New GRE Book Reviews

Most awaited article – New GRE Book Reviews is here. New GRE Exam will be offered from August 1, 2011. Several New GRE Books have been published.

I spend several hours reading New GRE books available to write this post – Top New GRE book reviews.

This post comes after comparing practice tests, examples, test prep strategies, tips and tactics in 10+ GRE test prep books. If you have additional questions about the GRE books comparison, post your comment to this blog post.

New GRE Book Reviews

GRE book overview and rankings.

Rank GRE Book Why Buy
1 Official Guide to the Revised GRE General Test Must Buy – Strategies, Practice tests and Tips.
2 Manhattan GRE – 8 books Test prep strategies, tips and practice tests
3 Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide Strategies, Tips and practice tests
4 Princeton Cracking the New GRE Test prep strategies, tips and practice tests
5 Barron’s New GRE Test prep strategies, tips and practice tests
6 Kaplan – New GRE Premier Test prep strategies, tips and practice tests
7 McGraw-Hill’s New GRE Only for practice tests

New GRE Section Books

No New GRE Section Book Why Buy
1 Manhattan GRE – Reading Comprehension & Essays Comprehensive Strategies for RC and Essays
2 Manhattan GRE – Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence Comprehensive Strategies
4 Word Problems New GRE Strategy Guide  New GRE Math – Word Problems
5  Nova GRE Math Prep Course  Very Good math book
6  Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE  Verbal words for GRE. Good book.
7 Kaplan New GRE Vocabulary Flashcards  500 Advanced New GRE Words
8 Barrons New GRE Flash Cards  No Recommended

Official Guide to Revised GRE – Review

  • New GRE Official Guide – Must Buy
  • Given insights into how ETS thinks
  • Expert Tips for answering all questions types
  • GRE Practice Question Sets (Easy, Medium and Hard)
  • Provides percentage of students answered questions right (in Actual GRE Practice Test)
  • 13 abilities tested in Reading Comprehension Passage.

Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide – Review

  • Gurbers Complete GRE Guide was impressive.
  • Test prep strategies, tips and practice tests was good.
  • Written in a way how a student would prepare by taking notes
  • RC passage explanations is must different.
    • Author literally split a passage into lines and explained how to attack the passage.
  • New GRE Words List (Yes, you still need to read GRE words)
  • Layout of the books could be improved (feels bit cluttered)

Cracking the New GRE – Review

  • Princeton Cracking New is as better than old GRE pattern book.
  • Strategies and tips looks like written by someone who just took GRE (impressive)
  • Easy to understand and follow the GRE tips.
  • New GRE Verbal Word List
  • Ranked Higher than Barrons because
    • Includes New GRE Word Lists

Barron’s New GRE Book Review

  • Barrons New GRE book doesn’t include New GRE Word list (surprised)
  • Tactics, followed by example and lots of practice tests.
  • Ranked below Princeton Cracking GRE because on no wordlist
  • Not sure by they decided not to include New GRE Words
  • Explain where ETS takes GRE RC passages from.

Between Barrons New Book and Princeton Cracking the New GRE Books – Its matter of the style that you prefer. But, you cannot excel in New GRE with just this Book along with Official Revised GRE book. with more emphasis given to reading comprehension, you must buy book exclusive for GRE Verbal (or Reading Comprehension)

Kaplan – New GRE Book Review

  • New GRE Kaplan Premier fell short compared to other books.
  • You can buy this book just for practice tests
  • Kaplan New GRE Verbal Workbook
    • Strategies was the same fixed few steps
    • I wouldn’t be able to improve my scores based on the approach suggested
    • Presentation was not good.
    • Reading the strategies felt I was reading GRE RC Passage.

McGraw-Hill’s New GRE Book Review

  • McGraw Hill New GRE Book maybe good material for practice test
  • Colorful cover design, but not so colorful strategies.
  • Strategies presented will not break you score.
  • Strategies were not in-depth
  • Buy this book if you are looking for additional practice tests. (total eight)

Manhattan GRE Books

GRE Test Prep Book Reviews

Some of you might prefer Princeton’s style of book compared to Barrons or Kaplan. Also, buying the GRE books will not guarantee high GRE score.

You must first understand the concepts presented in the GRE books, find out your weak area, concentrate on those areas. Thats where taking lot of practice tests will come in handy.

New GRE pattern contains several reading comprehension passages and some of them contain tough words.

Best GRE test prep books will list good strategies and test prep tips. But your GRE score is based on how you use GRE study materials.

Where to Buy GRE Books in India

Some of the above books are available in India for Low Cost Edition.  If certain books are not available, then try if Amazon Kindle edition is available. You can download it to your PC and read it. Don’t have to worry about shipping cost and kindle edition cost less than paperback.

Visit this page frequently for updates on other GRE Book reviews. As more book become available, reviews will be posted. Your first GRE prep book should be Official Guide to Revised GRE.(Amazon USA) Once you get to understand how GRE test designers think, then its easy to prepare based on their mindset.


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  1. hi raghu i hve so many books such as manhattan 8 strategy& 5 lb, barrons ,ets official guide,grubers,1014 gre practice book,how to start my preparation & also advice me for vocab section wch book i should start first as iam little weak in vocab section & also give me the time schedule to study these all books

  2. Hi, Pls i nid ur advice on which 1 to start with in my prep 4 GRE, is it to work on d verbal practise tests or to master d word list. Thanks in advance

  3. To HSB
    hello guys…one series questions . please help me ….
    As HSB and others says ” preparing for GRE verbal is made easy by using flash cards “. there are couple of posts in HSB regarding preparations for verbal section , its states that , there are about 3500+ words need to be revised by useing FLASH CARDS or by REFERRING BOOKS , so i tried to ge get best flashcards , but to my surprise i came to know there are just 500+ words available in ” new editions of Barron , kaplan GRE flash cards ….( they got flash cards for maths too )
    1 ) is it enough to learn only those 500+ from these new edition flashcards ?
    2 ) is it better to learn all those 3500+ words , if yes . then where can i find them ( which publishers now got those flash cards for all 3500 words ?
    these flashcards cost Rs 800-1000 . so need to get the best one
    please help me

  4. Hi HSB,
    My GRE score is 315. (V-153; Q-162). I’m targetting top 20 univ for MS in CS.
    My CGPA as of now is 9.20. Shall I retake GRE? Or is the score competitive enough?
    Please help giving your suggestions… I gave my GRE on June 26th.. When can I again appear for the exam? Is it worth retaking.. Bcoz I’m targetting 325+… Please give your opinion…

  5. Hello HSB, I wrote my GRE today Itself and scored 312( 152 verbal, 160 quants). I am surprised after getting such a low score because I was expecting about 1350. Therefore I am confused whether I will get a good university or not.
    I would appreciate if you can give your suggestions on my situation…Thanks.

        1. hey 312 is very gud score..the format of GRE has changed last year..ans the total score is calculated out of 340 only instead of 1600 as it was the way till last dont worry..312/340 is very gud frn has got admitted to an US univ with even 283 dont waste time and apply to the universtities as early as possible..gud luckk πŸ™‚

  6. Guys , please dont go for Gruber.. waste of money…esp if u are weak in verbal…. although the RC strategies are different they aren’t always helpful… rather go for Princeton Review… This book has best strategies for verbal (though u’ll need another book for practice) there are very few practice drills in it… Hope it his helps…

  7. can u suggest me one good book which helps me with my GRE preparation, I agree that I do have hell lot of options available above but choosing one among the list is the more difficult task for me.. πŸ˜‰

  8. Hi HSB team,

    First i want to thank you guys for such a plenty of information regarding each and everything about abroad studies, Really Great..!

    I am a student of 3rd year BE in Info.Science & Engg and i’m planning to take GRE could anybody help me out with this..!! I need an exact information on how to prepare for GRE from the scratch..!!

    Thank you. πŸ™‚

  9. Friend, would you please tell me the difference between “Kaplan GRE 2011: Strategies, Practice, and Review” and the other Kaplan’s “Kaplan GRE 2011 Premier”?
    Which one is the best to buy?


    1. You need TOEFL in most US universities. But some allow Indians without the TOEFL score. 1 example would be CU Boulder Electrical Engineering dept.

      Technically you don’t need GRE to study in US πŸ™‚ . There are a few (very few) that do not require GRE (but these do require TOEFL).

      Read the websites and if in doubt, mail the department.


  11. Hello Blogger,

    I am preparing for my GRE exam for next month.
    I would like to know, if there is any free GRE material available on the internet.

    and also, I have a confusion regarding GRE scores sent to additional universities!! How does that work???


  12. hi. i have a question.i wanna start from the beginning for gre.should i study just these books or i should start from 1100 barons or 504 essential words?

    thank u for your nice site and your guidances


  13. Hello HSB,
    Thank you so very much for the book reviews..they have been most useful.
    I’m very much looking forward to your opinion on the Manhattan GRE book especially the one for Reading Comprehension…Hope you put it up soon.

  14. can anyone tell me about manhattan’s two books for verbal section ? are they really helpful.. n is it ok to order from ?

  15. hi HSB, and thanks a lot for the reviews.I’am taking up GRE in mid september. I refer the official ETS book for the new GRE.Apart from this i’am looking for another reference and i’am caughtup between Barron’s New GRE and Princeton.So please suggest me anyone of the two books.

  16. 16 sept-mumbai
    target- 325+
    kaplan new gre verbal workbook
    ets official guide
    gruber’s complete gre guide
    barrons essential words for gre…

  17. which book i frds ……….helpme , i preffered gruber’s or barron’s please tellme frd…….i dont know both of confused and which one is easy prosses i used to prepared that one.

  18. Hi HSB,
    First of all thank you very much for reviewing the books for new GRE. Im facing a problem- Im giving revised GRE on 10th August. The problem is I’m unable to find Gruber’s or Barron’s for new pattern anywhere in the market. I was thinking of ordering from flipkart but the site says it would take 14-21 days to ship the books. I dont have so much time. I’ve tried for Kindle edition of these books on but in vain. Now I’m left with no choice. Can you please help me out in any manner. If you have an e-copy can you mail me. Or can you send them to me somehow. I’ll pay for the books online however you specify. But please help me out as I’m running out of time. Waiting eagerly for your reply……

    1. hi there,
      if u have gone through flipkart, it says 3 business days for rs 1245 inter. ED, if u have a friend in new delhi then easily u can get the photocopy of all barrons and kaplan from NAI SARAk

    2. hey,
      Gruber is a waste of money if u are looking for verbal section, quant is ample, it has decent vocabulary as well and it has only three practice tests. And flipkart guys delivered it to me in 7 days and I live like in a remote area, Kota, Rajasthan.
      I read reviews for Kaplan they are good, infact it would be helpful to buy Verbal of it also, the reviewer said it had ample practice questions. Barron’s Galgotia edition will b available in late july only. And it is best to order from flipkart bocz f their services, discounts and time-line.
      And When are u taking ur new gre, please tell me about it when u r done.

  19. Hi HSB thanks for such valuable information . I am preparing to take GRE revised test in october end or november starting. I have the following books for preparation
    OLD ( GRE general test)
    1. Cracking the GRE 2011 edition ( Princeton Review)
    2. Barron’s 18th edition.
    3. Nova’s 2011 edition
    NEW ( GRE revised test)
    1. The official guide to GRE revised general test ( ETS )
    Kindly give me ur suggestions if i need new format books for GRE revised test or I can prepare for the new revised test with the above mentioned books.

  20. For Indian students who wants to buy the above books..

    You can order them online at ..
    pay cash on delivery is available only selected locations..
    free shipping..

    I have ordered few gre books.. the service by flipkart is awesome…

  21. Have you read what the reviewers on the Amazon site said about the books you recommended? Bottom line seems to be that it’s too early to be buying the new texts. A better, fairer comparison will be needed when they come out later this year. I tutor students for the verbal section. Perhaps someone who does the same for the math section would comment.
    A faithful reader in Mexico City.

    1. If someone is taking test in August, September then they need books for New GRE right? Next edition of the books will be much better when authors have more info about question types.

  22. hi
    THANK U VERY MUCH for such great work for us..
    i m giving Revised GRE in november
    i bought ETS n Gruber’s.. for revised GRE they r really very helpful…
    u r book reviews r really very very helpful for us..
    i m still waiting for more detail reviews on Reading Comprehension..
    pls help us for this too..


  23. hi HSB,
    i am big fan of this blog & i want to thank HSB for providing this information. i have completed B.E(EC) in june 2011. i am planning to take gre in mid November.i want to apply for fall 2012. do i need to prepare the 3500 words for the revised GRE,as there’s no analogy i am confused..i am weak in i have started 11 websites rss reading..u mentioned that there will be analytical questions contained in the rc so how should i prepare for that.i have got bigbook, barrons 18 edition & ordered official revised gre guide. plz help me…

    1. Hi,
      I’m not affiliated with HSB in any way but i think i can help you. Yes you need to prepare vocabulary despite the fact that ETS people saying new GRE is less vocab intensive. There are question which check your synonyms. Also sentence completion question are pretty much the same wrt to previous GRE and yes you need to have advance vocab to crack both of these i.e. 20 question out of the total 40 verbal questions. 3500 word list in my opinion will cover all bases, rest it is upto you, if you feel like you dont want to work too much then yes go for 2000 world list and so on.
      For analytical questions, don’t worry first work on your comprehension and then worry about particular problem type. If you cant read the text in time and comprehend well it wont matter beside analytical question is a small part of the process.

      1. I took barron’s 19th edition. it doesn’t have a single word list.
        where can i find the most high yield word list?

    2. Hi Tanay

      If you want a good score then it will be good to have excellent vocabulary which you can build using the list you mentioned. It will provide a good and strong base for your preparations

  24. Well thank u so much HSB for taking all the apins to reviewing it for us…surely helps to choose and noose -:)

    1. Hey, I’d like to know what Books are the best that are to be used for the revised GRE, apart from the ETS official guide and Princeton review’s Manual. Is the GRE big book useful for it? Referring to too mnay books might get us confused, so could you suggest the BEST? And i am weak at quants so which books do you suggest to improve my Quant? The current pattern has a maximum score of 340 how would you compare it with the 1600? A 1400+ is a good score for the latter, what about the former?

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