158 in quants , awa 2.5 and aggregate of 79% in engineering with computer science and engineering.
    Is this score good enough to get into good Universities for masters in computer science?
    what range of university rankings I need to apply for my score in my program computer science to get admission..?

    1. ur btech % is pretty gud so wat i suggest is that it is better 2 re take ur gre test cause ur awa score is bit less . the cut off is 3 (awa) for all descent univs, since u r frm computers u need 2 put up a good score for finding a better scope

  8. Hello guys , my gre score is 141 verbal , 147 quants , and 1.5 aw. Can I possible to apply US universitiies for MS engineering ?

  9. Hrello guys ,I got 141 verbal, 147 quants , 1.5 in aw . Is it either good or bad ? Can I possible to apply US Universities ?what are the universities to
    possible to apply?

  10. I gave GRE in the old pattern.
    VERbal:350–> scaled score 143
    Quant:740–>scaled score 158
    aggregate of 72% in engineering under Mumbai university
    Is this score good enough to get into good Universities for masters in electronics and telecom?
    Do i have to appear for GRE again?
    what is a “good score” in the new pattern?

  11. hi HSB i got 147 in verbal , 160 in quants , 3.5 in AWA in test i took on sept-19-2011 and have a CGPA of 9.26/10.

    i just wanted to know whether this score is enough to get admissions in one of the top university in US. or is it better for me take GRE one more time.

  12. I scored 320 in GRE (165 Quant + 155 Verb)
    Can i get admission in CMU for MS in Computer science (AI preferred… )
    Also please tell, Do you think i can get scholarship.
    I have 2year exp in Cognizant

  13. Hi,
    i took new gre exam yesterday. i scored only 272 marks. I want to study MS in US so what is my question is, in this mark i got scholarship in US or not ??

  14. hi, i jus ant to ask that last year i took gre tezst and scored 960, this tym i m even repeating, bt i m working, so can ny1 tell me dat 2-3 hrs daily prep is ore than enough to score 330+ or so? pls help..

  15. Hi, I had taken GRE in old format 2 years back.
    My score is 1180
    Quants – 760/800
    Verbal – 420/800
    AW – 3.5
    Can you please suggest me whether I need to re-appear with new format or my score is enough for MS in Financial Engineering/Financial Mathematics/Mathematical Finance/Quantitative Finance. I have done BE(Comps) and have 1.5+ years work exp in a global investment bank.

  16. I have scored :
    Verbal Reasoning : 136 / 5
    Quantitative Reasoning : 146 / 36
    Analytical Writing : 2.0 / 01

    Is it good score or what ??

    1. You should take the test again, you verbal and written is too low. Also your math could be a little higher too.

  17. i got 300 marks in new gre
    i want to do msc statistics from USA
    please tell me any colleges who will accept my score

  18. i got a score of 297 in the GRE revised version…could you explain if it is good enough to get top colleges of my choice?

    1. 300 to 320 required to get admission in to top universities. You can get admission in to above average universities

    1. This is a good score to get admission in to top universities. 320 to 340 required to get admission in to good universities.

  19. Hi,

    I took 148 in verbal and 149 in quantitative and a 3.5 in writing
    English is my third language (I got a 113 in IBT toefl) my BA’s GPA is 3.7 from Georgetown, and I’m currently applying to MA programs. Do you think I have a chance at good universities for masters in international affairs?

    opinions are much appreciated

  20. i had 141 /170 in the verbal section and 153 in the quantitative section.which school in usa can i apply for masters in engineering? pls help out

  21. Hi.. I got 144 in Verbal and 159 in Quantitative. What would be my score according to the old GRE score? And What are the universities i will be eligible for? Or do i have to take the exam again?

  22. Hi
    I got 133 in Verbal Section of GRE and
    151 in Quant Section of GRE…

    Is it enough score to get admission in Grad School?
    Can You please tell me Which univesity should I prefer with this score…

  23. Hi,

    I got 133 in Verbal and 132 in Quantitative,Awa 1.5. What would be the result in the old GRE score?
    which universities i got at usa please tell me
    thank you

  24. Hi,

    I got 133 in Verbal and 132 in Quantitative. What would be the result in the old GRE score?
    which universities i got at usa please tell me

    Thank you

  25. i scored 136 in verbal and 156 in quants,awa 3–suggest me what could be my old gre score??
    can i pursue my MS in top universities or else shall i repeat gre??please advise..

  26. hi everyone,
    this is vamsi, i have written new gre test.. and my score is verbal 135 /170 , quants 147/170, and awa is 2.5.. is this score is sufficient for applying the universities.. or should i have to rewrite the test for better score… pls kindly reply me..
    will be waiting for your reply…. thankyou…

  27. hi,
    i have written the gre test in new pattern and my score is 135 verbal , 147 quants and 2.5 in awa
    do my score is enough to apply for universities and get into MS..?? pls help me by guiding me..
    will be waiting for your valuble reply…
    thank you.

  28. HI HSB,
    I gave the revised GRE on 19th of September and got the following score
    Quant :- 137/170
    Verbal :- 136/170
    Writting :- 3/6
    It would be very much helpfull if you please let me know if i should look for a more better score and attemp the GRE again.

  29. Hi,

    I have scored
    147 in Verbal;
    156 in Quants; &
    3 in AWA in the Revised GRE score.
    How can i convert this to the old score to know which university i am eligible for?
    Or have the universities changed their requirements as per the revised score?

    Please Help.
    Sreedevi, S

    1. Hi,

      I got 136 in verbal and 156 in quantitative, and 3 in AWA.
      It’s totally nightmare, so i have to take gre test again! πŸ™

  30. My gre quant score 164,verbal 160,analytical 4.5 toefel 116 suggest university where i can get for graduate physics programme.

  31. hiii,
    my new pattern GRE is verbal: 134 & Quants: 138….. is this a valid score..r should i take exam again..plz help me out with dis

  32. HI HSB & fellow netizens
    Please help me out..i scored 136 in verbal and 148 in quant…. total of 284….i need to know are these scores enough for applying for ms..will i get admissions in a reputed univs….please suggest me ….any reply is greatly appreciated…thnkz in advance..! πŸ™‚

  33. HI All,

    In the GRE revised exam.The new scale scores are Verbal: 141, quants: 156 & AW: 2.5.

    So i want to know whether these scores are enough applying to top 30 US universities. Plz help me out.

  34. Hi everyone,
    I have got V= 350-450; Q=550-650 in GRE revised general test. Would I be capable of getting admission in any USA university with the score. plz someone help me by informing details.

  35. i gave my gre in old pattern and the score was 1200
    when i converted it to new pattern it comes out to be 311/340
    I am looking for admission in management..can any body please help me suggesting suitable universities for this score..

    1. hi sumit,
      i have the same score 163 in quant and 148 in verbal.could you suggest how to choose colleges and how you chose,or have you given the exam again.

  36. Hai, I just received my new gre scores. I took my exam on 27th sep,2011. My range at the end of exams was Verbal: 370-470 & quants: 750-800. The new scale scores are Verbal: 147, quants: 170 & AW: 4.0. So i wish to know how good these scores are for applying to top US universities. Pls help me out.

    1. Hi Siddharth, your scores don’t seem to tally with the table that was just released. The table says that Q 800 = 166 =94%. Please whats your Quantitative percentile. I dont think in the new format anybody can get 170 in quantitative. But I think you can apply to top schools if you have good TOEFL score say 100 and above. Please take a look at your score again an curious.

      1. Hai Ngo.. I took new GRE and the old one. So my quant is 170 with 99%. As u said 166 is for old GRE conversion. My TOEFL is next month. Sure to get above 105. . Can i apply for universities like Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio state, Texas @ Austin….?

  37. hi everyone,

    i recently gave ma GRE on 31st oct in wich i got low score range of verb:280-380 and em planning to retake GRE in dec but dates are not available so em planning to take in jan 2012 first week and em trying to apply for fall πŸ™ . so can any do suggest me that it wont be probs for me to apply for fall if i take GRE in jan 2012 first week?? plz do reply em in mess…!!!:(

  38. hi everyone,

    i recently gave ma GRE on 31st oct in wich i got low score range of verb:280-380 and em planning to retake GRE in dec but dates are not available so em planning to take in jan first week and em trying to apply for fall πŸ™ . so can any do suggest me that it wont be probs for me to apply for fall if i take GRE in jan first week?? plz do reply em in mess…!!!:(.

  39. Hi All,

    Here is my new pattern GRE score.Will this be any way use full ?

    Verbal – 270-370
    Quant – 360-460

    Thanks in advance,

    1. i got 250 -260 in quants and 248- 280 in verbal … i want to know whether i hav to appear for another Gre xam or not ,, plz help me and how my scores will be if converted to new pattern

  40. hi,
    Everyone n
    Thank You happyschool for makin such a useful blog…..Im plannin to give my GRE in last week of dec, i hav strt my studies with GRE revised edition latest one ,word power made easy,power prep…can u suggst some more good books reagarding both Quant n verbal apart from Barron’s

    Thanx a ton…..

  41. Let me attempt to answer. I used the numbers available in the net for working out.

    The mean and standard deviation of the GRE exams from 2003 to 2006 are 1002 and 211 respectively. Therefore the score of 1350 implies mean + 1.649 std deviations. Looking up Normal Distribution Tables available in any statistics text book, it works to 95.05 percentile.

    Now for the new pattern, the lowest score is proposed to be 260 and the highest as 340 and it is probably Ok to assume mean midway, ie., 300. Assuming that the difference in scores (340 – 260 = 80) covers 8 std dvns, the std deviation is 80 + 8 = 10,therefore mean + 1.649 std deviations would mean 300 + 16.5 = 317. That is 1350 of old GRE works to 317 of new pattern. One needs to wait and watch if my theory is correct!

  42. Can any one please guide me for the Preparation of new GRE pattern,
    As am planing for the FALL 2012,

    as the new pattern has been introduced in AUG 2011, now i have only available book Barron’s – 15th Edition ,
    May i start with word list & then go with RC & SC;
    when is the deadline to book my GRE Date for FALL 2012……..

  43. New GRE Pattern Scores

    Possible scores is spread out to 41 (170 – 130)
    Current GRE is 71 ( 200 to 800)

    200 to 800 is 61 possible scores. How stupid are you?

  44. I scored verbal: 360-460; and quantitative: 730-800 and i know i will not get 800 in quantitative. is this a bad score in revised GRE? Is there any advantage of attending revised GRE in Aug-Sept? More over I am really confused about how the universities will evaluate the revised GRE score for admission.

  45. “If minimum score is 140, then candidates with 135 might not get admission. In current format, if minimum required GRE is 1100, students will 1000 will have possibility to get admission.” —good to know..Β 

  46. What is the par score i.e in old pattern if w get around 1350 its was good .So wwhat it is for the new one

  47. i just took the revised sample Princeton test and scored 152 on verbal and 149 on Math. How does that rank or compare me to the old GRE scoring system.

  48. i will appear for thr revised gre so , what will be a good range of score for the current test above 300 ? and how will it compare with students who have taken the old one and got above 1400 , i mean during the admissions process?

    1. hi….i am also appering for new gre …i think cut off mark will be based on the score of the people who are attending first

  49. hi. i had completed by with 56% i want to do ms in usa.
    wat should be my gre score to get admison into good coleges

  50. hieeee…..
    would u please suggest me the cources in top colleges with funding for software enggering.
    what score i should get in new gre for top colleges?

  51. Hi,

    Would you people suggest me the universiyies in which I can get funding for Mechanical Engg?

    My CGPA- 3.53. Gre score-1230.

    Publication-1/2/3 on process.

  52. Hi,

    Would you people suggest me the universiyies in which I can get funding for Mechanical Engg?

    My CGPA- 3.53. Gre score-1230.

    Publication-1/2/3 on process.

    Pls reply.


  53. Hi, Is there any weightage in revised GRE of questions like present? or each question carry just 1 mark as we see there is only 40 questions in each part and the marks is 4o(130-170).


  54. please give me some advice how to study and what to study

    because i am new to your exam

    i need also how to register and where to register

  55. from this I got a clear idea about the scores but I want to know what are sections I can prepare from the old gre book. barron's book which was meant for 2010.

    can you please help me with it?

    1. Yeah sure u can prepare with old edition as only math pattern has been changed. Math got numerical entry problem thats the only difference and u can learn that type for Remainingg verbal u can use 2010 edition as it got only sentence completion with text completion bothe are the same and RC

    1. if u answer a question correctly u’ll get 210 in old edition but in revised u u’ll get 131 as it starts from 130 u’ll have +1 for every rite answer

    1. the deadline for fall 2012 is december first week for most university to get fellowship. for this u need to send the scores by mid nov

  56. the dates for gre during the month of june 2011 are seemed to be blocked… will they release those dates??? and which is the book other than barrons that can be used to get a better score in gre

  57. HSB

    Obviously with you spreading wrong information and panic, some brainwashed students will rush to give the old GRE.

    However, on trying out powerperp 2, many will realise the advantages of the new GRE.

    Please contact ETS directly for knowing which GRe would be better for you.

    Do not go only by what HSB thinks.

  58. is it possible for me to write the gre exam in current syllbus on the

    year 2011 july

    is there MS provided on biomedical instrumentation at us, losangeles

    1. tell me what is the last date for the current GRE pattern??please let me know HSB

      what is the last month i can give GRE of current format sir please tell us..

  59. Will the score obtained from old pattern Gre test be valid and equally preferrable by universities as compared to the one from new pattern Gre test?

  60. Hi. I want to take admission in fall 2012.i Want to give gre on current pattern.which will be the best month in which I should give syllabus also changing? Thank you

  61. hi hsb ,

    can i apply for ms (computers) in usa after i complete my bsc in computers with only 15 years of formal education . does good US universities accept indian students for MS after BSC ????????????????? if yes, can u please give me the list of insitutions

    1. @Murali Krishnan – You could preferrably register a month ahead. It depends on your ability to prepare well, actually.

  62. hi hsb
    i had registered for gre exam but while regsitring an error occured in the process and money was debited from account. what process i have do for getting back my money. plz reply…………..


  63. Though I am not concerned with GRE stuff anymore but the way the updates are presented and explained by HSB; it makes me wait for the new articles.
    commendable job HSB!

  64. Hi HSB,
    I am planning to take GRE next year in may-june 2011. I hope we'll have the same pattern then.

    So, for that day do I need to register now for GRE. Can't I do it next year itself ? Please clarify this doubt of mine.


    1. if u r planning for a GRE date of june-july 2011, u cannot register now i.e more than a year in advance. I think registration of GRE dates for a particular month start 4-5 months in advance. So u can check and register for an exam date for june 2011 in around jan or feb 2011.

    2. @Adil, feels sad to inform you that the GRE is changing already. It is moving towards the new pattern slowly. My friends have taken the test recently and have complained about the number of RCs their test had and very little antonyms and analogies and a lot lot more Data Interpretation questions. This is a universal change ETS is trying to achieve slowly. Study from recent books while preparing.

      To answer the next question, yes, you can register whenever you want depending on the feasibility of the dates in your city of the test center.

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